The Top 10 Laptop Brands 2020

The current trend in information technology has witnessed abrupt shift from desktop to laptops by majority of users. Though not a topic under this piece, advantages that laptops have over desktops have really made laptops more popular. One of the advantages, which I cannot fail to mention is portability. Most users would prefer moving around and having their PCs with them. There are various companies that manufacture laptops all over the world. However, if you pose the question “What is the best laptop you prefer?” then you will have varied responses. All the responses when sampled, you can rank all the laptops mentioned. Here is a full detailed list for the top 10 laptop brands 2020. The list is based on the latest user reviews for the year 2020 since the brand which tops by end of 2020 certainly will be at the same rank in 2020. Therefore, given that we are not yet in 2020, the current rank as it stands will certainly feature as it is come 2020.

10. MSI

MSI is expected to appear at position 10 in 2020. This machine gained its reputation due to its quality motherboard. Those who know more about motherboard can attest this fact. MSI also features as the best gaming machines. MSI is therefore recommendable to those who intend to use their laptops for heavy tasks such as designing works.

The Top 10 Laptop Brands 2020

9. Toshiba

Toshiba still has a great name in the market. With a wide range of loyal consumers, Toshiba rates at position 9 in our list. However, there is assumption that it has lost some of its potential users due to the fact that there is no Ultrabook by Toshiba.

The Top 10 Laptop Brands 2020



ASUS is considered the best when it comes to gaming laptops and hit the market with the launch of the Eee PC in 2007. The components are quality ones and performs best. ASUS still holds the loyal consumer but just like Toshiba, there are no ultrabook models for ASUS and this might have resulted to its current ranking.

The Top 10 Laptop Brands 2020

7. Samsung

The name Samsung defines itself in so far as laptops are concerned. Samsung is the only brand that has history of longest battery power retention capacity. Well placed at position seven, Samsung deserves the position. However, some products analysts argue that Samsung laptops fame is linked to the fact that there exists other quality electronics from the same company such as Samsung refrigerators and Samsung televisions.

The Top 10 Laptop Brands 2020

6. HP

Hewlett-Packard commonly known as HP is the best when it comes to styles and series. HP produces their laptops in series, for example HP probook series has probook 4300, 4310, 4350, 4510 and many more. In its series, the next series always have advanced features for the former. As much as it offers the best, HP is still expected to feature at sixth position in 2020.

The Top 10 Laptop Brands 2020

5. Acer

Laptops users who are very careful with the cost and price sensitive will certainly convince you that Acer is the best. Acer has some of its best models going at cheap prices in the market. This might be one of the attribute for this ranking. Acer is portability compliant since under this brand, there are laptops, ultrabooks, and chromebooks.

The Top 10 Laptop Brands 2020

4. Dell

Dell is more than just a laptop but a name when it comes to laptop brands. If you prefer touchscreen laptops, Dell is the choice for you. It has also been confirmed that Dell produces wide range targeting masses with varied disposable income, thus wide range of models and prices. This brand is really stylish at a glance and affordable.

The Top 10 Laptop Brands 2020

3. Sony VAIO

Indeed I expected that you will be surprised a little bit. I understand some have just heard this name for the first time just now. Of course it exists and is famous and highly rated by its users. The latest models for Sony VAIO are touchscreen sleek models with pre-installed windows 8.

The Top 10 Laptop Brands 2020

2. Lenovo

Lenovo which is the best Chinese brand has a big name in the world of PCs. It is the most recommended and rated the best for business and productivity since they are associated with durability. Lenovo fits the second position in our list for its features and the big name it has among laptop brands.

The Top 10 Laptop Brands 2020

1. Apple

This great mindset of Steve Jobs still holds and alive. Apple laptop is among the products that do not need description. This brand is the best starting from the name, to the models, to the features and anything associated with it. It is believed that the information from the producers that apple laptops are immune to constant problems that other brands are prone to can be given a listening ear. Apple brand is expected to retain the best position in the list of top 10 laptop brands 2020 and if no great improvement is done on other brands, or invention of a more superior brand is done, Apple might lead even some more years after 2020.

The Top 10 Laptop Brands 2020

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