The Top Ten Smartest Animals

Not all animals are stupid or cannot reason as many believe. You will get amazed at how intelligent some animals are. Some rates the same or past human beings in intelligence. Who can sniff and retrieve a hidden pack of cocaine? Of course, a dog can. This piece unfolds the top ten smartest animals, not smart in the outward appearance but brain-wise in consideration of their reasoning capacities. An animal is considered smart due to its capability of manipulating some things or ideas that are exclusively associated with human beings.

10. Whales

The mother of intelligence among aquatics. You have never known that a whale can sing a song to depict a certain issue. When in any trouble for example when hungry, a whale produces a rhythmic sound that is different from sound it produces when searching for its younger one. Whales of the same ancestral origin will be found not far away from each other within the water. This shows that in deed they have great memories for recognition and brain that can manipulate sound and environment.



9. Rats

Rats are generally smart, be it the wild rat or domestic. If you put some poison on food and the rat eats and happens to survive, the next time you put the same poison you will get that plate full. Rat masters the smell of the food and anytime it comes across similar smell, it moves the farthest.
Skinner box experiment also reveals how intelligent a rat is and quick to conditional learning. Whenever the rat in the box becomes hungry, it steps on the lever and some meat drops, so intelligent for sure.

Rats Smartest Animals

8. Squirrel

They will only come and steal the food you placed on your bird feeder when you are not around. Squirrels are always aware of the following day and that’s why they save food. They don’t wait for what they have to get depleted but always bring in more and more. They are known to live in colonies and each one is responsible for creating food security.

Squirrel Smartest Animals

7. Horses

A horse, best known as a beast of burden and luxurious means of transport, or the living car is past what is known about them. Their intelligence level is evident in their social life. Within a herd of horses you will find a leader. The leader is chosen among them, and is recognized. They not only chose but chose on some basis. The leader must be intelligent and also possess some experience in leadership.

Horses Smartest Animals

6. Parrots

Known for its word repetition ability, parrots does more than just repeating what you say or mimicking. They have great memory and can interpret meaning of some phrases. Parrots when subjected to some training forms the best class. For example if trained, a parrot can associate a closed main door with “No one is around” and opened main door with “Welcome.” Whenever someone comes in the compound and the door is closed, he will get relevant information from the parrot so is when the door is open.

Parrots Smartest Animals

5. Cats

Cats are not only intelligent in hunting but can also form the best learning class. Cats possess high mastery similar to a History student. If trained, a cat can master how to open the toilet door and any moment one moves towards the toilet, the cat would run in front, open the door, you get in and then it closes. This sounds funny but yes it is true.

Cats Smartest Animals

4. Elephants

Elephants form another group of intelligent animals. A part from being slow, there are some unique traits that are not known about Elephants. They actually conduct ceremonious and ritualistic burial of a departed member where.
They also have specific plants that they feed on to cure their ailments when one feels unwell.

Elephants Smartest Animals

3. Dogs

Another intelligent character worth discussing is a dog. Just ringing’ a bell and issuing food to a dog three consecutive days would make the dog run to the eating bay. Sniffing characteristics is intelligence on its own. You can walk 2 kilometers away from home and while relaxing, you see your dog approaching and yet you left it sleeping back at home. Dogs are known to respond to human training and ultimately understand human language though cannot speak but rather react to a command.

Dogs Smartest Animals

2. Monkeys

Not far from human beings in terms of characters. They are cunning and smart in all ways of survival. Understands that banana has to be peeled before it is eaten. If subjected to advanced training, monkeys can make great movies.

Monkeys Smartest Animals

1. Chimpanzees

Not far from human beings and if it would have been that level of intelligence increases with age, then in few years’ time, chimpanzees would be real human beings. They have ability to manipulate their environment and always join hands in accomplish tasks. Their mode of communication and interaction are modest. They are therefore the best in this list of the top ten smartest animals in the world.

Chimpanzees Smartest Animals
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