Top 10 Best Balance Bikes For Kids In 2020 Reviews

A number of kids begin with a tricycle before they embark on a balance bike. Every parent is delighted when their child starts learning how to ride a bicycle. You will find yourself in the stores trying to acquire the best bike for your little man or girl. Myriad of balance bikes are out there and you may think you have purchased the most durable one only to find out it is the opposite. Since we are talking about kids here, safety is very important too. As a result here are the top 10 best balance bikes for kids in 2020 reviews.

10. Go Glider Kids Balance Bike Lightweight Alloy

Go Glider Kids Balance Bike is super lightweight yet bold thanks to the alloy frame construction. It is fitted with foot pegs, rear brake and air tires. It can comfortably accommodate 5-10 year olds. Your child’s safety is taken care of with the patented slow speed design. You can easily remove the foot pegs after use; they make learning easier and gliding more scintillating. You can also adjust the seat clamp for a perfect fit.

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

9. Kazam v2e Balance Bike

Kazam v2e Balance Bike is another perfect option that you should take into account. It is designed with a patented frame; the frame has a unique foot rest which is ergonomically crafted for utmost comfort and balance. The nylon bushings will support non-friction and smooth steering. The product per se measures 34.5 inches in length, 19.75 inches in length and 4.5 inches in width. It can accommodate 3 years and above.

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

8. EZee Glider Kids Balance Bike Cro-Moly

Feel free to check out Glider Kids Balance Bike. If your child’s age falls within 18 months to 4 years then you should go for it. It has the lowest and safest balance speed on the market. This is attributed to lower center of gravity and mountain bike geometry. The foot pegs will improve his balance and enable him glide. The seat clamp is also very easy to adjust with quick release; you won’t need any tools.

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

7. Strider 12 Classic No-Pedal Balance Bike

Strider Balance Bike has no pedals or chain hence easy to assemble. It is the top rated bike in the world. It also has the youngest starting age on the planet; up to 18 months kids provided they can walk. You can easily adjust the seat and handlebar’s height to enhance a comfortable ride. It offers the quickest transition to pedal bikes. Moreover, it comes with two seats; one for 18-36 months and the other for 36-60 months.

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

6. Childrens Balance Bike No Pedal Push Bicycle for Girls or Boys

Children’s Balance No Pedal Bike is solely fabricated for girls. It offers the best way of training especially when it comes to balancing. Your little girl will easily transition to pedal bike. It will equip her with remarkable coordination and confidence as she prepares to ride pedal bikes. You can adjust both the seat height and handlebar to ensure perfect fit. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble since there are no pedals, chain or training wheels.

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

5. Diggin Active Skuut Wooden Balance Bike

Diggin Active Skuut Balance Bike is suitable for children whose ages fall within 2 to 5 years. It offers the quickest way of learning balance, coordination, independence and steering. The bike has been acknowledged with Oppenheim Gold Seal and Creative Top Toy. You can choose among the blue, green and red colors. In addition, the bike can support up to 75lbs maximum weight.

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

4. KaZAM Classic Balance Bike

KaZAM Classic Balance Bike also features in this list with an elegant and easy design to meet your child’s needs. The 12 inch frame is modified from bold steel with a patented design for maximum support. It includes two air inflated tires for a seamless mobility. Both the seat and handlebars can be adjusted to comfortably house your kid. Furthermore, it also includes quick release saddle adjustment.

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

3. Schwinn Balance Bike, 12-Inch

The good thing about Schwinn Balance Bike is the fact that it is available in sundry colors to choose from. The bike is reinforced with a super sturdy frame that will support your child’s weight. The air tires and tubes contribute a lot to its smooth movement. You can adjust the seat depending on your kid’s height. You can also adjust the handlebars to facilitate a comfortable ride.

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

2. Chicco Red Bullet Balance Training Bike

Chicco Red Bullet is another unique training bike that can augur well for your little man. It will help him gain balance. His comfort is well taken care of with the inclusion of an ergonomic frame. The frame is also bold and lightweight to enhance a seamless movement. Simply adjust the handlebar and seat to guarantee perfect fit. The tires are super soft and superbly treadled for utmost traction. In addition, it is suitable for 3 year old.

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

1. Strider 12 Sport No-Pedal Balance Bike

Strider Balance Bike is available in many colors to choose from. It is loved by parents in various parts of the world. It is safe and easy hence ideal for children. Your child will learn within the shortest time possible and transition to the pedal bike. You can easily assemble the bike or adjust to fit the 18 month – 5 year olds. You will also receive educational camps, strider championship racing and play zones.

Best Balance Bikes For Kids

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