Top 10 African Countries with Powerful Military Forces

A country’s ability to defend itself from external attacks depends on its military power and strength. Besides, a country’s technological advancement determines the type of weapons in its armory. According to the ranking done by Global Fire Power, numbers are usually assigned to countries based on their military strength subject to the prevailing technological status. Here are the top 10 African countries with powerful military forces as per the algorithms set by the GPF.

10. Uganda

The Uganda People’s Defense Force established in 1995 through a constitutional enactment is the standing military in Uganda. It heavily depends on the equipment and technical support of China, Poland and Russia. However, it has 25 towed armaments, 350 armored fighter vehicles, naval ships and 43 fighter airplanes. Uganda’s UPDF’s successful fight and elimination of the Lord’s Resistant Army puts it among the most organized and powerful military in Africa.

African Countries with Powerful Military Forces

9. Ghana

Ghana has a great man power with about 7,000 service men in its military. Though it has the least active troop per civilian ratio which stands at 0.33, it has an efficient, elite and more advanced military in the continent. Its military is most modern and consisting of the Air force, Army, Civil defense, Palace Guard and the National Police Force.

African Countries with Powerful Military Forces

8. Kenya

Due to the constant military training with the technical assistance from both the British and American army, the Kenyan Defense Force is considered one of the most powerful military in Africa. With the latest involvement of the KDF in peace keeping process in Somalia, Kenya has showcased its powerful marine strength and robust manpower. Even though it does not own much of the needed war equipment, Kenya’s collaborative role in peace keeping gives it a leeway to access military equipment from other powerful countries.

African Countries with Powerful Military Forces

7. Libya

The might of Libya’s military emanates from its large endowments of war and training equipment, though it has a considerably less number of frontline troops. The most serious problem that derails its military advancement is the recurrent conflicts and instability due to the long span revolution that dates back to 2011. None the less, the country still boasts of 600 towed war artillery, 6500 supply vehicles, 500 armored war vehicles, and 500 war tanks.

African Countries with Powerful Military Forces

6. Morocco

Morocco’s military strength lies in its war machinery. With a two dimensional command for southern and the morocco proper region, it presents a military strength to reckon with. The commands have control of highly mechanized units, two paratroop units, eight automated and fully mechanized military unit, and a light security regiment. The autonomous units are inclusive of two back up battalions, one infantry and an armored troop. Besides, Morocco has seven technical and commando battalions, one mountain and air defense unit. All these plus nine weaponry battalion are a show of full force military strength.

African Countries with Powerful Military Forces

5. Algeria

With more than 126,000 frontline soldiers and almost 2000 fighter vehicles, and numerous oil deposits that form a constant supply of fuel for its air crafts, naval machines, and the land operating power tanks. With such ease in logistics, this country has a great military power and strength. Its defense forces include the naval force, the army and air force all fully endowed with the modern technology. Besides, Algeria is one the top African countries that invest heavily in its military establishment.

African Countries with Powerful Military Forces

4. Ethiopia

As a landlocked nation, Ethiopia has heavily investment in its military. It injects about 2.4% of Gross Domestic Product in army and air force military ability, which makes it rank highly in defensive preparedness. The availability of resources like land and perfect air space systems plus an enormous manpower gives Ethiopia a sustained attacking force. With hundreds of thousand trained personnel in its military forces, this country has one of the most powerful militaries in the African continent.

African Countries with Powerful Military Forces

3. Nigeria

Its high number of active troops makes it the second ranked in terms of military manpower. It has the navy, army and air force. With 6000 supply locomotives, 360 war tanks and over 1,400 war armed vehicles, Nigeria has a great military potential. Besides, it has 25 high ranking naval vessels and about 300 airplanes. However, the rampant and recurrent instability derails its military advancement.

African Countries with Powerful Military Forces

2. Egypt

This is a country that has stood firmly on top as the most militarily equipped country within Africa. With remarkable stability in the political landscape plus reinforcements from other powerful countries like Russia, China, US, United Kingdom and Italy, Egypt’s armed force is one to reckon with. Its defense forces include the Navy, Army, Air Force and Air Defense Command. With about half a million front line manpower and 10,000 fighter vehicles plus 900 airplanes and numerous oil deposits, this country definitely rides above most African countries in terms of military strength.

African Countries with Powerful Military Forces

1. South Africa

This country’s defense forces consist of the army, the air force, the navy, and the South African Military Health Service. South Africa is on record as having the most lethal weapons among the African countries. Due to its soaring levels of technology, this country has the best naval and air machines. Furthermore, the country’s soldiers receive the best military training from both the British and the Israeli platforms. This has made its soldiers to be ranked as the most armed. Besides, South Africa invests heavily in its military.

African Countries with Powerful Military Forces

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