Top 10 Best and Most Exorbitant Paintings in History

Painting is a form of art that is used to showcase different cultures, express emotions or as sign of protest. Man has been painting since the beginning of Stone Age and has devised numerous ways to improve his work. The early man use to paint on stones or on the walls of sundry caves that they inhabited. In the modern world, some of the most coveted paintings are reserved in museums or galleries in the United States and some of the European countries. Some of them may look ordinary but they cost an arm and a leg depending on age and the artists that crated them. Be prepared to spend millions of dollars in major auctions if you are a diehard of sophisticated paintings. As an enthusiast, here are the top 10 best and most exorbitant paintings in history that will blow your mind.

10. Dora Maar with Cat

Dora Maar with Cat is also referred to as Dora Maar au Chat, is a painting that was crafted by one of the most coveted artists in history, Pablo Picasso in the year 1941. The painting is centered on the painter’s lover, Dora Maar, who is sitting comfortably on a chair with a baby cat on her shoulder. It has wonderful dimensions of 50.5 by 37.5 inches which can suit different wall sizes. It was sold in 2006, at an amount of $95.22 million.

Best and Most Exorbitant Paintings in History9. Massacre of the Innocents

Massacre of the Innocents is a renowned painting which inculcates some biblical concept. It was painted by the talented Peter Paul Rubens and depicts the Bethlehem’s massacre where innocent men, women and children were annihilated according to the book of Matthew in the Holy Bible. The first of its kind was painted in 1608 and measured 142cm by 182 cm. The sophisticated version was completed in 161. In the 2002 London auction, the painting was sold to Kenneth Thomson by an Austrian family at a colossal sum of $99.7million.

Best and Most Exorbitant Paintings in History8. Irises

The painting was orchestrated under the auspices of Vincent Van Gogh with the state of the art it deserved. It was completed in 1889 and has unique dimensions of 71cm by 93 cm. The Dutch artist was actually living as an asylum in France when modified the painting. On November 1987, it was sold to Alan Bond by Whitney Payson’s son at Sotheby’s New York auction. It is currently preserved at J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California in the United States.

Best and Most Exorbitant Paintings in History

7. Portrait of Joseph Roulin

This is also another excellent work by Vincent Van Gogh that has claimed several accolades over the years. It portrays one of Vincent’s role model Joseph Roulin whom he admired very mach. The work was completed it the year 1889 after Joseph and his family dedicated their time to ensure its success. The Museum of Modern Art located in New York City bought the painting for $111 million which doubled the initial price.

Best and Most Exorbitant Paintings in History6. Boy with a Pipe

Boy with a Pipe is an artistic work by the master himself Pablo Picasso. He orchestrated the painting in the year 1905 during his rose period, immediately after settling in Paris, France. The painting showcases a wee lad who is wearing a bluish garland with a pipe in his hand. In 2004, the latter was sold for a huge amount of $104 by the Whitney Family. It is currently valued at $129 million.

Best and Most Exorbitant Paintings in History

5. Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette

The masterpiece was orchestrated by one of the most talented artistes in France at that time Pierre Auguste Renoir. He officially completed the work in 1876 and is currently valued at $141.5 million. The painting is preserved at Musee de Orsay which is situated in Paris, France. Ryoei Saito bought the painting in 1990 from Betsey Whitney.

Best and Most Exorbitant Paintings in History4. Portrait Dr. Gachet

The Portrait of Dr. Gachet was painted by Vincent Van Gogh a renowned Dutch Artist who spent better part of his life in Paris, France. It is forms part of Van Gogh’s important works that he modified during his last months. It portrays the French physician who is renowned for treating the artist during his last days. It was officially released on 1890 and attracted up to $82.5 million. The current value is estimated to be $149.5 million.

Best and Most Exorbitant Paintings in History3. Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

The painting is considered one of the greatest works of Gustav Klimt. It was officially completed in 1907 and is one of his two paintings that incorporate Adele Bauer as the subject. With an estimated value of $155.8million, the latter is surely one of the most expensive paintings in history. In June 2006, it was bought by Ronald Lauder for $135 million in a New York City auction.

Best and Most Exorbitant Paintings in History2. Woman III

Woman III is a renowned masterpiece that was crafted by the master himself Willem de Kooning. It is part of the six paintings that he completed between the years 1951 and 1953. It was initially preserved in the Tehram Museum of Contemporary Art Collection. In 2006, Steven Cohen bought the painting for $137.5 million. The current value is estimated to be $159.8million.

Best and Most Exorbitant Paintings in History1. 5 1948

No.5 1948 sums up our list of most expensive painting with a luxurious value of $162.7 million. It was solely modified by Jayson Pollock and as officially released in 1948. It was sold to David Martinez by David Geffen for a colossal amount of $140 million in a New York City auction held on 2nd December 2006.

Best and Most Exorbitant Paintings in History

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