Unhealthy Fashion Trends That Are Still Embraced By Ladies

Ladies can wear virtually anything provided it include some sexy element it. However, some of these fashion trends have been proven to have side effects. Talk of gastrointestinal complications, urinary tract infections, lead poisoning, loss of eyesight and many more. This famous style or practice has evolved over the years. The modern fashion encompasses makeup, footwear, clothing, body piercing and accessories. In this segment, we are going to highlight the 10 unhealthy fashion trends that are still embraced by ladies.

10. Lead Makeup

Lead can be harmful to your health when inhaled or ingested. This naturally occurring element can find its way into our body through unhealthy fashion trends like applying lead makeup. Lead poisoning comes with adverse effects such as poor muscle coordination, increased blood pressure, reproductive problems hearing and vision impairment just to mention a few. Other means of contracting lead poisoning include dust pollution, contaminated water, and foods containing lead from water.

Unhealthy Fashion Trends9. Body Shapers

Body shapers can give you that smashing figure; there is no doubt about that, but the effects outdo the benefits. Body shapers have been proven to damage internal organs. They can destroy your nerves or cause issues with your bladder. Tight garments can create severe gastrointestinal problems. They are can also lead to deadly blood clots. It is recommended that you hit the gym to obtain that perfect body.

Unhealthy Fashion Trends8. Hair Dyes

Hair dying is another common fashion trend that ladies have embraced and are not planning to evade soon. Did you know it houses adverse side effects? It enhances the risk of developing asthma due to the persulfates chemicals found in them. Hair dying can cause serious allergic reactions. The inclusion of P-phenylenediamine can cause breast cancer. It is prudent to dye your hair under the auspices of a professional. Check the label to ensure it is cancerogenous free.

Unhealthy Fashion Trends7. Colored Contact Lenses

All the colored contact lenses have a potential of causing serious complications. Your eyes may look bluish and elegant now, but if not cleansed well, the lenses can cause blindness and serious infections. These lenses also avert oxygen from reaching your eyes; this can weaken your eyesight. It is always recommended that you be wary of what you model; you may not have that body part at all.

Unhealthy Fashion Trends6. Sun Tanning

Ultraviolet radiation is dangerous to the skin. You have worked that hard in the gym and obtained that bikini body in readiness for summer. One of the things you are probably looking forward to is sun tanning. This trend is common at the beach or beside the pool. However, excess exposure to sunlight can lead to sunburns, skin cancer or accelerate the aging process.

Unhealthy Fashion Trends5. Thongs

Thongs may work magic for panty lines, but there are some that can’t augur well for your health. This solely depends on your vulnerability to infections. If you live a healthy lifestyle the better, feel free to rock your thong. Those who are prone to urinary or vaginal infections can have a hard time getting rid of their malady if they wear thongs. The materials also matters a lot; it is ideal to wear breathable fabrics. It will counter urinary tract infections.

Unhealthy Fashion Trends4. Heavy Earrings

Heavy earrings can stretch the holes and even deform them. They are also known to make the lobes sag. Earrings occur in different sizes and styles. Some are so long that they wound around the neck. Cosmetic surgeons have reported in the recent past the increase in the demand for earlobe-correcting procedures. You will have to dig deep into your pocket in order to obtain this surgery. Wear lighter earrings instead to avoid these complications.

Unhealthy Fashion Trends3. Tight Skirts

Tight skirts are super sexy and offer the best way of flaunting your assets. Did you know that this coveted fashion has side effects? First, tight skirts are designed in such a way that they clamp your knees together. This makes it difficult to balance or bend when picking something from a low drawer. You will have to bend both knees; your movement is also limited. Wearing tight skirts regularly can lead to pulled muscles or disc complications.

Unhealthy Fashion Trends2. Heavy Necklace

Heavy necklaces are not good for your health. Your neck muscles always struggle to cope with strain of balancing your head the entire day. Wearing a heavy necklace can alter this balance. Anything that can pull the neck backward or forward affects your head’s neutral balance. This may lead to neck tension, pain and eventually damage. Prolonged exposure can also cause back pains.

Unhealthy Fashion Trends1. High Heels

Wearing High heels on a regular basis may not augur well for your back and feet. Heels are known to ignite hammer toes and bunions. They can shorten your calf muscles which may cause circulation problems. This can also trigger back pain and knee damage. It is recommended that you wear trainer especially when walking to or from work. It is also ideal to alternate your wardrobe; where different shoes every day.

Unhealthy Fashion Trends

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