Top Most Amazing and Surprising Facts About Europe

Europe is renowned for sundry things including being the origin of the Western culture and a world leader in various global affairs since the 15th Century. Despite the up and downs, Europe has grown steadily to house some of the most attractive features the world has ever seen. A commendable number of developed countries are also situated in Europe. Apart from these remarkable and commonly known qualities, it encompasses some covert and unique facts as indicated by the top most amazing and Surprising facts about Europe.

10. Sagrada Familia Church

The Familia church is a gallant Roman catholic church that is strategically situated in Catalonia, Barcelona. The church is still under construction since its commencement in 1882. I’m trying to imagine what a century old church look like. It was designed by the late Antony Gaudi who was also the lead architect. The church can comfortably accommodate a congregation of 9,000. It was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.Amazing Facts and Surprises About Europe

9. Disneyland, Paris

Did you know that Disneyland in Paris France is the most visited place in Europe? The area is characterized by two theme parks, a golf course, high caliber complex which accommodates shopping, entertainment and dining activities, and luxurious resort hotels. The Walt Disney Company enjoys a minor stake. Walt Disney Studios Park is the most visited compared to its counterpart Disneyland Park.Amazing Facts and Surprises About Europe

8. Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc or White Mountain is well renowned mountain that is situated in France. Peaks are covered with snow year in year out. The mountain has also gained notoriety due to its unique restaurants that offers excellent view as you enjoy your desert. Apart from these outstanding qualities; many people don’t know that it houses the highest toilet in the world. The toilet covers approximately 4,200 meters.Amazing Facts and Surprises About Europe

7. Densest Rail Network in Belgium

Belgium is renowned to be one of the smallest countries in Europe with stable economy. A good number of people are not aware that it also houses the largest rail network in the entire Europe. The network is projected to be around 113.8km/1,000km2. Apart from that, the Royal Palace within the country is actually bigger than the Buckingham palace.Amazing Facts and Surprises About Europe

6. Perucica Rainforest

Perucuca forest is known to be the only rainforest that is still stable in the entire Europe. It plays an integral part in fortifying the Sutjeska National Park. It is associated with a dense population of flora and fauna. Waterfalls are also a common phenomenon with Skakavac Waterfall being the main in the entire forest. It can only be explored under the auspices of properly trained rangers.Amazing Facts and Surprises About Europe

5. Bulgaria, the Oldest Country

Bulgaria is renowned for sundry things including being the oldest country in Europe. It has never changed its name since 681AD. Its capital Sofia, is said to have been found 7000 years ago hence becoming the oldest city in Europe. It is also the third country with the most valuable archaeological sites after Italy and Greece.Bulgaria, the Oldest Country

4. The Greek Population

Greek is one of the most visited places on the planet with 16.5 million tourists gracing the occasion on an annual basis. The tourism industry contributes up to 16% of the Gross Domestic Product. What many aren’t privy about is the fact that about 40% of the Greek population lives in its capital, Athens. Voting is also a mandatory obligation provided you are 18 years and above.Amazing Facts and Surprises About Europe

3. No Mosquitoes in Iceland

Iceland is known to be one of the coldest countries not only in Europe but also globally. It is encompasses 20 active volcanoes, geysers and glaciers. It occurs between two tectonic plates: North American and the Eurasian plates which are also responsible for its numerous volcanoes. Other features include waterfalls, geothermal vents and mud pools. Apart from these wonderful attractions, Iceland is free from mosquitoes, not even a single one has been encountered.Amazing Facts and Surprises About Europe

2. Uninhabited Villages in Russia

Apart from being one of the world’s biggest economies, Russia houses over 13,000 uninhabited villages. The country covers approximately 17,075,499 square kilometers with overall number of towns and villages at 157, 895. About 26,000 towns are not occupied by the citizens with up to 17,000 lacking landline telephones. Some of the most affected areas include Far East, Siberia, Far North and North West.Amazing Facts and Surprises About Europe

1. Leaning Tower of Pisa

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most outstanding features not only in Italy but also worldwide. The tower’s construction is believed to have taken over 200 years and is the third oldest structure in the town of Pisa. The tilt is attributed to lackluster foundation which began during its establishment. It was initially tilted at an angle of 5.5 degrees but is now at 3.99 degrees after correction.Amazing Facts and Surprises About Europe

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