Top 10 Best Travel Power Adapters reviews in 2021

Travelling is a fun thing especially if you have constant power on your phone, laptop and instant camera. You will find it a lot easier working on your laptop, taking lots of photos, as well as listening to your best tunes so long as you are powered. This is why the idea of having a travel adapter is something you should seriously consider. Always be mindful of the plug shapes, portability, and safe modes when buying a travel adapter. Have a look at these top 10 best travel adapters reviews in 2021 and suit yourself.

10. Mudder 2.1A All-In-One International Travel Power Adapter

The International travel adapter is designed with more than 160 countries with their ground and wall socket types in mind. Its USB ports are suitable for faster charging of MP3 players, instant digital cameras as well as mobile handsets. Both the socket and the USB ports can be used perfectly at once. Beside its lightness and portability, this adapter is safer in the presence of kids due to its secure-shut design.


  • Come With 3 international plug adapters
  • Suitable for mobile phone, digital camera, mp3, iPod, iphone etc(Indoor use only)
  • It is easy and flexible
  • Come with compact design that is ideal for travel
  • Built-in safety shutters
  • Can simultaneously be applied in sockets and USB, LED charging status indicator
  • It provides a child protection safety shutter
  • It is easy to carry 

Best Travel Power Adapters

9. Targus-World Power Travel Adapter

Targus-World Power is one of the most durable travel adapters in the market. This is a fact supported by its poly-carbonate structural body that performs perfectly well even in intense and heated long charging process. It is compatible to a host of sockets and its red-protective shutter gives maximum shield to contacts with current. It works with ranges of 110V to 250V alternating currents plus, you can dismantle it for movability.

Product Specification: 

  • Interchangeable – Universal faceplates compatible with standard wall outlets worldwide
  • It is easy and flexible
  • Come with compact design that is ideal for travel
  • It is safe and can protect again accidental contact with electrical current
  • Protection – Red safety shutters provide protection against accidental contact with electrical current
  • Made from three interchangeable adapters constructed of high impact, durable, VO rated polycarbonate plastic
  • Three interchangeable adapters constructed of high impact, durable, VO rated polycarbonate plastic

Best Travel Power Adapters

8. Travel-Smart by Conair M-500E Polarized Power Adapter

The polarization of the five plugs ensures safety of power supply to your devices and appliances whether you are in or out of the country. Its plug system is designed to universally comply with almost all sockets around the globe. Get massive dual voltage support and also be ready to enjoy the fun of a bag-let that is meant for the adapter’s portability.

Best Travel Power Adapters

7. Imperial-Design Adapter International World-Wide Universal AC Travel Adapter

The magnificent design of this adapter sets its class above many of its peers in the market. The ROHS, CE and SGS, certifications are clear testimonies to its grand quality. Its 10 amperes and voltage convenience of 110-250 ranges is perfect. The copper and nickel blend of the plugs and a fire resistant casing in combination with impressive lightness will give maximum travel ratings. Be sure to have power in UK, Europe, Dubai, US, Australia as well as India.

Best Travel Power Adapters

6. CKITZE BA-4P Universal-to-Worldwide Travel 2-in-1 Plug Adapter

In as much as it does not convert power to 220V from 110V or either way, it still remains one of the most efficient travel adapters worth spending money on. Its plugs are suited for use in three-blade, flat-angled and parallel blade, as well as round-pin wall and ground sockets. You will have to use it in conjunction with the power converters and transformers.

Best Travel Power Adapters

5. ClearMax AMZUNVP Universal-Travel Power Adapter

The versatility and portability of this adapter allows you to carry it around and use it as you travel to several countries including South America, Japan, Caribbean, as well as Europe. You will love the adapter’s power surge protective design that adjusts to either the grounded or the ungrounded plugging systems. The pair package is definitely worth your consideration.

Best Travel Power Adapters

4. Kensington-33117 International All in One Travel Plug Adapter

Its alternate current mode is sufficiently fit for powering cellphones’ chargers, PC Notebooks as well as a host of other appliances. You can have your adapter function perfectly well in not less than a hundred and seventy countries. It is compact for portability and its in-built slide-out plugs are fused and durable enough to offer long term services. However, do not entertain high voltage appliances.

Best Travel Power Adapters

3. BESTEK Portable-6A Universal Travel Power Adapter

With this adapter, the voltage distributions of several countries are catered for. Have 250V conveniently stepped down to 110V plus a heat-free operation due to an in-built fan that cools the adapter. With 1, 2, 3 up to 4 counted USB slots for charging and triplet 110V perfect sockets, all your charging needs are done with. The tri-swappable plug heads with 150-countries roaming compatibility, LED indication, short circuit surge/-protection, and perfect durability are the unique suitability features.

Best Travel Power Adapters

2. Ceptics UP-5KP International Worldwide-Travel Power Adapter

Judge with the name “International Worldwide” and you will clearly have found an adapter that functions in a host of countries around the globe. Use it with electrical devices that support dual powering options since it does not have voltage conversion features. With this device you will have universal usage with all US normal and polarized plugs. If you travel a lot, its casing is a good storage too!

Best Travel Power Adapters

1. Orei M-8 All In One International Worldwide-Travel Plug Adapter

Weighing as little as four and a half ounce, this adapter is highly light and portable for travel purposes. Its system supports the use of mobile chargers, laptop charging, Mac Books as well as iPhones. It stands on the top list of top 10 best travel adapters reviews in 2021. This product is made with different countries in mind and hence you wouldn’t have problems using it in a number of travels. Be careful not to use items like water-immersion heaters as well as hair dryers with it since you wouldn’t want it spoilt.

Best Travel Power Adapters


Be informed to have one of the best power adapters as long as you travel. You wouldn’t want your laptop or phone to go off and face the challenge of not being connected due to incompatible sockets and power voltages of different countries. Be sorted; buy one of these remarkable travel adapters.

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