Top 10 Most Amazing Sea Creatures on the Planet

Sea animals have contributed a lot in the world of scientific research. They have enabled efficient fortification of biological sciences and aided the discovery of sundry cures for assorted ailments. A good number of these animals are quite scintillating and have attracted so much attention from animal enthusiasts. Some have been domesticated in the recent past to attract tourists. This segment highlights the top 10 most amazing sea creatures on the planet.

10. The mimic octopus

The animal has the ability to portray unique characteristics of over 15 species of other sea creatures. It dwells in tropical waters and feeds mainly on crabs and small fish. It was first identified in 1998 in South East Asia. Its distinct acting skills enable it to entice its prey before capturing and devouring it.

Most Amazing Sea Creatures on the Planet

9. The Japanese giant spider crab

These animals are different from the normal crustaceans that can fit the palm of your hand. They have outstanding legs which can grow up to four meters while supporting a round body which is similar to basketball. It normally exists on the ocean floor and is not that fierce as depicted by its features.

Most Amazing Sea Creatures on the Planet

8. Gulper Eel

The Gulper eel is another awesome sea animal which occurs at 3000m depth. It has a gigantic mouth which can engulf animals bigger than it. The tail incorporates a glowing ability to allure its prey which never survive. The creature can steadily grow up to 2 meters in length and is dubbed the deep sea wonder.

Most Amazing Sea Creatures on the Planet

7. Deep sea Anglerfish

The latter possesses some unique hunting capabilities. It uses its prolonged glowing dorsal spine to lure its unsuspecting prey before tearing it into pieces with its sharp teeth. Their reproduction is also exclusive. The male bites the side of the female after which their skins fuses to form a single organism. The male becomes a parasite whose key role is to supply sperms.

Most Amazing Sea Creatures on the Planet

6. Sparkling Enope Squid

The Enope squid is renowned for their outstandingly remarkable glowing nature. They accommodate sundry sparkling organisms in the name of photophores which are responsible for their dazzling nature. These organisms occur in the western part of the Pacific Ocean specifically Japan’s coast.

Most Amazing Sea Creatures on the Planet

5. Colossal squid

It is totally different from the normal giant squid. The mammoth sea creature occurs at a depth of 2000 meters. It is found in the Antarctic region and rarely appear on the water surface. The animal has captured many attentions because of its ability to grow up to 14 meters in length. It also bequeathed with huge eyes of about a single foot in diameter.

Most Amazing Sea Creatures on the Planet

4. Goblin Shark

This is strangest and most amazing sea animal that you can ever encounter. The snout resembles a trawler and is used as a detector during deep sea diving. A fully grown goblin shark measures 4.5 meters. The pinkish hue color and a protruding jaw makes it even more bizarre compared to the normal sharks. The jaw elongates to equal its long snout when biting.

Most Amazing Sea Creatures on the Planet

3. Blob fish

The fish occur at depths of up to 800 meters in the sea waters of Tasmania and Australia. A mature blob fish measures about 30 centimeters. It doesn’t house any swimming features compared to other fish. Instead, it includes a gelatinous skin whose mass is a little less dense vis a vis water. This enables it to make float on the surface.

Most Amazing Sea Creatures on the Planet

2. Tongue eating louse

The tongue eating louse summarizes our list of the most amazing creatures. Its rudimentary victim is the rose snapper. The louse strategically waits for the snapper’s tongue before clinging and sucking the blood out of it. It doesn’t let go until the victim give up and die after which it feeds on remains that haven’t been ingested.

Most Amazing Sea Creatures on the Planet

1. Sea Wasp

The sea wasp is renowned for its venomous tentacles which can kill 60 adults in a record breaking 3 minutes. The organism is known to be the most venomous creature on the planet to ever been discovered. A tiny dose of the poison is enough to induce an unbearable pain in your body. It normally occurs in the Australian coasts.

Most Amazing Sea Creatures on the Planet

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