Top 10 Myths About The Middle Age That You Never Knew

Almost everyone has encountered a mythical story which he or she almost believed. Myths are always characterized by certain extraordinary beings, creatures or event that has no solid basis to support it. It is very difficult to explain how certain phenomenon some of which are associated with demigods or deities transpired. Middle Ages have been known over the years to be the darkest times in history. Constant beheading, war, diseases and ignorance were the order of the day. Some of these facts are true while others not as highlighted in the top 10 myths about the middle age that you almost believed.

10. Ignorance

In the modern world where movies revolving around the middle ages have taken toll, it is very easy to believe that some of these things did really happen. Hollywood has always portrayed middle ages as an era of utmost ignorance where people had no inkling about education. However, some of the brightest minds existed in this age including Dante and Machiavelli. Renowned universities such Oxford and Cambridge were also established in the middle ages.

Myths About The Middle Ages

9. Cultural and Economic Deterioration in Europe

The fall of Rome is believed to have contributed a lot to Europe’s economic and cultural dilapidation. This phenomenon gave birth to the term middle ages also referred to as Dark Ages. Historians mainly used ‘dark ages’ to portray the challenges that people underwent. These terms were quite prevalent in the modern history since no concrete writings about some parts of Europe were encountered. The most recent findings have indicated otherwise hence scholars are trying as much as they can to avoid using this term ‘dark ages’.

Myths About The Middle Ages

8. The Earth Being Flat

Some of the historical writings have shown that people from the middle ages believed the earth was flat. Although traditional education was mainly sponsored by churches, this is not the case. A commendable number of scientists believed it was round and they even tried to approximate its circumference. If you believed this then you will probably consider changing your mind. The ancient scientists actually formulated the basics of the modern day science.

Myths About The Middle Ages7. The Dark Ages Were Utterly Violent

Based on the historical books written in the modern era, you are not wrong to believe that these ages were actually dark. Even the current movies show how similar the ancient man was to wild animals. Taking one’s life was not a big deal with tyranny of wars being the only means of entertainment. In as much as this fact may true, there is no clear evidence that have clearly stipulated that dark ages were more violent that the previous ages.

Myths About The Middle Ages6. They Never Took a Bath

It is prudent at times that you take the plank out of your own for you to see clearly and remove your brothers. There are a good number of people who are allergic to water in the current world as well. To cut the long story short, people from the middle ages loved to bathe and those who didn’t were castigated just like today. In as much as there were those who didn’t, it is more generalized and overstated.

Myths About The Middle Ages5. Thatched Roofs

Kudos if you believed this since thatched roofs is still in existence to date in England. This type of roofing is perceived to be full of leaks and is too fragile for winds and storms which is not the case. Even the most sophisticated castles were crafted with thatched roofs. Thatching has been used in Europe over the past three centuries. Different species of grasses and leaves were used.

Myths About The Middle Ages4. Food Scarcity and Starvation

Famine, drought and other natural calamities did exist which is no different with modern day. There are certain studies that have indicated that many people succumb to hunger today as compared to the middle ages. This factor is contributed by the increase in population with the constant decrease in natural resources. Wild animals and fruits were in plenty, and people only needed to sharpen their weapons and embark on hunting spree.

Myths About The Middle Ages3. Death Penalty

There is no mythical movie which omits the execution of a certain character using a well sharpened sword. The death penalty was awarded just like it is done today in Iran, North Korea, United States and China. They followed the set rules to the core and justice was given where it was due. A good number of countries have abandoned this form of justice in the current era. There is no myth though in the way the execution was conducted.

Myths About The Middle Ages2. Life Expectancy

Life expectancy in the middle ages is believed to have been lower. This may be true due to lack of advanced means of combating diseases. The rate of infant mortality was high since there was no maternal health and child care. A child who celebrated his 20th birthday was likely to reach 50 years. The average life expectancy is approximated to have occurred from 30 to 35.

Myths About The Middle Ages1. Torches Occurred Everywhere

This is definitely a myth considering the fact that a torch can only last for one hour. Torches were actually used in specific places which is different from what we see in the movies. In the traditional Rome, a standard torch was modified using distinct wood, lime and sulfur. It would last for sometime after being plunged in water. In the current world, torches are used in unique festivals such as circus to showcase various cultures.

Myths About The Middle Ages

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