Top 10 Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

Martial arts is essential in boosting one’s self-defense. Martial arts come in many varieties and learning some of the best martial styles can benefit you a lot. Martial arts have grown intensively over the recent past and you will come across more and more martial arts styles. The following are some of the top 10 best martial arts for self defense.

10. Kickboxing

This is a Thailand martial art style that involves striking by use of various clinching methods including punches, knees and kicks among much more. The fighter is supposed to execute speed faster than the opponent can react. In this art, speed matters a lot. You are supposed to utilize any available opening to throw a punch or a kick to your opponent. It is one of the best martial arts techniques you can easily learn.Top 10 Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

9. Wing Chung

In case you prefer a martial art style that does not require use of brutal force, then Wing Chung is it. Wing Chung is a Chinese-based martial art that utilizes close-range combat of striking and grappling. Ideally, this techniques relies fully on biomechanics and thus does not require the use of brutal force. It was made by the famous Yip Man who is known to have taught martial arts legends such as Bruce Lee.Top 10 Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

8. Karate

This style emphasizes on the use of attack deflection. It involves the use of knife lunges and punches that go straight to the opponent. Attacks that go straight to your face can be blocked by the use of elbows or fists. Karate uses effective strategies for where you can use even the weakest parts of your body to enhance your personal defense.Top 10 Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

7. Jujutsu

This martial art style is popular in the modern days. It was developed in Japan and used by the Samurai fighters. Jujutsu uses the aggressiveness of the attacker to direct their energy in a way that you prefer. This redirection technique will render the attacker’s efforts useless. The moves that are involved include joint locks and throws. It is one effective and deadly martial art style worth to learn.Top 10 Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

6. Taekwondo

If you are a fan of action movies, then chances are high that you may have come across this deadly martial art style. It involves the use of highly effective and powerful kicks, hand and fist actions. It is the commonly used mode of fighting suitable for self-defense.Top 10 Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

5. Krav Maga

Litchtenfeld invented this great martial art technique. It involves a number of simultaneous attacks and defense techniques all designed to neutralize that attack from your opponent. Krav Maga incorporates attacking the most vulnerable body parts such as throat, eyes, face, neck, groin and fingers. This technique is best suited for the situations that involve life and death.Top 10 Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

4. Aikido

This is an extremely effective form of martial arts that was developed by Morihei Ueshiba. It is an advanced form of Jujutsu as it involves monitoring the use of swords and spears with the interlocking or throws and joint locks. The main aim here is to redirect and manipulate the energy of the attacker. It is one peaceful styles that can transform your self-defense needs.Top 10 Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

3. Jeet Kune Do

This was invented by the great legendary star Bruce Lee. It is a mix of Wing Chung, fencing and boxing. This technique teaches you that the best defense is strong offense. For you to attack, the attacker must reach the target first. You are supposed to monitor the movements of the attacker and then intercept.Top 10 Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

2. Keysi Fighting

This technique relies on the natural fighting methods. It was developed by Justo Diéguez Serrano. It is popular and was famously used in the Batman Begins movies. It utilizes the use of multiple attack ranges whether with the use of weapons or not. This technique also teaches you on how to defend yourself against multiple attacks from opponents. You are supposed to understand typically the movement of people.Top 10 Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

1. Muay Thai

This technique originated from Thailand. It has experienced a number of revolutions since its invention. It involves converting most parts of your body into weapons used in fighting. Hands will be used as swords and daggers, elbows to strike like mace or hammers, knees like axes, forearms and shins to protect against armor. It is the best martial art for self-defense.Top 10 Best Martial Arts For Self Defense

Self-defense is the first thing we can think of in terms of our security. Knowing the best fighting techniques can help transform your self-defense. The above top 10 best martial arts for self defense can aid you in promoting your fighting skills.

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