Top Ten Most Beautiful Dogs

As animal lovers, we all think our dogs, no matter what the breed, are the most beautiful dogs in the whole universe, even if they’re hairless and resemble something that may have dragged itself out of a snake and alligator infested swamp. They’re are babies. But let’s faced facts, that are certain dogs, and dog breeds that you can’t deny are a step above other breeds as far as overall beauty is concerned.

So let’s take a look at the top ten most beautiful dog breeds.

10) Siberian Huskies

The Siberian Husky is very much a working dog. The breed was originally bred to pull heavy sleds along vast miles of of icy terrain. Because of this, the husky is extremely high energy and are often destructive if they become bored with their environment. And because of the weather they were bred to face, their coats are a thick and lustrous white with black markings on the face and ears. The other attractive aspect of the Husky is their typically light hypnotically blue eyes. Yes, the husky is truly one of the most beautiful and loving breeds of dog in the world. But be warned, this breed may not do very well in warmer climates.

Most Beautiful Dogs
Siberian Huskies

9) German Shepard

The protective and loyal German Shepard is just as loving as the Husky, and just as high strung and hyper. The German Shepard is easily recognizable by its thick, long black and tan fur and thick and tall body size. The German Shepard is most commonly used as a police dog and typically make for wonderful family pets. Although, the German Shepard can become quite possessive of its family and become over protective around strangers.

Most Beautiful Dogs
German Shepard

8) The French Bulldog

How can you not love these squishy, squat little guys! French Bulldogs are the descendants of Bulldogs and pugs and were bred solely for the purpose of being companion dogs. These squat little balls of cuddle come in a variety of colors including black, tan, and brindle. Their most distinguishing characteristics are their squat, flattened noses and long standing ears which often gives them the appearance of a rabbit. These little guys are ideal for families with small children because of their infinite amount of patience. The one thing to look out for, though, is that these little guys are stubborn and tend to latch onto one member of the family.

Most Beautiful Dogs
The French Bulldog

7) Boxer

Think of them as tall French Bulldogs. The boxer was bred from the old english bulldog and the now extinct Bullenbeisser. The boxer is usually tan or brindle in color, and are very playful, loving animals. But two warnings regarding the boxer: Much like the French Bulldog, a boxer will often attach itself to one owner and although many animal rights activists consider it a cruel practice, make sure to have the boxer’s tail docked as a puppy. Because more often than not, its constantly wagging tail can often times do just as much harm as its bite.

Most Beautiful Dogs

6) Rottweiler

Unfortunately the Rottweiler has been mischaracterized as being an aggressive breed of dog due to irresponsible owners. And yes, the large black and tan dogs may appear to be meaning, but when they are raised in a loving, mindful environment, they very much become gentle giants. The one trait you want to look out for with the Rottweiler is they tend to not realize their size and will often want to act like a lap dog and put their 150 plus pounds of weight on you while you’re sitting and relaxing.

Most Beautiful Dogs

5) Poodle

Ah, the poodle, often times they’re considered to be the girlly of dog breeds. And yes, the poodle is often one of the most wanted breed of little girls the world over thanks to their thick, curly white fur, but the poodle actually has a long history as a working dog in its home country of France. Which means the poodle is actually an active, intelligent dog. So father’s and husbands of the world, rest assured that this breed is as manly as a Rottweiler.

Most Beautiful Dogs

4) Bernese Mountain Dog

Yet another German gentle giant, these dogs were originally bred to serve the same purpose as Huskies. The large, powerful breed is known for its long, thick black and white fur with brown snout and feet and is perhaps the most passive and family friendly breeds on this list. They are ideal companions and are just as content sitting and watching TV as they are walking mountain trails with their owners.

Most Beautiful Dogs
Bernese Mountain Dog

3) Dalmatian

The breed was, of course, made famous by a certain Disney animated movie and as the traditional mascot of fire houses everywhere, and is one of the most popular breeds of dog in human history. The Dalmatian is known for its black and white spotted fur, and its sleek, athletic body. However, due to over breeding, the Dalmatian has hereditary hearing loss, which sometimes causes the dog to become aggressive, particularly in new and over crowded environments.

Most Beautiful Dogs

2) Pug

These little clowns have become one of the most loved breeds in the world, and with good reason. The squat, wrinkled little dogs with their button noises and eyes are affectionate companion dogs who love children and adults alike. The one thing to look out for is the is known for being multum in parvo’ or much in little. Yes, they tend to think they’re much bigger than they are. And while they’re typically not aggressive towards humans, they may be very aggressive towards other larger dogs.

Most Beautiful Dogs

1) Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier with it’s sleek white body with brown spots is a truly beautiful dog. The breed is energetic and very sociable and is the ideal dog for just about anyone of any age. But much like the pug, these little guys tend to think they’re much bigger than they actually are.

Most Beautiful Dogs
Jack Russell Terrier



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