The Top 10 Reasons Why Babies Cry

The greatest challenges that mothers have, especially young mothers who have just gotten their first babies, is to interpret the cry of the baby. Babies are known to cry in order to signal some discomfort. However, each cry of a baby has a specific meaning and therefore it is the responsibility of the adult who is around to interpret the cause of the cry. The following are some of the top 10 reasons why babies cry:

10. Teething

Talk of teething, the discomfort that comes as a result of teething is in two phases. The first phase is by the time the baby has known to put any substance in the mouth. The baby would start chewing without any control not knowing that what is needed for chewing is absent. Ultimately, the baby will feel some pain, and since the reasoning is still low, this wouldn’t call for a stop. Instead, the baby would continue chewing using the toothless gums and what follows is a loud cry. The second phase of teething as a reason for a baby to cry is the moment the first teeth are sprouting. This event is normally associated with lots of pain as the teeth develops and push the gums. At this stage, if anything comes into contact with the baby’s gums, the painful feeling just calls for a loud cry.

 Reasons Why Babies Cry

9. Feeling bored

Just like adults, babies can at times feel bored. How does this happen? Since the baby cannot move around, the moment you place him in a given place, say at the veranda, the baby will initiate a game; may be watching the sky. With time, staring at the sky which was interesting initially becomes boring and since the baby cannot do anything else but to continue with the monotonous exercise, what follows is a loud cry.

 Reasons Why Babies Cry
Feeling bored

8. Feeling pressed

Though not usual with the babies of very small age, the feel to relieve himself/herself; be it a short call or a long call can cause a discomfort. The feeling always initiate some unease in the baby’s system and the internal body and it is the abrupt change in the feeling that causes the baby to cry. The cry can be intensified in an event that the baby is feeling pressed but cannot see anybody around.

 Reasons Why Babies Cry
Feeling pressed

7. Diaper problem

This point should not be confused with point number 8 about feeling pressed. This now happens with the very young babies who are still wrapped with diapers to take care of point 8. It is a fact that having the diapers will create a comfortable environment for the baby to relieve himself without unease. The problem that initiates the cry comes aftermath. The presence of the excretory products will make the baby uncomfortable starting with the temperature they build in the baby, to the weight and the smell produced. The baby, just like an adult is conscious about fresh environment with fresh air.

 Reasons Why Babies Cry
Diaper problem

6. Strangers around

Babies tend to be intelligent and have mastery of both faces and voices. In most cases, if the baby is passed to a stranger; someone he/she is not used to seeing around, what will follow is a loud cry. Babies have some special instinct and always associate strangers with danger. However, this applies to most babies, though there are some who are stranger-friendly. Therefore, the only method of stating their disapproval of the stranger being there is a loud and forceful cry which gets instant reaction on the situation.

 Reasons Why Babies Cry
Strangers around

5. Annoyance over minor happenings

Maybe the baby was trying to reach the cup by stretching and he/she reaches the maximum stretch without succeeding, this dissatisfaction is compensated by a loud cry. There are many small things that can make a baby to cry, not to get any assistance but because of the annoyance. You will see a baby start crying after that toy soldier has refused to stand, and any time it is placed to stand, it falls down. This should never worry you since it only depict what the child is going to experience in life; some moments of failures which actually initiates anger, embarrassment, and disappointment.

 Reasons Why Babies Cry
Annoyance over minor happenings

4. Extreme temperatures

A baby needs a kind of temperature which can be termed as natural. Feeling too hot or too cold makes babies uncomfortable and initiates a cry that cannot be stopped by even giving breast milk. Since they cannot talk or do anything about the irritating condition, babies will just cry. This can be rather categorized as a cry of purpose and the reason for cry is a help out. The baby needs correction of the situation; if it is too hot, the air conditioner ca be put on and all the clothes removed, and if too cold, the room heater can be put on and also dressing the baby with warm clothing.

 Reasons Why Babies Cry
Extreme temperatures

3. Wants to be held

Babies find a lot of comfort from being held. When left to lie on the couch, the feeling of loneliness erupts and the baby starts to cry. It is believed that they associate being held with availability of something to take since when being breast fed, they are always held in between the arms of the mother. Therefore, when not held, they feel abandoned and that feel initiates the cry for help.

 Reasons Why Babies Cry
Wants to be held

2. Feeling sleepy

Nearly all babies tend to disturb and cry a lot when just about to sleep. This situation arises as the baby struggles with the sleep as he/she feels tired in the whole body and cannot settle in order to sleep. You have to comfort the baby by holding him around your arms to relax the body for sleeping to take effect. This status would encompass several yawns until the baby deeply falls asleep.

 Reasons Why Babies Cry
Feeling sleepy

1. Hunger

This is the top and the major reason why a babies cry. No matter what you do, your baby will at some time cry over hunger. The reason is that they tend to have a unique feeding habit of bits. You can offer a bottle of milk or breast to the baby and the baby rejects, meaning he/she is satisfied but only 5 minutes from then, the baby starts crying. You may wonder but actually the baby would have gone hungry. Babies feed on small amounts severally and therefore giving a lot at once cannot be a remedy but availing small amounts frequently.

 Reasons Why Babies Cry

As interesting as it is, these are the factual top 10 reasons why babies cry and in case you are not sure of the cause of the cry, you can always try remedy for the named reasons until you establish the actual one. Crying is their language, very interesting indeed, isn’t it?

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