Top 10 Crazy Facts About Sharks

Known mostly for their inability to differentiate food from inedible objects, sharks will always be some of the most feared predators ever known. Not only have they appeared in lots of natural horror movies, but they’ve been extensively researched throughout time, having been proven to be a lot more peaceful than shown on TV. If you love these marine creatures as much as we do, then you’ll be thrilled to read Top 10 Crazy Facts About Sharks .

10. Sharks Existed Long Before Dinosaurs

When we say prehistory, we tend to go back in time to the point when dinosaurs existed on Earth. What you probably don’t know is that sharks existed 200 million years before dinosaurs, which makes them some of the oldest species ever known in history. On top of that, they haven’t changed much during this time, unlike many other animals in both marine and urban fauna.

Crazy Facts About Sharks
Sharks Existed Long Before Dinosaurs

9. Sharks Attack in Shallow Waters

Most movies and cartoons show sharks attacking people located in the middle of nowhere, far away from land – but that’s completely untrue. Nearly two-thirds of shark attacks have been reported to occur in shallow water, at less than 6 feet, which makes these creatures even more terrifying. Just thinking about how they can grab you near the shore will make you shiver.

Sharks Attack in Shallow Waters
Sharks Attack in Shallow Waters

8. Shark Attacks Are Rare

It’s common for people to think about sharks as of killing, bloodthirsty predators that attack humans whenever they have the chance. Surprisingly, studies have proven that only 30 people die during shark attacks yearly, meaning that you’ll have a greater chance of being struck dead by lightning, or killed by bee stings.

Crazy Facts About Sharks
Shark Attacks Are Rare

7. Sharks Have Bionic Hearing

One of the most interesting facts about sharks is that, unlike other predators, they have an acute sense of hearing. Some of these creatures can hear prey from farther than 3,000 feet away, which makes their living a lot simpler since they usually live in schools that are isolated from other species of fishes, including those they feed on.

Crazy Facts About Sharks
Sharks Have Bionic Hearing

6. The Megalodon Was the Biggest Shark in History

If you think Jaws was a huge shark, then you probably haven’t heard about the Megalodon, which was the biggest shark in world’s history. The tooth of the Megalodon measured more than 6 inches long, having the body the same length as a T-Rex, and jaws big enough to swallow an entire car. On top of that, even the name of “megalodon” means “big tooth” in Ancient Greek, and it seems that some scientists still believe in the existence of this prehistoric predator.

Crazy Facts About Sharks
The Megalodon Was the Biggest Shark in History

5. Tiger Sharks Are Not Picky Eaters

Did you know that tiger sharks are considered “the garbage can of the ocean”? That’s because, although they feed on smaller fish, they are not picky eaters, ingesting anything from boats to nails, food remnants, shoes, chairs, and even boat parts. While that might sound quite comforting since there are lots of tiger sharks spread across the oceans, it can be quite terrifying – what if one mistakens you for his lunch?

Crazy Facts About Sharks
Tiger Sharks Are Not Picky Eaters

4. Sharks Lay the Largest Eggs in the World

Though they are vertebrates, sharks lay eggs – and apparently, the lay the biggest ones in the world. Whale sharks’ eggs have been found to measure about 14 inches in diameter, which makes them bigger than any other animal’s living on Earth, whether underwater or on land.

Crazy Facts About Sharks
Sharks Lay the Largest Eggs in the World

3. Sharks Were Considered Gods

We know refer sharks to predators, but many South Pacific islanders considered these marine creatures gods. As such, they were offering them human sacrifices in order to protect fishermen from any danger at sea, as well as other denizens of the sea. The scariest part is that the sacrifices continued until late 19th century – thank God you don’t live anywhere close to the Southern Pacific!

2. Shoes Made from Shark Leather Last the Longest

If you’re planning to replace those old, poorly-made shoes in favor of a new pair, you’d better go for those made from shark leather. Shark leather is four times as resistant as any other type of leather, which means that you’ll be indeed spending a few hundred dollars, but you’ll be able to wear them many years without other financial investments.

Crazy Facts About Sharks
shoes Made from Shark Leather Last the Longest

1. Shark Cartilage Might Cure Cancer

At the top of our list of 10 crazy facts about sharks, there’s one that will make these creatures less scary or threatening for humans’ safety. Scientists are currently researching shark cartilage, which is thought to help people with cancer cure faster, and much better. That’s because sharks rarely ever develop cancer, meaning that there’s a good chance their cartilage can prevent the development of this disease in humans as well.


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