Top 10 Restaurants With The Most Scintillating View Globally

General restaurants are normally associated with offering drinks and food after payment. However there are exclusive restaurants that are established in distinct areas to properly entertain their visitors. They are usually located along the beach, within ocean or next to mountains. What separates the wheat from the chuff is the state of the art from which it is crafted. These stunning places are found in various parts of the world as indicated in the top 10 best restaurants with the most scintillating view globally.

10. Two Oceans

Two Oceans is an outstanding restaurant that is located in Cape Point, South Africa. It was established in 1995 and has gained massive notoriety in the recent past. Apart from its mouth watering delicacies, the restaurant is renowned for its marvelous ocean waters. They say this is where the Indian Ocean unifies with the Atlantic Ocean. It is actually located on the highest point in the entire Cape Point. You can imagine the scenery.

Restaurants with The Most Scintillating View Globally

9. 360 Restaurant, CN Tower

The 360 Restaurant is one of the best restaurants that you can ever come across in Toronto, Canada. The food is magnificent and will make you extend your stay for more culinary experience. The meals encompass regional ingredients which are properly sampled to give a distinct result. What makes this place outshines the rest is the wonderful revolving view of Toronto at a height of 351 meters.

Restaurants with The Most Scintillating View Globally

8. Le Panoramic

Le Panoramic is a world class restaurant strategically located on the summit of Breven in France. It serves magnificent cuisines which attracts all sorts of visitors locally and internationally. Some of the major delicacies include soup, steak, Savoyarde food and foie gras, Mont Blanc Mountain offers amazing scenery to augment your amusement. The mountain is covered with snow which creates a glaring environment for maximum view.

Restaurants with The Most Scintillating View Globally

7. Elements

The marvelous restaurant is located in Scottsdale in the outcasts of Arizona in the United States. The menu is outstanding with the consideration of vegetarian and exclusion of gluten to accommodate everyone. Some of its distinct bites encompass house smoked meat, hormone free meat, seafood and sashimi. The main attractive feature is Mount Camelback which offers unique scenery of sun set.

Restaurants with The Most Scintillating View Globally

6. Skyline Restaurant

It is strategically situated in Queenstown, New Zealand. The restaurant is established on top of a Gondola which makes it exclusive. The menu is generally inspired by both the local and international cuisines. The menu also accommodates everybody from vegetarian to fresh seafood. The Gondola enables outstanding view of the waters and the city’s skyline while enjoying your meal.

Restaurants with The Most Scintillating View Globally

5. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Ithaa is a mind boggling restaurant that is situated in Conrad Maldives. It is located under water a distinct feature that makes it totally unique compared to others. It is modified with transparent material to enable you enjoy the undersea environment. It can comfortably serve 14 people at a time hence a wonderful place for your honeymoon. It was officially opened in 2005 and has great massive notoriety worldwide.

Restaurants with The Most Scintillating View Globally

4. Grotta Palazzese

Grotto Palazzese is an Italian restaurant that is modified using the state of the art technology. Have you ever dreamt of dreaming a restaurant that exists within a limestone cave with sea waters passing near the view? I guess not. This restaurant will make your favorite joint look like a joke. It occurs in a cave with distinct lighting and interior design. You can enjoy your food with the fresh sea breeze working magic on your body.

Restaurants with The Most Scintillating View Globally

3. Caldera Restaurant

It is known to be one of the best restaurants in Santorini, Greece. It incorporates different cuisines found locally and internationally which contributes to its magnificent dishes. It is strategically positioned to enable appropriate viewing of Aegean Sea and the mind boggling Santorini’s Caldera. Enjoy the local dishes and the amazing sun set view.

Restaurants with The Most Scintillating View Globally

2. Piz Gloria

Switzerland has never been excluded where outstanding things are being highlighted. Apart from its amazing tourist attraction features, it includes the Piz Gloria Restaurant which is located in Bernese Oberland. Imagine enjoying your dessert in a revolving restaurant surrounded by snow. It also includes a unique walk away with an excellent view of the restaurant’s precincts.

Restaurants with The Most Scintillating View Globally

1. Asiate Restaurant

From Empire State building to world class skyline, New York City is surely one of the best cities on the planet. Apart from the remarkable features, it houses an exclusive restaurant renowned as Asiate located in Manhattan. The restaurant incorporates both traditional and modern cuisines to give an exclusive menu. The decorations are stunning with a remarkable view of the city. The tree branch symbols on the ceiling which symbolizes winter are quite mind boggling. The walls are fitted with over 3000 bottles showcasing different types of wine.

Restaurants with The Most Scintillating View Globally

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