Top 10 Insane Facts to Note About Switzerland

Switzerland is renowned for various stunning things from the mouthwatering chocolate to delicious cheese. It is a world leader in various sectors including housing one of the cleanest cities in world, Zurich. The country is strategically situated in Western Europe where it is bordered by Germany, Italy, France and Austria. The startling mountains, wildlife and amazing cows are to die for. However, there are some exclusive things that many people had no inkling about as stipulated in the top 10 insane facts to note about Switzerland.

10. Liberal Guns Policies

I guess you didn’t even imagine that. Believe it or not, the country has some of the most unprejudiced gun laws compared to other countries worldwide. It has a total population of 8 million. The number of guns is almost half the total population; 2.3 to 4.5 million guns. This means that almost every adult citizen has a gun. I’m trying to imagine what would happen if such privileges existed in certain countries.

Insane Facts to Note About Switzerland

9. Low Crime Rates

Switzerland has been found to have the lowest criminal activities across the globe. This factor is solely contributed by the sturdy guns policy. Almost everyone in the country owns either a rifle or pistol. They are also allowed to walk with them in the streets or when boarding vehicles or trains. I wonder who would attack you if you had a rifle hanging on your shoulder. The Swiss have been possessing guns since 1847.

Insane Facts to Note About Switzerland

8. 23% of the Population is Foreigners

As they say; the land is for everyone and there are no borders to bar you from being a member. Assorted people from different parts of the world make up the country’s population of 8 million. The population as steepest during the second world war but slowed down from the 70s all the way to the 80s. A massive increase occurred at the beginning of 2000.

Insane Facts to Note About Switzerland

7. Four National Languages

Switzerland is a multilingual country which encompasses four distinct languages. They include German, French, Italian and Romansh which occur in different cities. German is mainly spoken the east, north and central regions. French is common in the western parts of the country while Italian is mainly spoken in the southern areas. Small segment in the eastern part houses a Romansh speaking population.

Insane Facts to Note About Switzerland

6. Best Place to Be Born

Ultimate survey conducted by the most revered body Economist Intelligence Unit Quality of Life Index shows that the country is one of the safest to raise your kid’s in. this is characterized by guaranteed employment opportunities, reduced crime rates and quality of life. Other major factors include outstanding healthcare policies and total happiness.

Insane Facts to Note About Switzerland

5. Nuclear Protection Bunkers

The country has put in place properly reinforced bunkers which are spacious enough to house the entire population in case of nuclear war. I’m trying to synthesize how gallant the bunkers are considering a population of 8 million people. The establishment began in the 1880s o avert cases of foreign invasion especially by the Germans. The project was expanded during the Second World War and provided refuge for the Swiss army.

Insane Facts to Note About Switzerland

4. Speeding Fines

Now this one caught me flat footed. The Swiss has no standardized when dealing with over speeding cases. The speeding fine is actually adjusted according to your annual stipend. A Ferrari owner was recently fined a quarter million dollars for almost causing over speeding related damages. His annual salary was approximated to be $1 million. What an amazing country.

Insane Facts to Note About Switzerland

3. Direct Democracy

Switzerland is the only state in the world that is known to enjoy direct democracy. This is a form of democracy that enables the people to challenge any unsuitable law and implement the constitution. It may also encompass passing executive decisions, direct election or dismissal of officials and crafting laws. A commendable number of countries allow for referendum, recall and initiative as a means of exercising your rights.

Insane Facts to Note About Switzerland

2. Mandatory Military Service for Men

This factor also contributes a lot to its security. Every male youth is expected to join the military once attaining the age of eighteen. There military style allows every man to keep his weapons and equipment at his domicile in readiness for action. So don’t be deceived that the Swiss are a group of peace mongers.

Insane Facts to Note About Switzerland

1. No Head of State

It is an unusual phenomenon to find a country without a head of state right? It is actually divided into Council of States which is represented by 46 Councilors. They include German, French, Italian and Romansh council of states. The councilors are expected to serve for four years after which fresh elections are conducted.

Insane Facts to Note About Switzerland

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