Top 10 Mountain Ranges That Will Blow Your Mind

As a huge fan of nature, you will agree with me that mountains are some of the physical features that offer the best scenery. Mountain ranges are usually divided by valleys, highlands or mountain passes. The geologic structure always varies from one mountain range to the other. They may also encompass a distinct mixture of terrines and oregenic expressions; for instance, uplifted blocks, volcanic land forms, thrust sheets and sundry rock types. A number of mountain ranges are also covered by snow especially at the peaks. From the Andes Mountain to Himalayas, here are the top 10 mountain ranges that will blow your mind.

10. Cascade Range

The Cascade Range occupies the Western North America from Southern British Columbia to Northern California. It is characterized by both non volcanic and volcanic mountains. The northern cascades are the known non-volcanic mountains while the high cascades are the main volcanoes. The cascades make up the Pacific Ocean’s ring of fire. All the contagious and destructive eruptions in the United States have occurred within the cascade volcanoes. Most notably mount St. Helens in 1980.

Mountain Ranges that will Blow Your Mind9. Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is another unique mountain range that begins from central Afghanistan to Northern Pakistan. The mountain’s peak is covered by snow due to heavy snowfall. The vegetation is quite minimal. It houses two wonderful rivers; Indus River and Amu Darya River. The rivers are constantly fed by the melting ice. Due to their fertile nature, the valleys are utterly populated. However, major forested in the southern slopes have been immensely destructed by continued lumbering. The scenery is awesome though.

Mountain Ranges that will Blow Your Mind8. Tian Shan

Also known as the heavenly mountain, Tian Shan is a celestial mountain range that is situated in the Eurasia Hinterland. It is one of the largest mountains which include widespread drought regions. The mountain passes through four countries; China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Pobeda is the highest peak at 24,394ft. As a huge fan of mountains, you should find time and visit the region.

Mountain Ranges that will Blow Your Mind7. Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is an outstanding mountain range located in North America in the western region along the state of California. Its major segment occurs between the Basin and Range Province in the eastern part and the huge Central Valley depression in the western part. Talk of the scintillating skyline and the mind boggling landscapes; Sierra Nevada is surely one of the most amazing physical features in the United States.

Mountain Ranges that will Blow Your Mind6. Karakoram Mountains

As you can see in the picture, Karakoram Mountain Range offers one of the best scenery. The mountain occupies the borders of China, Pakistan and India. It actually joins the Himalayas to the northwestern part. The range houses many peaks including the Mount Godwin Austen which is the highest in the world. In addition, it is the most heavily glaciated region on the planet outside the Polar Regions.

Mountain Ranges that will Blow Your Mind5. Andes Mountains

Andes is the longest mountain range in the entire world. It stretches along the western coast of South America. It is estimated to be 7000 km long and 200-700km wide. The average height is also estimated at 4,000m. The Andes Mountain is divided into myriad ranges which are also separated by intermediate depressions. As a home to a number of plateaus, the mountain includes major cities such as Bogota, Sucre, Merida and La Paz just to mention a few.

Mountain Ranges that will Blow Your Mind4. Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains cover a remarkable distance of 1,600 miles across 14 states; from the state of Newfoundland in the north to Alabama in the south. The Appalachian Mountains are the oldest of all the mountains in North American continent. Mount Mitchell is the actually the tallest in the Appalachian range with a height of 6,684 ft. Apart from the beautiful scenery, the mountain range is a home to natural resources such as coal, natural gas and petroleum.

Mountain Ranges that will Blow Your Mind3. Alps Mountain Range

Alps is another range of mountains that will make your holyday a wonderful one. They form a crescent shape in Europe which covers a distance of 750 miles. It is available in a number of countries such as France, Slovenia, Italy, Monaco, Austria and Switzerland just to mention a few. It is also a home to myriad glaciers, over 30, 000 species of wildlife and more than 13,000 species of vegetation.

Mountain Ranges that will Blow Your Mind2. Rocky Mountains

If you are you are hiking diehard, then you should try and visit the Rocky Mountain ranges. It occurs between the United States and Canada at a height of 14,000 ft into the sky. It not only offers you wonderful scenery but also gives you the opportunity to climb its peaks and sturdy its wildlife. Remarkable national parks such as Banff, Jasper and Yoho offer maximum protection to enhance your stay.

Mountain Ranges that will Blow Your Mind1. Himalayas Mountains

Of course, I can’t close this section without mentioning the Himalayas Mountains. These mountain ranges occur along the northeastern segment of India. They occupy around 2,400 km and pass through China, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal and Afghanistan. The biodiversity is also mind blowing. It is a source to a number of rivers such as Indus and the Yangtze Rivers. Moreover, the Himalayas Mountain ranges are home to the third largest deposits of ice and snow.

Mountain Ranges that will Blow Your Mind

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