Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals That are Deceptively Cute

Fauna are part and parcel of a well established ecosystem since they ensure proper circulation of energy. Some of these animals are predators while others are herbivorous. A good number of them occur in the wild and can only be seen in National Game Parks and Reserves. Even though some are known to be dangerous like cheetah, lion, buffalo or even rhinoceros, there those that appear cute and harmless until you rattle them. This segment highlights the top 10 most dangerous animals that are deceptively cute.

10. Cassowary

Cassowary is a flightless bird which lacks keel on its backbone. As cute as it may look, the bird is known to inflict injuries to its victims when disturbed. They occur in three distinct species with the southern cassowary being second heaviest and third tallest bird after Emu and ostrich. The bird is mainly found in Northeastern part of Australia and feeds on fruits, grass seeds and fungi.

Most Dangerous Animals That are Deceptively Cute9. Deer

Deer are ruminant animals that belong to the same family with reindeer, mule deer, moose, elk and many more. They are known to shade and grow new antlers, extensions of the skull, every year. These amazing grazers especially bucks are always wild whenever they spot a human being. They will actually leave whatever they were doing and charge at you. Always be careful to avoid being trampled on.

Most Dangerous Animals That are Deceptively Cute8. Dolphins

Dolphins are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They are playful, cute and can even save lives. A good number of them are domesticated and attract numerous tourists. As gorgeous and harmless as they may look, these animals are known to be the biggest sharks’ enemies and will blatantly kill them on site. They can do the same to humans when provoked.

Most Dangerous Animals That are Deceptively Cute7. Red fox

The red fox is one of the present day foxes that are known to exist in large populations. They inhabit specific regions of North Africa, Asia, Arctic Circle and Central America. It currently classified under the least concern category by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). They usually found in pairs or small groups, for instance, a male with a group of females. Although they have long history with humans, these animals are quite dangerous especially to children.

Most Dangerous Animals That are Deceptively Cute6. Raccoons

Raccoons are some of the most cheerful and playful animals you can ever encounter. But don’t be deceived by their cuteness and harmless nature. There are victims who have shared the negative effects of raccoons especially with regards to the fierce claws. These animals originated from North America before spreading to other regions of the world. They are known to inhabit mixed and deciduous forests.

Most Dangerous Animals That are Deceptively Cute5. The Blue-Ringed Octopus

The blue-ringed octopus is a type of octopus that mainly inhabits tide pools and the coral reef. Their bodies are covered by bright blue rings which are very attractive. However, it is one the most venomous animals that occurs in the oceans. The rings are dark brown when resting but changes to blue when rattled or when capturing its prey. A good number of the organisms are located in South Australia and Japan’s Pacific Ocean.

Most Dangerous Animals That are Deceptively Cute4. Leopard Seal

The latter is the second largest of all the known seals in the current world. The animals are very bold and usually dominate their area of residence. A mature seal weighs a total of 1,300 pounds and measures up to 11 feet in length. They are also dark grey in color with the females being smaller than males. Leopard seals inhabit cold regions of the Antarctic; some have been identified in areas such as South Africa and New Zealand. Although they feed mainly on penguins, some hunt human beings.

Most Dangerous Animals That are Deceptively Cute3. Parrots

There are different types of parrot species that exist in the modern world. Their sizes area also different and ranges from 3.5 to 40 inches. Their weights usually vary as well with the known ones ranging from 2.25 to 56 ounces. The largest parrot dubbed kakapo weighs a total of 4kg. These animals are some of the funniest and are known to imitate various kinds of voices. Their beaks are very sturdy and can inflict serious injuries if not properly handled.

Most Dangerous Animals That are Deceptively Cute2. Wolverine

Wolverine is one of the most aggressive animals on the planet. It is known to take down some of the biggest animals such as moose. It is also known as a skunk bear and can travel long distances of up to 24 km in search of food. The animal possesses omnivorous characteristics since it feeds on meat, berries and certain plants. Moreover, the animal is very dangerous and can dismantle a grown human when provoked.

Most Dangerous Animals That are Deceptively Cute1. Poison Dart Frog

The Red Indians were known to use the frog’s poison in crafting their blowgun darts. The frog is usually characterized by a shining red skin with tiny black spots all over the body. It has dark eyes and houses a virulent poison that that kills with the blink of an eye. The animal is mainly found in the south American regions especially in the Amazon forest.

Most Dangerous Animals That are Deceptively Cute

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