The Top 10 Most Famous Korean Male Stars

Popularity of Korean film industry is far moving to greater heights with Korean movies finding roots in Europe and America. Those who are behind the success of film industry in Korea are the great men and women who take part in the real acting. Most of Korean stars are popular not only within the country but worldwide. The following are some of the names that feature in the list of the top 10 most famous Korean male stars. They include actors, musicians, and any other celebrity who is a public figure in the film industry.

10. Jung Yong Hwa

This name first appeared in public in 2009 in the Korean drama titled ‘You’re Beautiful.’ This actor started acting at an early age and since 2009, he has become a public figure and a celebrated actor. His fame is all over Asian countries as an actor and also a band leader of Korean Indie Band. His efforts have seen the band progress and has so far produced many hits.

Most Famous Korean Male Stars
Jung Yong Hwa

9. Kim Hyun Joong

He was born in 1986 in Korea and has so far flourished in his acting career. Some of the plays that facilitated his climbing of the ladder of fame includes the two known Korean TV Drama series, ‘Boys Before Flower’ and Playful Kiss’.

Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyun Joong

8. Kim Bum

Kim Bum is one of the youngest stars whose popularity has proven that there is no connection between age and fame. Born in 1989, Kim Bum has played great roles in various plays one being ‘Boys Before Flower’ together with Kim Hyun Joong. He is therefore placed 9th in this list of fame. The most interesting thing about him is the fact confirmed by himself to be shy while in a company of women.

Most Famous Korean Male Stars
Kim Bum

7. Kim Woo Bin

This one of the most famous actors in Korea had to change his real name after joining the film industry. This was to avoid confusion since there exists an actor with the same name, Jung Yong Hwa who is appearing in position 9 in this list. You will find this actor appearing in the major parts of ‘Vampire Idol’, ‘White Christmas’ and ‘School 2013’.

Most Famous Korean Male Stars
Kim Woo Bin

6. Kim Soohyun

Kim Sooyun gained his popularity in the film industry for the roles he played in ‘The Thives’, a full length TV series movie in 2012. He has also featured in various TV shows and is expected to shine more and more and to retain his fame.

Most Famous Korean Male Stars
Kim Soohyun

5. Choi Siwon

He is one of the few actors who gained popularity within a very short period of acting. Though he doesn’t play major roles in the plays, the little he does has brought so much to him. He is also famous for his band, Super Junior, which has the highest fans and currently rated the most favorite band.

Most Beautiful Korean Male Idols
Choi Siwon

4. Rain

Born in 1982, Rain is considered to be the eldest in this list. He has triple skills of acting, dancing, and singing. He has done various plays and songs as well as acting in most plays. His latest role in the worldwide famous play ‘Fugitive’ just added more to his profile.

Most Famous Korean Male Stars

3. Taecyeon

Though mainly known for his career in music, Taecyeon is similarly a great actor. He has acted several TV series alongside performing his best in the ‘ 2PM’, a renowned Korean Boys Band. Within a short period, he has transformed from a rapper to a movie star and gave the best to his fans with ‘Cinderella Step Sister’.

Most Famous Korean Male Stars

2. Hyun Bin

Known as Hyun Bin, ‘Kim Tae-Pyung’ was born in Korea in 1982 and changed his name to the latter for acting reasons. His popularity is in line with the best performance in the crowd moving TV series ‘Secrete Garden’. He is the second most popular actor ion Korea.

Most Famous Korean Male Stars
Hyun Bin

1. Lee Minho

The list of the top 10 most famous Korean male stars cannot be termed complete without mention of the name Lee Minho. He is currently the most popular after marvelous performance in ‘City Hunter’, 2011, and ‘The Heirs’, 2013. He has since gained fame from the various awards he received courtesy of Korean film industry.

Most Famous Korean Male Stars
Lee Minho

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