Top 10 Best Learning Tables for Babies Reviews in 2020

A young child learns by seeing, recognizing and sometimes imitating. As a parent who cares much about the physical and mental growth of his/her child, buying the best toys and play things is the beginning of showing that. That’s why it is important to invest in baby learning tables that are interactive and colorful to enhance the growth and development of your little one. Here are top 10 best learning tables for babies review as a guide to choosing the perfect one for your cute baby.

10. Bright Starts Safari Sounds Musical Learning Table

This Safari stars learning table provides all you need for your child to have fun and learn at the same time. It comes with in-built musical piano that will have you and your baby singing along. Your child will have the pleasure of flipping through the picture book with a “look me I look you” hippo. This table is designed to grow with your baby gradually as he/she explores and learns. Suit your baby with one of these and give him the best toy ever.

Best Learning Tables for Babies

9. Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Musical Learning Table

With this learning table, your cute little boy or girl will always learn and explore new features. It is a pink and pretty learning set equipped with a piano filled with sweet melodies to dance along. It comes with character pictorial book and a fun peek-a-boo with a lovely ladybug. It’s a fun-filled-design learning table that will give your little one a busy schedule.

Best Learning Tables for Babies

8. Fisher-Price Animal Friends Learning Table

This table is fixed with lights, musical sounds and touch-operated features that will have your little one working real hard. With many songs to sing along and several English and Spanish phrases to imitate, this is just one the best baby learning tables. Get more lessons on colours, shapes, and numbers. Besides, with top touch buttons, hear animal tales, animal sounds plus the alphabet songs. You will love its strong legs too!

Best Learning Tables for Babies

7. Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

With easy flip from music to learning modes, this leap frog learning table is a wow! Its learning features include shapes and colours, numbers, alphabets and simple antonyms. The music features are inclusive of favourite songs and baby tunes, drums, piano and xylophone, and even guitar sounds. Its language options capture both Spanish and English. Furthermore, this table is easy to set up.

Best Learning Tables for Babies

6. Winfun Letter Train and Piano Activity Table

With removable legs, this learning table gives an option of young children using it on the floor. It comes with easy learn activities that will make your boy one of the busiest young man ever. Its learning features include, the train whistle, five piano notes with light flash board, push train circles, and alphabet lessons. Besides the flapping, sliding butterfly and bee with sweet fun sounds, train whistles, spinners, and its gearshifts are fantastic features too.

Best Learning Tables for Babies

5. Fisher Price – Laugh & Learn Learning Table


This learning table has two interactive features that include learning and music. The learning feature captures numbers, colors, simple words and alphabets while the musical features kids songs that your boy or girl can imitate. This is an excellent learn and laugh table design with interactive lessons for your child. In fact it is a toy dinner set table.

Best Learning Tables for Babies

4. Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin Activity Table

This product comes with new and fun filled features that include a piano, flip picture book, and a ball ramp. All these features will glue your child to learning and exploring on this activity set table. It has lessons on numbers, colours and many shapes either in English and or Spanish.

Best Learning Tables for Babies

3. Laugh & Learn Puppy & Friends Learning Table

This learning table fosters imaginative, music and language skills to a child. Its lap top features plays of monkeys and pup plays with read-aloud patterns. A piano-playing monkey provides the fun of learning on this table. Besides, it provides excellent numbers, letters, colours, shapes, simple antonyms and greeting lessons. The musical mode provides more than 60 tunes to sing along. You can remove its legs and have it flat on the floor for easy use.

Best Learning Tables for Babies

2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fun with Friends Musical Table

With a host of interactive four-corner learning set up, this table will show you just how busy a little girl or boy you have. It comes with appealing and friendly interactive characters plus fun lights. Give your child the best exploration on numbers, colours, animals, shapes, and opposites. All these are done in English and or Spanish with sounds to sing along. Love its imaginative and imitative features!

Best Learning Tables for Babies

1. LeapFrog LeapStart Learning Table

This is more of an amusement park-like learning table. It is perfect for toddlers. Its table top can be set on the floor for easy use by the very young ones. It also has legs for sturdy and stable use. Get the frog-playing trombone and an alphabet- singing book, a colour-singing keyboard, with music and more music. Besides, it features a leaning spot for weak walkers, learning and music modes that are easily set by flipping the centrally mounted booklet.

Best Learning Tables for Babies

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