Top 10 Jobs with the Highest Records of Divorce

Divorce is the ultimatum for any shaky marriage. It comes as a result of conflict among the couple. The conflict always comes as a result of misunderstanding, accusations, and mistrust. However, it is true to state that some of the problems that finds their way into marriage are derived from work place. There are some jobs that have been proven to be cause of break ups. These are the jobs with the highest records of divorce rates. Have this opportunity to have a look at them but in case you fall within any of them, self-discipline and integrity can make your case different.

10. Entertainers and performers, sports and related workers

This category of people presents themselves before a multitude. Within the crowd watching you performing, some have other intentions. You attract others so much with your dancing that one would request to take you for supper just to appreciate you. You start getting some best things from your appreciator and the end result will be infidelity and cheating on your spouse, and finally divorce.

Jobs with the Highest Records of Divorce9. Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides

Divorce records places Nursing, Psychiatric, and home health aides at position 9. Most nurses are divorced. This problem also arises as a result of various people they are meeting and attending to. Another reason is independence; they have stable income and therefore sees themselves as independent and can do without you.

Jobs with the Highest Records of Divorce8. Telephone Operators and Secretaries

This is another susceptible group with high divorce records. In this profession, again the problem of talking to and meeting diversified individuals is the main cause. Your wife who works as the operator talks to and meets many people-some better than you in all capacities. What will be the end result? The desire to quit!

Jobs with the Highest Records of Divorce7. Factory Workers

Now this is a category that affect the males. Most factory workers does a lot of work, operates heavy machineries, work over-time the whole day or night, the result is exhaustion. The man gets so much exhausted that when he jumps in the bed, what wakes him up is the alarm. Which woman will be okay with that for 1 week? Love will change to hatred. She will start by hating your habit, then hate your job, then hate you personally, and finally hate the marriage. What follows? Court Corridors!

Jobs with the Highest Records of Divorce6. Gaming Service Workers and Gamblers

Those who are employed to service and manage gaming houses and the gamblers have also recorded high rate of divorce. The main cause of this is the addiction. These jobs are so addictive and one can work the whole day and night without going back home. One would ignore every other thing including the spouse and get into the job fully. These places are also associated with meeting and talking to many people. In the end, you might get yourself in the wrong side signing divorce files in court.

Jobs with the Highest Records of Divorce5. Extruding machine operator

This is a case for men too. Operators of such machines are known to lose interest for what it takes to have someone call you husband. These machines uses Hi-Flux Magnets and have history of health complications especially urge for sex. Tell me what will happen if for the whole month the two of you sleeps together just like brothers. The partner would realize that what she is missing here is available elsewhere, and she would move to elsewhere.

Jobs with the Highest Records of Divorce4. Long Distance Truck Drivers

I am sorry to say this, but most of them are adulterers. Long Distance Truck drivers spend mostly in hotels on their way to the designated place. However, they believe in “not-sleeping alone” and the wife is back at home or the residence. 2 months later, he comes back home satisfied with the highway services. The absence makes no difference on arrival and suspicion builds up followed by divorce.

Jobs with the Highest Records of Divorce3. Drug Traffickers

This job involves constant travelling to and fro various countries. Will you be busy working on how to make your marriage the best or you will be working on the best strategy to penetrate the most profitable markets? 3 months and you have never been together with your spouse and there are some people around who are ready to offer the services you should be offering. Divorce will be lingering on someone’s mind

Jobs with the Highest Records of Divorce2. Massage Therapists

After massaging that Rich Man, he will probably take your phone number so that he will only come again after confirming that you are free to attend to him. Don’t be surprised if the call is made barely 20 minutes later. It will be just for thank you, then the next will be 2 days later- an invitation for lunch. Then follows invitation for supper, and lastly a request for the same massage service but in his private room. What Next?

Jobs with the Highest Records of Divorce1. Bartenders

They are commonly known as waiters. Yes they wait for you to mention the brand you want to take. They are usually ladies, not just ladies, but most beautiful ones. The main reason why they must be beautiful is to keep customers in the bar for long, and the longer they stay, the more they drink. Just imagine it reaches a point where the customer is so drunk and now calls the waiter-probably your wife and starts caressing her. She cannot resist because the terms and conditions for her job permits submissiveness to client’s demand.

Jobs with the Highest Records of Divorce

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