Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020

Most people agree that dogs are the best pets to keep and are said to be man’s friends. They say one must choose friends wisely, and so even the choice of a dog breed should be done with a lot of caution. Here is an exceptional type of friendship that has to be priced though it is not common to put the price to friendship. It might surprise you that some dog breeds may cost far beyond the price of revamped family car. Here is a list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020.This means for you to acquire one you need to milk your wallet just well enough.

10. Akita


Akita is a common breed of dog found mainly n Northern Japan. It is usually friendly with family members but keeps away from strangers. Akita is large, potent, and self-regulating popular breed. This breed is famous for its cleanliness, keenness and for being fussy in the house. It features a small twice coat that is common with most Japanese dogs. This breed costs well over $4500.

Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020

9. Bearded Collie


Bearded Collie is one breed that is extremely friendly and forms a good man’s companion. Just from the name one can read mischief in the face. This dog has hair that covers even the face just like other body parts and male are seen as more followers than their female counterparts that love their independence. They are common in the US and weighs between 18–27 kilograms. They cost a clean $5,000.

Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020

8. Pharaoh Hound


Pharaoh hound breed is found in Malta nation. They are mainly used for hunting rabbits and find their way into the list of the most expensive at a price of $6,000. The Pharaoh hound is very attractive and is less bulky. They are very stylish and powerful and have a blunt wedge-like a skull. Their eyes are cryptic and the standing ears that appear sharp and intelligent. A good dog from this breed goes for $6,000.

Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020

7. Tibetan Mastiff


Tibetan Mastiff is usually heavy and tall with a wrinkled face and deep bones. They are huge domestic dogs best used for guiding flocks, villages, tents or herds. Tibetan Mastiff is sometimes referred to as the monastery type. It comes in solid black, tan, red, black or bluish gray giving one color options to choose from. It is known to cost $7,000.

Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020

6. Rottweiler


This breed of dog is believed to be the oldest herding breed of dogs. Rottweiler performs a number of roles including search, rescue, and guard and can also be trained as a police dog. It is obedient, keen, well trained and committed to its job. Rottweiler is praised for its attention to the surrounding, bravery, stability and self-confidence. These features have enabled the Rottweiler to secure a place n this list costing up to $7,500.

Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020

5. Chow Chow


Chow Chow is one of the oldest breeds of dogs recognized globally and goes for $8,000. This cute and well-mannered breed originated from Northern China. It has this characteristic of avoiding strangers and easily comes to the defense of their owner. They are surely a good breed for those who want close and loyal companions. Cho Chow has a black, purple tongue with double coats.

Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020

4. English Bulldog


The Bulldog is characterized by extended head, short muzzle and skin that seemingly hangs under the neck. Its hair is coated and is normally sleek. This dog is fat, weighty with wrinkles on the face and unique pushed-in nose. Bulldog is usually calm, resolute and easily bonds with the owner and family members. It is expensive and has a $9,000 price tag on it.

Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020

3. Samoyed


Also trading as Bjelkier is the Samoyed that traces its origin to Liberia from the Samoye people. It brown or black eyes are usually almond shaped with chunky ears. They are friendly and easily gets along with anyone and form superb human buddies. They have tails that are covered at their backs though not good guards; they cost as much as $10,500. Samoyed is highly admired for their white fluffy hair that make them appear very attractive.

Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Are you willing to stretch to the $14,000 limit to acquire Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? It is a common breed in the US and is a loving, witty, and patient dog. They especially love children and are considered the most hospitable and sociable dogs. The quickly adapt to people as well as new places. The Cavalier is normally small in size and admirable.

Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020

1. German Shepherd (Alsatian)


If you thought you could acquire the German shepherd with less than $20,000, then you are probably dreaming and need to wake up. It is a new breed and currently the most expensive dog breed. It is exceptionally strong, intelligent, respectful and easy to train. They perform a number of distinctive roles including search, rescue, and even military missions. Their levels of training, activity and skills have seen them top the list of the most expensive dogs in the world.

Most Expensive Dogs Reviews of 2020

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