Top 10 Tips to Survive Cold-Weather and Winter

Winter is one of most dreaded season due to the very low temperatures that characterizes it. At this time of the year, the snowflakes drop loose and the surface is covered in ice. The weather degenerates to virtual freezing conditions. The need to remain warm and healthy during such times is essential to all living things and human beings are no exceptions. Avoid being caught up in the rush and quick fix remedies by taking a closer look at these top 10 tips to survive cold-weather and winter.

10. Let the Doctor Check the Thyroid Levels

It is prudent to have a blood test that determines whether you need supplementary thyroid hormone dosages or not. It is a normal practice by some medics to have the levels slightly raised for patients in the eve of winter. Normally, the body needs more of this hormone in cold weather. If unchecked however, it may shoot to risky levels. If the body is deprived of this hormone, drops in T4, T3 as well as rises in THS are occasioned. Visit the doc and alleviate any damages to the thyroid glands.

Tips to Survive Cold-Weather

9. Make the Fireplace More Resourceful

Organize the fireplace and have it constantly spewing warmth throughout the room. In this manner, you are free to enjoy the heat at all corners of the house. Ensure that you have the fire backed up daily and have doors reinforced with tempered glass inter alia. Always ensure that the heat levels are properly regulated to check over-thermal exposures that may lead to serious desiccation of the body.

Tips to Survive Cold-Weather

8. Get Some Sunlight on a Daily Basis

Maximize your exposure to the sun to enhance the brain and endocrine hormonal responses. This helps to curb fatigue and stress. Stay out in the sun for at least half to two-thirds of an hour and have it as loose as possible, avoid even the shades and sun-glasses to ensure maximum exposure. If you are in the car, have the windows wide open for maximized sun exposure. The essence is to get the energy while it lasts.

Tips to Survive Cold-Weather

7. Eat Less Sugar

Do not resort to too much hot sugary drinks especially if you suffer from thyroid ill-health. Sugar over-use at these cold instances predisposes you to yeast over-growth candidiasis, massive inhibition to levels of insulin, and involuntary susceptibility to allergies related to refined sugars. Understandably, little activity that characterizes winter, combined with too much sugar will definitely lead to weight gains and you wouldn’t like that after all.

Tips to Survive Cold-Weather

6. Adopt a Routine Exercise Program

Try as much as possible to adopt some workout routine however hard it may be. Subscribe to a nearby gym, engage in in-door workouts, have personal invigorating walks, do home based yoga or take classes on the same. You can as well have video records of moderated workouts, with you, for personalized imitations. All these will help curb stress and dispel the intense cold. Besides, you could have more tips reading the relevant health and fitness sites via the internet to spice up your workout plan.

Tips to Survive Cold-Weather

5. Get Enough Sleep

Deficiency of sleep comes with a myriad of other unhealthy conditions that includes imbalances in hormones, non-effective weight loss, and autoimmune disorders. Staying fit in this cold spell, requires that you get sufficient sleep and not just time in bed. You may even have to do more than the daily adult-recommended six to eight hours sleep time. Here you have it, so try doing 6-8 hours or more of baby-like sleep to remain healthy at winter.

Tips to Survive Cold-Weather

4. Make Your Body Winter Proof

The chilling cold sometimes eats into the bones, right into the marrows. It cuts beyond the skin, the face and dares to kill the inner being. Try as much as possible to wear lots of heavy-material clothes that sustains the warmth generated by the body. Use leg-warmers, jumpers, jackets, heavy socks and warm shoes. You could as well use lotions and creams as well as jellies that cover and protect the skin layer. Be winter-proof!

Tips to Survive Cold-Weather

3. Keep Your Hands Warm

You will need your hand to operate several things including the phone, computer and the sort. When your hands are freezing cold, all operations come to a sickening halt. Do have numerous pairs of warm gloves to keep your hands as warm as possible. The gloves will spare your fingers from stiffening in the freezing weather. There are lots of affordable gloves in the stores and you could as well make your own design at home.

Tips to Survive Cold-Weather

2. Insulate Water Tanks and Pipes

Insulation of tanks as well as pipes is a preventive measure against bursting. In fact you should have, at your fingertips, a reachable contact detail of the house plumber in case the worst happens. Have every occupant informed about the need to have all exterior taps and drainer pipes off. Let them know where the valves are and how to manage them in instances of pipe or hose bursts. Above all, have the heating unit on constant supply modes to avoid freezing.

Tips to Survive Cold-Weather

1. Go with the Flow of Things

Be a lot more organized in tackling issues ensuring that step-wise remedies are offered at perfect conveniences to alleviate possible stress, strain and fatigue. Regardless of your level of preparedness, just calm down and let things flow the natural way. Be steadfast in preventing and handling flu and other cold prone conditions. After all, winter will always be there and you must just go through it in an easy and stress free manner.

Tips to Survive Cold-Weather


All said and done, all you need to do is keep tabs with the above detailed top 10 tips to survive cold-weather and winter, practice them diligently, and voila! Summer will be right on the doors once again!

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