The Most Comfortable Stand Up Desks in 2020

Are you are a lecturer? Are you tired of sitting down while working in the office? If you are then a portable and comfortable desk will be perfect for you. What makes stand up desks better than the rest is the fact that they can easily conform to your height. They are also modified with ergonomic designs which eradicate back and neck pain. This piece contains only the most comfortable stand up desks in 2020 that will make your work easier and productive.

10. Traveler Folding Stand up Desk

Traveler Folding Desk is a healthy stand up desk that can easily accommodate your laptop. Simply fold it to enjoy its portability and lightweight capacity when traveling. The folding ability also makes it easier to store. Unlike other desks, the latter can fit in your standard sized luggage when traveling. Furthermore, it weighs a tiny 2 lbs with a desk surface of 19.7 by 11 inches. You can also adjust the height from 9.25 to 12.8 inches.

Comfortable Stand up Desks

9. The Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk / Stand up Desk

The Executive Stand Steady Desk is the perfect way of getting healthier. It can comfortably sit on your incumbent desk to conform to your height. The 32 by 22 inches surfaces can house you two monitors plus a 4.5 square ft space at the bottom for your other documents. The ergonomic design also enables you to adjust it to your preferred position, an important feature that other desks don’t offer.

Comfortable Stand up Desks

8. 60″ Crank Adjustable Height Sit to Stand Up Desk with Heavy Duty Steel Frame

With its creative and adjustable design, this stand up desk will eradicate back pain, enhance better posture and alleviate neck pain. You can easily adjust is from 28 7/8 to 42 5/8 inches for the lower surface. The upper surface adjusts from 33 ½ to 47 ¼ inches. The two tier shelf capacities position your monitor at a comfortable viewing height while keyboard and mouse are placed at an ideal working height.

Comfortable Stand up Desks

7. The Switch Up/Down Desk by Stand Steady

The Switch Up/Down Desk is a cost effective standing desk that will provide the comfort you need. You won’t require any assembly, just open the box and put on your desk when giving a lecture. It can easily accommodate your two monitors, keyboard and mouse. Switch it up when presenting your project and down for storage purposes. Moreover, it has an elegant outlook which will showcase your professionalism.

Comfortable Stand up Desks

6. The Original Stand Steady Standing Desk

Work in the healthiest position ever with the Original Stand Steady Standing Desk. You can put on your exiting desk to start working right away. The desktop is 24 inch by 20 inch wide hence can house your monitor, keyboard, mouse and even coffee. Enjoy the ergonomic design which conforms to your height. No more back or neck pain if you use it properly.

Comfortable Stand up Desks

5. Uncaged Ergonomics Work EZ Standing Desk

Uncaged Ergonomics EZ Standing Desk takes care of your health by curbing back and neck pains. You simply need to adjust the height and angle to your comfort. Unlike other desks, it is reinforced with strong aluminum to provide a long lasting use. Check the weight of your laptop or desktop weight falls within 13 lbs. You can adjust the keyboard tray from 0 to 1.5 inches to fit your working position.

Comfortable Stand up Desks

4. Mega Stand Steady Standing Desk / Stand up Desk

If you are looking for a wider standing desk the Mega Stand Steady Desk is perfect for you. It has a 4 foot by 2 foot desktop that can fit your entire desk. It is capable of supporting two monitors plus a laptop. You keep your keyboard and other items in the 7.5 sq ft space at the bottom. Your health is also taken care of thanks to its ergonomic design.

Comfortable Stand up Desks

3. Height-Adjustable Standing Desk – VARIDESK Pro 36

Varidesk Pro 36 is a sophisticated and spacious desk that is ideal for your dual-monitor setups. If you are in need of a bigger work space then it is perfect for you too. The two tier design will support you monitor on the upper side and keyboard on the bottom part for a comfortable working position. You will have up to 11 working positions which will take good care of your health. The patented spring loaded technique can lift up to 35 lbs within 3 seconds. You won’t need any assembly.

Comfortable Stand up Desks

2. Victor High Rise Adjustable Stand-Up Desk

Working is becoming healthier with Victor High Rise Stand-Up Desk. No prolonged sitting in your office thanks to its ability to convert your sit-down desk to a stand-up one. The bold wood construction plus a quality laminate coating will look good in your office. You can also adjust the surface from 12 inches to 16 ¾ inches. The back is also tapered easily fit corner cubicles.

Comfortable Stand up Desks

1. LUXOR Standup-CF60-DW Stand Up Desk

Enjoy the spotless finish that Luxor Stand up-CF60-DW Desk comes with. It is the best desk for presentation or office work. You won’t experience any back or neck pain since it is crafted with ergonomic design. No more prolonged sitting in the office which can be too boring. Furthermore, the Luxor Desk comes with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Comfortable Stand up Desks

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