Top 10 Most Scary Deep Sea Creatures

The deep sea is a home to various species of organisms. This lowest layer of the ocean occurs above the sea bed and below the thermo cline at depth of 1800m or more. It is usually characterized by darkness in some areas while others experience little light. Despite its unique species diversity, this part of the sea harbors some of the most terrifying fauna that will make aliens and zombies look like a joke. This factor is believed to be contributed by the extreme pressures and harsh conditions which exist on the seabed. Without further ado, here are the most scary deep sea creatures.

10. Frilled Shark

Scientists have dubbed it the living fossil because of its appalling appearance. It is a very rare species of shark whose niche is located in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Unlike other species of sharks, the latter has the same characteristics as a snake. It is capable of bending its body whenever a prey is on site, after which it lunges forward and engulf it in whole.

Most Scary Deep Sea Creatures9. Vampire Squid

The vampire squid is another terrifying creature which occurs in the tropical and temperate oceans that exist on the planet. It is usually small in size and has been nicknamed the vampire squid of hell. The organism was initially classified as an octopus before being assigned the appropriate order. Despite the small body, it has the largest eyes compared to any other animal that exist on the planet. However, it doesn’t suck blood but is dubbed a vampire due to its ever red eyes and its webbing that resembles a cloak.

Most Scary Deep Sea Creatures8. Dragon Fish

This unappealing creature occurs at a depth of 2000m below the surface. The egg is usually buoyant and floats on the ocean’s surface hence beginning its life here. Through the process of bioluminescence, it produces it own light just like other deep sea creatures. The light is very essential in navigation and enticement of its prey. The organism the moves to the bottom of the sea once it is fully mature. The barbell attached on the lower contains a photophore which produces light specifically meant for hunting.

Most Scary Deep Sea Creatures7. Coffin fish

A coffin fish is a type of deep sea organism that occupies the muddy bottoms upper slope and continental shelf. They are known to occupy the temperate waters of the Australian coast in the southwestern Pacific. The fish inhabits distinct depths of between 50 to 300 m where it reproduces. The spiny and flabby body has the ability to grow up to 22.0 cm with a with a black mouth lining. The snout has an illicium which can be converted to a groove.

Most Scary Deep Sea Creatures6. Stargazer

They occur in four distinct types including masked, southern, speckled and northern. They have varied lengths from 18 to 19 cm with four dorsal spines. Stargazer also houses 12 to 13 dorsal rays which are soft plus 13 anal spines. What makes it scarier is that the mouth and eyes are both located on the bony head. They also lack scales with pale and silver colors. These organisms have been found in different parts of the world including Fiji, Indonesia, the US, Tonga and Canada.

Most Scary Deep Sea Creatures5. Chimaera

Chimaera is also known as the ghost shark which was initially found on the surface of various ocean waters but now inhabits the deep sea. Studies have shown that it is one of the oldest and most enigmatic fish species that have survived to this generation. Even though it belongs to the family of sharks, it’s believed to have separated from them about 400 million years ago. It occurs in depths of 2600m and is capable of growing up to 150 cm. The body is soft and long with a huge head with one gill-opening.

Most Scary Deep Sea Creatures4. Gulper Eel

The gulper Eel of the Pelican Eel is one of the scariest sea creatures that researchers have ever encountered. It is characterized by a gigantic mouth which is capable of swallowing organisms that are bigger than it. It is known to grow up to 50 cm in length with a hyper sensitive 100cm tail which hangs freely from its head. The body is covered by myriad of antennas which are also sensitive enough to detect even the tiniest of deep sea organism.

Most Scary Deep Sea Creatures3. Barreleye

Also dubbed the spook fish, this crazy looking organism resembles a hatchet fish and has upward facing eyes for detecting prey. What is even more terrifying is the transparent dome on the head which showcases some of the organs. It occurs in depths of up to 2000ft with small dark body, large fins and a tiny mouth. It also contains two fake eyes which houses its olfactory equivalent to a nostril.

Most Scary Deep Sea Creatures2. Grenadier

They are renowned to encompass up to 15% of the total deep sea population. These creatures occupy depths of up to 6000m with only few organisms have the ability to survive under such conditions. It belongs to the ratfish family with a typical elongated tail that resembles that of a ratfish. It can grow up to 250cm and are found in the North Pacific, Bering Sea and the north of Alaska. It was actually found during the filming of the titanic wreckage.

Most Scary Deep Sea Creatures1. Blue Ringed Octopus

This creature may not be as scary as the Grenadier or Gulper Eel but is one of the most venomous organisms that occur within the ocean. There are five sundry species of its kind all living in the southern Australian coast. It spends most of its day in crevices or under rocks and is very rare to encounter one of them. It paralyzes its prey with venom before engulfing it. The octopus is usually yellow with dark brown rings when resting and bright blue rings when provoked.

Most Scary Deep Sea Creatures

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