Top Ten Reasons Why Tall Girls Make The Best Girlfriends

Do you know the fact that almost all the guys want to have a tall girlfriend. You must be amazed to know that. But they have a lot reasons behind it. I will try to unleash few of them in this piece of secret information. Even you should know that why your boyfriend have chosen you. It is just not because you are intelligence, understanding & caring nature and other factors like that. There is a lot which goes in there head. Let’s reveal them one by one from a guy’s prospective:

Top Ten Reasons Why Tall Girls Make The Best Girlfriends
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10) No need to look down all the time:

If he is tall and you are comparatively shorter then every time while walking or talking, he has to look down. It might be a situation of awkwardness in public for him. To avoid this he will prefer to have a girlfriend of comparatively same or bit smaller height.

9) Compatibility while dancing: 

If he plans to have a romantic evening lightened with candles, delicious food, drinks, fine music then it is incomplete without a lovely dance of you two. Dancing with a partner of similar height is easier and more comfortable. You can easily kiss each other whenever you feel like. In other case if the height difference is much, it will look odd. You can’t even hold each other well forget about the romance part.

8) He can have lovely poses with you while clicking pictures:

He can pose the way he wants to with his tall girl. In other case, the picture will look imperfect. If you both will have a standing pose, then because of height difference it will look like as a guy is with a kid in the picture.

7) He will be free from the fear of weird comments on height difference:

If there is a lot height difference in a couple, people generally passes on a comment which can be irritating for them. Guys doesn’t want to face that and to avoid it, they take practical decisions while getting into a relation with a girl.

6) Tall girl will help herself in getting things down from a height:

If your height is tall, you will not call him now and then to help you in getting things down from high shelve. This will make him feel that his girlfriend is not dependent on him for each and every work as she can well manage things by her own.

5) Tall girls always look trendy in all the types of dresses and hairstyles:

A tall girl can wear any kind of dress. Specially the maxi dresses they are designed for girls tall like you. It is dead sure for guys that their tall girlfriend will look hot in any kind of dress which will wear. She will look fabulous even in the simplest form of the dress. She can even change her hair style as per the changing trends. Any latest trendy cut will look great on her.

4) Hot long legs: 

Approximately 19% of the guys prefer girls with long sexy legs. Long legs look sexy in a skirt as well as in a jean. When you will look hot, he will love to flaunt the hotness of his girlfriend. Guys love the expression of jealousy on the face of other guys.

3) Heels will make her look like a ‘Supermodel’:

Guys knows that a tall girl will look perfect in heels or in flats. For him, if she will wear high heels then she will look like a supermodel. He will feel proud on his choice. He will feel proud on his choice when he will go in the party with his supermodel girlfriend. His love and proud will double with your increased hotness quotient.

2) Showing love will be easier:

While walking bare foot in the sand on a beach with his girlfriend, he can kiss or hug her very easily. Height incompatibility will never let him enjoy these precious moments in his life. The passion will get lost in the time taken for doing adjustment for a proper kiss. It might look funny but it’s true in reality.

1) Tall is sexy:

‘Tall’ and ‘Sexy’ are the two complementary words. It is not only for girls but for everybody. Whenever a guy think of a super sexy model or an actress then the common factor between all is their tall height. They find height as an essential element of looking sexy.

If you are a tall girl then you should feel proud of yourself. Your boyfriend is lucky to have you. So next time whenever you plan an outing with him flaunt your height, feel and act like a supermodel.

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