Top 10 Superheroes That Really Exist in Real World

A superhero or super heroine is a type human being or character that has extraordinary features or supernatural powers which are sometimes difficult for a normal mortal to comprehend. Most superheroes are usually featured in movies and children’s fairy tales. They are usually depicted as important characters that use their talents to save victims of various vices. There are people who have been inspired by these amazing features and have decided to emulate them. They are classified under the real life super hero and are known to offer various services such as enhancing security and supplying food to the homeless. Without further ado, here are the top 10 superheroes that really exist in real world.

10. Superbarrio

Superbarrio Gomez is a real life superhero who patrols in Mexico City. He is renowned for using non-violent means with the aim curbing regular criminal activities and corruption. His style entails political action, carrying out protests and civil disobedience. His most outstanding feature is the red and yellow mask which was used traditionally for wrestling by the Luchadores. The top has a pentagon shield that is embeds big SB label.

Superheroes That Really Exist in Real World9. Super Hero

This Florida based superhero is taking vigilantism to the next level. He is actually a retired professional wrestler who has decided to give back to the society by assisting stranded motorists and teaching people on the matters road safety. He is also acknowledged for raising money specifically meant for supporting the homeless. Apart from that, he roams in the streets of Clearwater to ensure safety.

Superheroes That Really Exist in Real World8. The Flashing Blade

This mysterious extraordinary being was spotted in 2007 by two detectives in the United Kingdom. The two were on the brink of being attacked by an armed gang, when out of nowhere the flashing blade appeared wielding his sword and cutting one of the criminals on the arm. The rest of the crew was frightened to death that they couldn’t move. This made it easier for the policemen to arrest them. The 5’10’ man in his forties disappeared never to be seen again.

Superheroes That Really Exist in Real World7. Nyx

Nyx is a super heroine who is coveted for her roles in helping the unprotected and the homeless in New York City. Her name resembles that of the Greek goddess who was known to boost vigilance during the night. She began her career as a super heroin at the age of sixteen in his hometown Kansas. Apart from her extraordinary talent, Nyx is an accountant by day.

Superheroes That Really Exist in Real World6. Mr. Xtreme

Mr. Xtreme is a real life superhuman currently based in San Diego, California in the United States of America. He is known for fighting criminal activities and ensuring safety of the unprotected. He is the leader and the brain behind the Xtreme Justice League, a group that ensures homeless outreach, regular safety patrols and public safety services. His suit has some Power Rangers theme in it.

Superheroes That Really Exist in Real World5. Menganno

Menganno is currently the most famous superhero in the entire South America. He is mainly based in Argentina specifically the eastern part of Lanus. He is characterized by a unique helmet, bold bike and blue clothes. Mr. Menganno is never complete without is sophisticated shield which resembles that of Captain America. However, his is decorated with Argentinean flag colors. His main role is to fight crime by ensuring safe streets.

Superheroes That Really Exist in Real World4. Master Legend

Master Legend can never go unmentioned whenever real life superheroes are being highlighted. He is one of the most renowned extraordinary beings in the current world. A commendable number of people from children to adults admire him due to his willingness to help anyone in need. He has also gained notoriety from his crime fighting abilities and charity services which have helped many. Apart from that, he is the cofounder of the initial non profitable organization, Team Justice, in the Real Life Super Hero segment.

Superheroes That Really Exist in Real World3. DC’s Guardian

DC’s Guardian was inspired by the kind of devotion with which the war veterans served their country. He decided to embark on a mission to sensitize the public about the importance of their rights and freedoms by distributing copies of American constitution. His vision as he walks in the streets of Washington DC is to ensure that nobody take his rights for granted.

Superheroes That Really Exist in Real World2. Bauhinia Heroine

The Bauhinia Heroine is a lady in Hong Kong whose wonderful services were first recognized after she appeared at night and distributed food and money to the homeless. She was wearing a mask, black tights, boots and gloves. She said in her first interview that her identity resembles that of Black Rose, a 1965 movie where a woman stole money from the haves and distributed it to the have-not.

Superheroes That Really Exist in Real World1. Thanatos

Thanatos is a renowned superhero who is based in Vancouver, Canada. His name is derived from a Greek mythology which means death. He decided to call himself Thanatos after a police officer told him that the only thing the homeless looked up to was death. His dark attire actually resembles a ghost with a cowboy hat which has a small skull in the front. He always walk on the streets distributing food to the hungry.

Superheroes That Really Exist in Real World

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