Top 10 Sun Shade Window Curtains For Your Car

Dealing with excess sunlight while driving in your car can be very difficult especially if you lack quality curtains. Curtains not only protect you from sunlight and ultraviolet radiation but also enhance your privacy. Car window curtains occur in sundry qualities and sizes though. The designs also vary hence choosing the perfect ones can be quite challenging. You don’t have to worry anymore since we have your back. Check out the top 10 sun shade window curtains for your car.

10. TOOGOO(R) 2 Pcs Window Curtains Car Sun Shade 50 cm x 75 cm 2

Finding excess sunlight is becoming easier with Sodial curtain. Each measure 59 by 75 inches hence perfect for sundry windows. You will be fully protected from sunlight and UV radiation. Your children will also be protected against sunburns. You won’t need any extra effort to install. No more peeping into your car hen resting. In addition, the three suction caps will secure it in place.

Sun Shade Window Curtains

9. Rupse 2pcs  Black Retractable Car Curtain Window Shade

The 2pcs of Rupse curtains are retractable and ideal for various cars. Each curtain measures 40 by 60 cm and will comfortably fit in your car. It offers the best way of improving the effects of air-conditioner. The universal fit makes it ideal for front, side and rear windows. Moreover, the curtains are light and compact hence can be easily stored.

Sun Shade Window Curtains

8. Auto Retractable Car Curtain Window Shade Shield Visor Beige 2

The following retractable curtain promises you nothing but utmost protection against sunrises. It has a fold able design which you can easily manage. It is easy to carry and store whenever you are in need. The latter is also easy to install using adhesive tape hence will save you time. With the ability to abate air condition consumption, this is one of the best shades ever. It will also maintain your car’s interior temperature.

Sun Shade Window Curtains

7. Jiufan New 2Pcs 70Cm 27.6inch Luxury

Jiufan Curtains Sunshades are ideal for Audi VW and other luxury cars. You will receive two pieces with high UV resistance. The 4 pieces of unpliale plastic tracks will enhance its performance. Simply use the 3M adhesive double side tape during installation. The curtain will only fit in the rear window. Moreover, it will take you a few minutes to install.

Sun Shade Window Curtains

6. Car Side Window Shade Sunshade Curtain Blackn 4

This car window shade is also worth your consideration it measures 27 by 19 inches hence ideal for most cars. The sunshade will protect you and your passengers against excess sunlight. The curtain is also capable of keeping your car’s interior cool while driving. Your children will be fully protected against direct sunlight. You can use the suction caps to install it to your preferred window.

Sun Shade Window Curtains

5. Black Retractable Sun Shade Roller Car Curtain Window Shade 7

Veikor is another retractable curtain window shade which is very easy to install and remove as well. It measures about 40 by 60 cm for width and length respectively. You will enjoy complete visibility through the window. Unlike other shades, Veikor will keep your car cooler than before. All your passengers will also be protected from direct sunrays and UV radiation. In addition, the shades are still brand new in good shape.

Sun Shade Window Curtains

4. Amico 2 Pcs Suction Cup Window Curtains Car Sun Shade

As you can see in the picture, Amico Curtains are super elegant and will augur well for your car. They are fabricated from a fine mixture of plastic and nylon materials which also contributes to their durability. The curtains measures 50 cm by 75cm is can fit most car windows. The Amico curtains will protect your kids from sun burn. It is also easy to install and will save you time.

Sun Shade Window Curtains

3. Car Window Shade (2 Pack) – Retractable

You car won’t be the same again if you install this window shade. It is retractable and perfect for your toddler and other kids. It is modified from thin static cling material and also trendy in the general outlook. The high profile PVC acts as a protective blind on roller shade while white exterior will reflect light. No more disturbing sunlight or sunburns.

Sun Shade Window Curtains

2. Car Sunshade – Folding Window Sun Shades 2 Piece 40

The following car sunshades are still brand new and are crafted from high profile materials. The sunshades have auto-folding capacity and also include see-through screen offers for you and your friends. It has UPF 25 + which is efficient in blocking UV rays, heat and glare. You can easily install the curtain and it will take you a few minutes to cleanse. In addition, it is risk free and promises a money back guarantee.

Sun Shade Window Curtains

1. Car Sunshade – Folding Window Sun Shades

Transform your car with this outstanding sunshade which you can also fold. It is designed from high caliber polyester material hence long lasting. The see through design will offer wonderful visibility to you and other passengers. The UPF 25+ is capable of blocking all the UV rays, heat and glare. You can easily install and cleanse the curtain. Moreover, it is ideal for side windows in all automobiles.

Sun Shade Window Curtains

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