Top Ten Safest Countries in the World

As terrorism, natural disasters, robberies and massacre episodes rob planet earth its laboriousness, everyone is on the lookout to find the safest places and  the most beautiful places to live in. As such, going by the factors that are low crime rate, less frequent or no natural disasters, immunity to economic crises, as well the country’s institution’s efficiency in solving cases among others, this article highlights the top ten safest countries in the world. Here are the list Top Ten Safest Countries in the World:

No.10: Tuvalu

Safest Countries in the World

Tuvalu is an island situated in the Pacific Ocean, almost midway between Australia and Hawaii. Formally, it was known as the Ellice Island. It is the third least populated nation in the world with 11000 people. In Tuvalu, the law forbids prejudices of color, race, and origin. The society is serene and quite peaceful. It is one of the most salubrious nations in the world and also Safest Countries in the World to live. In the past two years, there has been no single act of violence in Tuvalu.

No.9: Singapore

Safest Countries in the World

Singapore is located as an island in Southeastern Asia, off the Malay Peninsula’s southern tip. The fourth-largest financial center is found in Singapore. It is also an important business hub. This country is among the cleanest places in the world and it is a favorable destination for tourists. Her stringent rules, which are enforced with seriousness, have made low crime rates. There are no cases of extremism in the country, nor are there any religious or racial tensions, because the society is quite cosmopolitan. Probably, Singapore is the safest country in Asia.

No.8: Canada

Safest Countries in the World

Canada is the North American country. It is situated north of the United States. The country is immensely developed and one of the wealthiest in the world. The nation has a narrow disparity of classes, resulting in minimal economic clashes among varying earning classes. The government of Canada rules by the policy that allows cultural diversity. Canada’s education system is superior and ranks among the best in the world. The quality of life, economic freedom, civil liberties, as well as government transparency makes the nation one of the safest places in the world.

No. 7: Sweden

Safest Countries in the World

A Scandinavian country, Sweden lies in the northern Europe. It borders Norway, Denmark and Finland. This nation has the third lowest infant mortality rate in the world. It has the eighth-highest per capita income. It is famous for pristine lakes, busy cities, as well as strikingly beautiful forests. Sweden boasts of world’s lowest jail rates as well as the lowest homicide rates. It has the finest government in the world and its systems ensure crimes seldom happen in Sweden.

No. 6: Finland

A Nordic counter, Finland lies in northern Europe, particularly in the Fennoscadian. The country has Nordic style welfare, is famed for its high respect for civil liberties, democracy and human rights. It has a strong economy and nature friendly environment. The nation has been repeatedly ranked high in matters of peace, thus one of the top ten safest nations on earth.

No. 5: Austria

Situated in central Europe, Austria is a landlocked country and one of the safest in the world. It is one of the richest nations on earth. It is also renowned as the land of music, having produced some of the greatest composers in history. Austria has perplexing architecture evident in its historical sites. It is a very clean nation with beautiful sceneries. It ranks among the top in the list of the best, most livable and the safest countries in the world, according to quality of living standards.

No.4: Norway

Norway is another country ranking among the safest in the world. It has the fourth-highest per capita on earth and it is second least populated in Europe. It is famous for high respect for personal freedom and human rights. It has stable economy and laudable welfare, with lowest unemployment rate. The nation is devoid of violence, offers serene living conditions. It is so peaceful in Norway that police do not even carry guns without permission.

No.3. New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The nation offers singular views of natural beauty in its frozen glaciers, grandiose mountains as well as green meadows. The economy is stable and the political system too. There are very few or no criminal cases in this country, and the healthcare system is watertight. The judicial system is strict and fair and transparent. A recent report by Transparency international ranked its government the most transparent in the world. In 213, it was declared the third safest country in the world.

No.2: Iceland

Iceland is an island country joining the Arctic oceans and the north Atlantic. It is the least populated European nation. It is attractive for its glaciers, hot springs, and frosty climate. It is pleasant and beautiful place. Crime is non-existent in this country. The pettiest crime in Iceland is not even heard of. Iceland is highly peaceful as it is evidenced by a report in 2013 that a police killed a man, reportedly the first time that happened I history.

No.1. Denmark

Denmark is a northern Europe country bordering Norway, Sweden and Germany. It is quite small in area and less populated. Statistics and data show that the crime rate in Denmark plummeted by six percent in 2012, indicating a government that strictly enforces law and order. It is famed for its regard for individual freedom, equality in opportunities, and common good. Denmark is ranked number one in the list of the top ten safest countries in the world and the happiest nation on earth.

Safest Countries in the World
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