Top 10 Most Risky Life Threatening Jobs

Death is a natural phenomenon and a must-pass stage for every living thing. However, there are some deaths that can be termed as pre-mature deaths- those that come at an earlier time. Such deaths are termed as accidental and are caused. These are deaths that when you hear of, you might not come into terms with its occurrence since it might be that you were with the deceased 5 minutes before, was well and healthy. What are some of the jobs that are associated with accidental deaths? Have a look at the top 10 most risky life threatening jobs that kill many workers, the jobs that snatches away our beloved ones in a manner that cannot be explained!

10. Police and sheriff’s patrol

It is common and usual that motorcades are the most famous cause of tragic accident deaths. Many people have never got involved in road accidents because they don’t travel regularly. The more you travel, the higher the chances of getting involved in road accident. Take a case of police and sheriff patrol officers, these groups of professionals are always on the road and are at high risk of dying from road accident. They can also be knocked intentionally by evil-minded motorists who see them as their enemies.

Most Risky Life Threatening Jobs9. Refuse and recyclable material collection

This group is also exposed to death threats in two dimensions. One is that they walk by the road and can always get knocked by careless motorists. Apart from this, these people handle wastes, chemicals and any other dirty materials. All these endanger their health and they can contract airborne related diseases.

Most Risky Life Threatening Jobs8. Driving

This is also one of the endangered professionals who are prone to tragic deaths. Whether you are a novice, expert, or legend in driving as a profession, you will never know when the brakes will fail or the tire will burst. Any slightest mistake that you do save the situation can make an end to your life. In this category, the long-distance bus and truck drivers are the most susceptible since sometimes they fall asleep while driving due to exhaustion and lack of sleep. However, this fact cannot hinder people from driving.

Most Risky Life Threatening Jobs7. Electrical power-line installation and repair

They die mysteriously- the power experts. Electrician handles electricity and everyone knows what danger is associated with electricity-instant death. Any slight electrical problem must be assessed with high caution just to prevent occurrence of more problems. A small naked cable if not noticed and comes to contact with the body of the electrician, what follows is a death announcement. Electrocution has been reported to be cause of most accidental deaths.

Most Risky Life Threatening Jobs6. Roofing

The builders who are specialized in roofing are at a high risk. He is not only standing at the top most of the building but also working. Pulling and pushing iron sheets, or tiles, and walking on skeleton timbers are their daily chores. If someone can lose balance on a flat ground, how about such environment? Any slightest mistake or slipping sees the roofer dead on the ground. Anyway, houses must be built, and roofing is a profession.

Most Risky Life Threatening Jobs5. Game Park Rangers

These are professionals trained to tame, host and monitor wildlife. Just imagine you are living with lions, snakes, buffalo, and leopard. The moment you start living with these animals, your life is in danger. However much they are tamed, you never know when the tamed animal will get wild and resistant to the drug. You never know when you will fall asleep and when the buffalo will break the cage.

Most Risky Life Threatening Jobs4. Structural iron and steel workers

The workers handle very heavy metals which are prone to dropping. Even if you are just carrying the metals in the right way, some can fall. You are also not sure when one of the heaviest steel will miss the way and drop on your head. Workers in this industry are endangered.

Most Risky Life Threatening Jobs3. Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineering

Even though accidents related to aircrafts and planes are not too rampant, whenever it occurs, no life is expected. Aircrafts and Planes moves at a high speed and high altitude above the ground and can cause a very fatal accident with no survivor’s. This accident is termed as vertical accident. Compared to road accident, air accident can have 1 survivor in 1,000 accidents. However, travelling on aircraft still remains prestigious and pilots are still training.

Most Risky Life Threatening Jobs2. Logging

They cut the trees, cut out pieces of logs from the tree using power saws. How sure are you that the tree will fall in the opposite direction from you? What if wind starts blowing heavily and turns the tree to your direction? You will never know when the chain-blade of the power saw will break and cut across your stomach. In summary, this job is dangerous and risky!

Most Risky Life Threatening Jobs1. Fishing and Related Fishing Work

First, you need to be in the water-lake, sea, river, or ocean to carry out your fishing job. Is there a place with most dangerous animals apart from water? Hippo, Crocodile, Crabs, Poisonous Snakes, Whales, name them. What about storm? What is your boat starts to stagger and the storms increases? You will simply see death. Very Risky indeed!

Most Risky Life Threatening Jobs


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