Top 10 Good Luck Charms From Around the Globe

Good luck charms have been used since time memorial to prevent evil especially and bring good luck. To others it is simply a distinct part of their culture and they wear them on sundry parts of the body. Different objects can be used to as good luck charms including buttons, coins, stature or amulet. You can acquire them in a souvenir shop or can be given as a gift if you happen to visit a certain community within other countries. This section covers the top 10 good luck charms from around the globe that might surprise you.

10. Horse Shoe

Believe it or not people, horseshoe are used in certain cultures as good luck charm. They actually depict the strength and endurance of a horse. As you already know, horses were the only means of transport in the ancient world. The charm was discovered by Saint Dunstan, a legend in the 10th century who said that he captured the devil using a horseshoe. Many people believed it and since then they have put the subject on their doorsteps. It is always kept facing upwards to ensure good luck.

Good Luck Charms From Around the Globe9. Kachina

Kachinas were very common among the Native Americans who inhabited the central and southwest America. They are special dolls which were believed to portray sprits of different things in the world of the living. They were properly dressed and would be given to children for amusement purposes. Those who invited the ghost’s spirit into their respective domiciles enjoyed a plethora of harvest.

Good Luck Charms From Around the Globe8. Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is another good luck charm from Native American that as believed to capture only the best dreams. It is said in the Ojibwa Folklore that Nokomis, the grandmother, watched a spider closely each day as it wove its web until her grandson came in and tried to slay it. She fiercely protected the spider; as a result, the spider moved to another window and wove a fresh web in the bright moonlight. It then told Nokomis to learn how it wove since the web will help her catch good dreams and avert bad ones.

Good Luck Charms From Around the Globe7. Imperial Guardian Lion

You will never set foot in china without spotting an Imperial Guardian Lion statue. It is also common in other parts of Asia. Also known as the Fu dogs, they are usually mounted outside ones home to scare away thieves and burglars. It is a trend that is popular among the wealthy and you will always find them in palaces. A good number of temples also have the Imperial Guardian Lion.

Good Luck Charms From Around the Globe6. Ladybird Beetle

Kids are the biggest fans of ladybirds due to their unique colors and uniquely shaped bodies. They are very common in flower gardens and blends with flowers. This outstanding insect is believed to bring nothing but good luck to the person whose hand it lands. To women, the spots on the beetles back indicate the number or children you will bear. That is, if it lands on your hand.

Good Luck Charms From Around the Globe5. Coins

Coins have been in existence since the days of our Christ. Sundry cultures have used them not only for trading purposes but also as good luck charms. Only the coin whose head faces up can be picked since it will guarantee good luck in your journey. You can wear it around your neck or keep it in the left pocket to increase the good luck. Some people prefer putting them in their wallets, shoes or coat.

Good Luck Charms From Around the Globe4. Pig

We may know pigs as sordid animals who ingest anything that is dubbed edible, but aren’t aware they portray wealth and prosperity. This is a trend that is common in virtually the entire Europe and in some parts of Asian countries. According to Chinese mythology, pigs are the most diligent and honest animals. This is clearly depicted in piggy bank, a personal banking container that resembles a pig.

Good Luck Charms From Around the Globe3. Laughing Buddha

Buddhism is a religion that is practiced in some parts of the Asian countries. It is was founded by Buddha who was a renowned sage. The laughing Buddha is believed to use the spiritual wealth to give one material wealth. According to Feng Shui, you should always place it on the western part of your home to bring wealth and improve your well being.

Good Luck Charms From Around the Globe2. Three Legged Toad

Three legged toad is another popular charm in the Asian countries. They are usually designed with a coin in their mouth to augment the good luck. It is advised that you keep the charm facing upwards to guarantee good luck. Another important thing to take note of is pointing the character toward a door that leads to the outside of your domicile; utterly prohibited.

Good Luck Charms From Around the Globe1. Four-Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover sums up this segment as one of the good luck charms from around the world. Your chances of finding this rare leaf are 1 out of 10000 and the Irish believe that the person who finds it is utterly happy, hopeful and lucky. It is tied to St. Patrick who found only three-leaf clover and used it to represent the Holy Trinity.

Good Luck Charms From Around the Globe

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