Top 10 Facts About Pokemon

Pokemon is one of the most popular anime series ever known, specifically because most adults and children have learned about it, or watched it at least once in their lifetime. For those who consider themselves knowledgeable about this anime series, you should probably know that, in fact, there are many things you don’t know about it – starting with the identity of your real (and only) rival. We’ll show you the top 10 facts about Pokemon that will change the face of this franchise in your eyes forever – see them below.

Facts About Pokemon
Facts About Pokemon

10. Ny and La Were the Initial Names of Koffing and Weezing

If you used to actively watch Pokemon, then there’s a good chance that you’ve seen Koffing and Weezing, the two poison-type pokemons. In fact, their original names were Ny and La, and though at the first glance they might look like Chinese names, they are actually abbreviations of Los Angeles and New York, two of America’s most smog-ridden cities. Since they were too dark, Nintendo has eventually decided to make them a sound more playful and “bright.”

9. Age Never Ages

That’s an interesting fact to remark, especially since the action in Pokemon takes place in a completely different timeline as compared to the real world. Consequently, the main character in both the anime and game, originally named Satoshi but better known as Ash, never ages, and he remains the 10-year-old boy we all know and love.

8. Humans Eat Pokemons

One of the most disturbing facts you probably don’t know about Pokemon is that characters can be seen daydreaming about eating, or even eating pokemons. The most unfortunate pokemon of all is Magicarp, which appears to be eaten fried as well as partially alive (ikizukuri style). On top of that, it’s very common for pokemons to eat other pokemons, which makes this anime a bit gruesome.

7. Pokemon Regions Are Based Off Real-Life Regions

If there’s something you should know about Pokemon, that’s the fact that many of the regions presented in anime are based off real-life regions. A great example is Saffron City, which is considered Kanto’s largest city as well as the most important center of commerce, as we learn from early Pokemon games. If we overlap Kanto’s map on the map of the real Kanto, we will eventually come to the conclusion that Saffron City is roughly where Tokyo is. Nifty!

6. Catching the Pokerus

A very little-known fact about Pokemon is that pokemons can actually catch a virus named Pokerus. The best part is that, although it’s a virus, it’s not a deadly one – on the contrary, this virus will make it easier for you to raise your pokemons, doubling their Effort Values (EVs). Once one of your pokemons catches the Pokerus, he can spread it further to your other pokemons to make them easier to raise. When a pokemon is cured of this virus, he becomes immune to it, so he can’t catch it again. Unfortunately, there’s a chance of 1 in 21,845 to catch Pokerus, as compared to the chances of encountering a shiny Pokémon, which is 1 in 8192.

5. Pokémon Drowzee Is Inspired from Real-Life

Another interesting fact you probably didn’t know about Pokemon is that Drowzee is actually inspired from the real-life tapir, an animal that can eat dreams and nightmares, as per the Japanese folklore. Not only do they look quite similar, but their abilities are pretty much the same, as Drowzee is a hypnosis pokemon that’s ideal for defense.

4. Pokemon Illustrator Is the Rarest and Most Expensive Card

As with most franchises of the kind, Pokemon has its own rare and expensive card, which is known as the Pokemon Illustrator. There are only six of this card in the world, and they have been handed to the winners of the illustration contest, having no actual use in the game… other than excessive gloating. Pokemon Illustrator is estimated at about $100,000, which dropped to $20,000 according to the last sale of this card.

3. Winning a Real-Life Pokemon Tournament Gets You to College

Going to college is definitely expensive, especially if your parents decide that you need to take the responsibility of paying your scholarship fees. However, the Pokemon Company International will actually pay you at least a some of your college fees if you are the winner of a real-life Pokemon tournament. There’s no real similarity between a Pokemon tournament and a college scholarship, so it’s pretty difficult to figure out what real-life skill they’re trying to emphasize.

2. Pokemon Is a Fictional Form of Insect Collecting

You might sometimes wonder how Pokemon was created – where has it been inspired from? As a matter of fact, Pokemon is a fictional form of insect collecting in Japan, having been inspired by kids’ passion for collecting these creepy crawlers, such as the Rhinoceros Beetle. The difference is that, instead of unusual bugs, beetles, and other such tiny creatures, the franchise uses whimsical ones like Pikachu.

1. Pokemon Holds a Guinness World Record

If you watched the 38th episode of the anime series (titled “Electric Soldier Polygon”), you’ve definitely experienced unusual red and blue afterimages for a few minutes (or even hours) afterwards. The episode has triggered epileptic episodes in more then 750 viewers, causing it to be awarded (and currently hold) a Guinness World Record. As such, the “Electric Solder Polygon” episode is the worst of its kind known in the world – and the best on our list of top 10 facts about Pokemon.

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