Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

It is true to state that Korean film industry is dominated by real beauties. Maybe, the physical look of the actors and actresses add in more value and viewership. Am not sure but the truth is that those actresses are so beautiful beyond reasonable doubt. The beauty that has made the Korean movies penetrates in nearly all the countries. However, even all the position 1 if given a test, a top and bottom will still come up. Though all the actresses in Korea are beautiful, there are those we can term as most beautiful. The following is a complete listing for the top 10 most beautiful Korean actresses 2020. Scroll the list!

10. Song Hye Kyo

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020
Song Hye Kyo

The 34 years old is a face in Korean film industry with various performances. Her role in the drama ‘ Endless Love’ is recommendable. From her physical appearance to her grooming, yes she is beautiful.

9. Han Ye Suel

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020
Han ye seul

Han Ye Suel also known as Leslie Kim is a name that cannot miss in this great listing. Though born in US California, her move to Korea in 2001 in the field of film has never been regretted by her. She has perfomed so well that she has become part and parcel of the great Korean film industry. When you see her perfoming or strolling along the streets, you will certainly come to terms with the meaning of beauty.

8. Lee Da Hae

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020
Lee Da Hae

Lee is a 30 years old Korean actress who has since ever showed a lot of dedication and passion for films. “Miss Ripley” and “My Girl” brought her full potential to reality as well as her fame. She is very innocent looking yes but very beautiful too.

7. Ha Ji Won

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020
Ha Ji Won

Do you recall that hit, the SBS’s romantic comedy dubbed “Secret Garden?” If you do then you are conversant with Ha Ji Won and if not, the movie still sales.  Her performance and beauty have since made her win 2 Awards for The Best Actress in Korea.

6. Jun Ji-Hyun

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020
Jun Ji-Hyun

According to her, this great model, though never managed to be a flight attendant as she dreamt of, she is very comfortable with her place currently. She begun with modeling and ended up in film industry and really she is fits her. She is of course very beautiful.

5. Shin Min Ah

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020

Shin is similarly not a new name in Korean celebrities’ public domain. Her fame dates back to 1998 with Kiki, a teen magazine, where she was a model.  She has done tremendous plays and films that have seen her through to attaining various awards and recognitions. Beauty exists in her face and that is a fact.

4. Park Shin Hye

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020
Park Shin Hye

“Stairway to Heaven” which was staged in 2003 is one of the drama that facilitated Park Shin Hye’s popularity. Currently, she ranks 3rd most beautiful of all the Korean based actresses.

3. Han Ga In

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020
Han Ga In

For Han to be selected for commercial advert with an Asian Airline, she might have proved to be a beauty. Airlines associates with beauty as evident with the look of air hostesses; all beautiful. Her outstanding performances and cool look made her step forward in the film industry.

2. Yoon Eun Hye

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020
Yoon Eun Hye

Dating back to 1999, Yoon has maintained top notch with the name becoming so common whenever beauty within Korean film industry is mentioned. Her current standings originated from earlier performance while with Baby V.O.X Girl Group in 1999 when she was only 15. Her beauty puts her at second place after Choi Ji Woo.

1. Choi Ji Woo

Most Beautiful Korean Actresses 2020
Choi ji-woo

Missing to mention this name can make this topic irrelevant. She ranks the top in the list of the top 10 most beautiful Korean actresses 2020 not by chance but rightfully. Her position as the most beautiful has been since acknowledged by many including her fellow beauties in the same field. Her 1995 ‘War and Love’ are some of her reputable archives.


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