Ten Reasons Why Short Girls Make The Best Girlfriends

The reason why short girls make the best girlfriends is still not yet known. However, guys like to have short girlfriends as they are attractive and pretty. They do not know why they are attracted to the girls who on the other hand do not sit and think about the questions and hope to find answers.There is no doubt that a dating a short girl is beneficial. Some of the ten reasons why short girls make the best girlfriends include:

Reasons Why Short Girls Make The Best Girlfriends

1. Men feel powerful while in the relationship

Most relationships are usually determined by physiological factors. When a man is over and above their girlfriend, he feels superior in the relationship. Guys will view relationships as a combination of continuous power struggles and love and so his height is a plus as it make him feel triumphant.


2. Short women appearĀ defenseless

There is usually something in short women that makes everyone want to protect them. Since they appear adorable and cute, men who adore them will always want to ensure they are safe. Even though short women are defensive and feisty, their height makes them appear vulnerable which causes a man to be attracted to them more.

3. It feels awesome when you hug them

Most men enjoy hugging women who are short. They will always talk about the feeling they experience after they have hugged a girl who is short and their head snuggles underneath the chin.

4. Tall women make men feel inferior

Tall women are believed to exude confidence. However, this confidence has a mixture of arrogance and pride. Men have huge egos and this will cause tall women to make them feel inferior. Therefore short women come in handy as they help them safeguard their ego.

Tall Girls Make The Best Girlfriends
all girl

5. They do not understand that they are amazing

A tall woman understands what they possess and know their options. This is contrary to some short women who do not know that they are charming and beautiful since they are always concerned about their height. Humility and innocence tends to attract a man to woman. When a woman has all the above, nobody will pay attention to their height.

6. Sex becomes more enjoyable

Men find sex with a shorter woman more enjoyable than a taller one. Due to the fact that short girls weigh less, they find it a less daunting task to experiment with them.

7. It is easy to pick them up and move around

One of the greatest things with short women is that it is easy to pick them up and take them to whichever place you desire. They are compared to little dolls the man never had but wished he did. Be it snuggling on the couch or a ride to the bedroom, it is easy for short women to fit anywhere and this makes them more adorable. Additionally, since short women appear properly endowed, this will attract them to men. A short woman with a well-endowed butt and small chest will look proportionate contrary to a tall one with similar crucial stats. Due to this, men will tend to favor shorter women as their disproportion is not obvious co pared to taller women.

8. A feeling of security in the relationship

A shorter woman provides a man with more security compared to a taller woman. Men feel insecure even though they tend not to admit it. Therefore having a short girl for a girlfriend makes them feel dominating and they do not have fear that they will lose a girl.

9. They can be showcased just like a trophy.

Short girls are cute and petite. They are compared to candy especially when the man adores her. Having a girl who is completely loyal, adorable and attractive will make the man to receive praises from his friend. This is considered a fact. Shorter women have high level of estrogen which makes them appear more feminine contrary to taller women with high testosterone levels. This does not mean that taller girls are not feminine. However, shorter women are highly sensitive which make them attractive to men.

10. They cause one to spend less on food

Studies show that smaller people will require minimal energy for them to live. Therefore shorter women will cause you to save on money as their stomachs get filled-up fast.

If a man adores a woman, their height should not be a cause for alarm because of the top 10 reasons above.







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