The Top 10 Most Popular Extreme Sports

Sports and sporting activities are some of the known sources of popularity. If you want your name to feature in the news all over the world then just get involved in sports and perform well. People are aware of sporting activities such as soccer or athletics which has brought much fame to some individuals and teams. Interestingly, some people have so far thought that such sports are regular and does not depend much on any skill. Such people have got involved in some sports which to me, I can call endangering though the correct term is extreme sport. Here is an analysis of the top 10 most popular extreme sports of these times.

10. BMX Racing

BMX racing is a kind of bicycle off road racing believed to have started in early 1970’s. It is a rather endangering activity as the racers perform in very rough mountanious terrain. The most known event of this category is the annual Summer X Extreme Sports competition. It stands ou as the tenth popular extreme sport.

Most Popular Extreme Sports
BMX Racing

9. Highlining

Commonly known as rope walking, highlining is another extreme sport whereby an athlete walks from one cliff to the other on a one inch wide rope. The walker goes on the rope naturally without a supporting pole for a distance of about 30 metres and on top of 80 feet cliffs. This sport is known for many accident happening.

Most Popular Extreme Sports

8. The Running of the Bulls

This is another interesting sport which is very dangerous and come at position 8. It involves a runner who starts running and immediately a hungry bull is released to chase after the runner. The main objective of the sportsman is to run in front of the bull and challenge it until the time to exit. It is common in Portugal, Mexico, and some parts of Mexico.

Most Popular Extreme Sports
The Running of the Bulls

7. Sky Surfing

This is a kind of skydiving which involves performing of stunts when the skydiver is falling. The diver performs moves such as sliding, spinning, and twisting during free-fall. This sport came into existence in the early 90’s. It involves 2 divers; one performs the aerial tricks while the other capture the act and is known as ‘camera flyer’.

Most Popular Extreme Sports
Sky Surfing

6. Volcano Surfing

Volcano surfing is rather a new invention in this category of extreme sports. It involves sliding the ashes of already erupted volcano. The sliding is done on a thin wooden sledge and the slider moves at a speed of 50 mph. This sport was invented by Darryn Webb in 2005.

Most Popular Extreme Sports
Volcano Surfing

5. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing being the fifth most famous extreme sport, involves climbing of frozen waterfalls, icefalls, and cliffs. The climbing ice can either be water ice or alpha ice. Mountain environment is known to contain Alpine ice whereas water ice is mostly found on cliffs.

Most Popular Extreme Sports
Ice Climbing

4. Wingsuit Flying

This game is mainly meant to entertain the adventure lovers. It involves flying in the air, a special jumpsuit, known as wingsuit, enables human to fly in the air. It increases the surface area of the jumper who then starts flying. A parachute is also used when the flight ends and one needs to come down.

Most Popular Extreme Sports
Wingsuit Flying

3. Free Soloing

Free Soloing is a kind of sport involving mountain climbing whereby the climber ascends without any support or safety in forms of ropes or ladder. There are no protective gears used or any supportive devices but rather climbing is done free style and depends with your ability and strength.

Most Popular Extreme Sports
Free Soloing

2. BASE Jumping

This is rated one of the most dangerous of the extreme sports in the world. BASE is initials for Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth and the jumper. The jumper goes on top of a structure, jumps, and pulls the parachute instantly. It is very risky since the jumper only have a few seconds to pull the parachute, failure to which a ground thrush. This game is not permitted in most countries.

Most Popular Extreme Sports
BASE Jumping

1. Creeking

It is a branch of the former famous kayaking and canoeing and it involves going down very steep but low-volume water. This sporting activity is the most famous and tops the list of the top 10 most popular extreme sports. The danger involves a possibility of getting smashed by the rocks and underwater trap.

Most Popular Extreme Sports

These sports exists however much unbelievable they tend to be.


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  1. what about free running? or parkour that is a very popular sport some people may not see it as a sport but I think it definetly compeates with all these other sports as it is just as dangerous.

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