Top Most Startling Mysteries From Outer Space

Many people are always curious about what lies in the outer space. The main question that rings in almost everyone’s mind is whether there is life in the mysterious world of stars and planets. Many fields including mathematics, astronomy and physics have made bold steps to elucidate what is actually transpiring beyond our planet earth. Some of the findings are quite convincing while others are yet to do so. A commendable number of theories have been coined to try and explain this strange phenomenon. Consequently, this section highlights the top most startling mysteries from outer space.

8. A Face in Eagle Nebula

The latter marked one of the strangest photos that have ever being captured in outer space. It was actually taken by CNN using the satellite technology. The photo was meant to illustrate the origin of stars from a gaseous cloud, Eagle Nebula. Surprisingly, calls started streaming with sundry viewers claiming that they could see something like a human face in the cloud. The enlarged image truly highlighted an image with human face like features.

Most Startling Mysteries From Outer Space

7. Galaxies Mystery

Assorted scientists have somehow managed to illustrate the origin of stars in the recent past. However, certain space features like the galaxies are still beyond human explanation. These mysterious features are believed to occur in colonies dubbed clusters. These clusters are scientifically renowned as super clusters. Two theories have been coined to elucidate the mystery. One is said to be the unification of the big bang remains which gave birth to planets and stars. The second states that the planets and stars were modified from the big bang gas before spreading into their respective galaxies.

Most Startling Mysteries From Outer Space

6. Other Planets

One of the most renowned physicists of all time Albert Einstein crafted a unique equation. E=MC^2. The equation is however characterized by errors when applied in the outer space. The latter only highlights 4% of total matter in the entire universe which is not the case. Many wonder where the dark matter in which it is purported to occurs in is. A plethora of scientists are working day and night in the quest of proving this phenomenon. Only time will tell whether they have succeeded or not.

Most Startling Mysteries From Outer Space

5. The Connection between Earth and Mars

Many studies have been conducted on planet Mars to determine whether it can accommodate life or not. Many features similar to those on planet earth are perceived to exist in mars as well. They are depicted by photos taken using sophisticated equipment. Some of them include pyramids, an ape comfortably relaxing on a rock and a face that resembles a human’s. However, scientists have disputed them as null and void. The recent advancements are yet to prove the claimed fact.

Most Startling Mysteries From Outer Space

4. UFO Sightings

Whether UFOs do exist is still a big question that is yet to be answered by pragmatists. Many people have claimed to witness strange objects that resembles the latter. The most recent one was in 1963 where even NASA couldn’t explain with all that skilled personnel and equipment. A well renowned US astronaut Major Gordon Cooper claimed that during his 22 orbit journey around the planet, he saw a glaring green object coming toward him. It eventually took a quick turn never to be spotted again.

Most Startling Mysteries From Outer Space

3. White Holes

The existence of black holes was clearly illustrated in Albert Einstein’s equations. Numerous studies over the years have proven that the holes do actually exist including our own galaxy, The Milky Way. White holes are the opposite and are said to produce distinct quantity of matter from nowhere. Not even a single has been identified to date.

Most Startling Mysteries From Outer Space

2. Ruins on the Moon

The moon is the only body from the outside world that man has managed to set foot on. Certain conspiracy theories have indicated that the moon houses numerous ruins. However, these claims were shunned by the US government. A man who is purported to have worked for the government in altering the believed evidential photos came forth with them explaining what transpired. Scientists have also claimed to have discovered water in the moon.

Most Startling Mysteries From Outer Space

1. Dark Energy

The latter is one the biggest conspiracies in the world of science. Dark energy is purported by technocrats to exist within us. It is also believed to be the reason behind the gravity errors. According to gravity, bodies such as galaxy clusters should bond together. However, this isn’t the case. Instead, these bodies are drifting further apart on a daily basis. Scientists came up with this theory to try and elucidate the reason behind the opposite movement. Whether such factor exists is yet to be proven.

Most Startling Mysteries From Outer Space


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