Sites for Free Online Courses

Many people are nowadays opting for online training thanks to the ever advancing technology. Gone are the days when you had to attend classes in order to attain your certificate, diploma or degree. Myriad free sites have been fabricated by various institutions to enable one pursue his or her career from anywhere around the world. These sites are solely ideal for those people whose schedule can’t allow them to set foot into a classroom or can’t afford to pay for their tuition fees. Probably you are a mom and taking care of your loved ones; you can study at the comfort of your domicile. This article focuses mainly on the best sites that will help you achieve your dream.

10. Skillfeed

Skillfeed opens this segment as one of the best sites for free online courses. The site gives you an opportunity to pursue assorted courses such HTML, Illustrator and Photoshop. Those who are interested in high profile video courses are also taken care of. You will enjoy prolific training from some of the most renowned instructors on the planet. You will begin with a monthly trial after which you will be required to subscribe to a monthly fee for a constant access.

Sites for Free Online Courses9. Saylor

You can also consider Saylor which promises nothing but quality education irrespective of your origin. This site is managed by a team of experts who are charged with the mandate of hiring accredited processors to modify course outline and provide the necessary resources that are relevant in every field. Students are often tested at the end of each course with a final exam after which they can download their certificate.

Sites for Free Online Courses8. iTunes U

If you are big fan of Apple products then you have probably come across this site. You didn’t know is that the latter offers myriad educational courses that can help you start your career. These courses are offered by a commendable number of leading universities from across the globe. They encompass Cambridge, MIT, Yale and many other coveted intuitions on the planet.

Sites for Free Online Courses7. University of the People

University of the people by the people and for the people is probably one of the most democratic sites that offer online courses. You don’t have to be a democrat in order to enjoy its services; the latter accommodates everyone irrespective of your background or political affiliation. Its main goal is to democratize and advance higher education on a global level. The tuition free site offers assorted courses including Bachelors degree programs in computer science and business administration.

Sites for Free Online Courses6. Edx

Edx is a renowned site that has issued certificates to a plethora of people around the world. It is actually a partnership between two coveted institutions; Harvard University and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Myriad other big institutions have also joined the two to help different people achieve their goals. This is just the beginning, this site is going places.

Sites for Free Online Courses5. Khan Academy

If you have been looking for the best site to help you kick start your career in vain, then you have probably not encountered Khan Academy. The site offers the best training in sundry fields without paying a dime. You will be provided with more than 3,100 videos to help you comprehend a given subject. Some of the courses offered include history, math, finance, physics and many more.

Sites for Free Online Courses4. Udacity

Udacity also features in this list with a comprehensive learning program that will equip you with the much needed skills. Initially, students were allowed to study at their own pace and acquire all the materials they needed on time. After the exams, each student would download their certificate to showcase your achievement. Things are now a little bit different since you will be required to pay in order to receive your certificate.

Sites for Free Online Courses3. Udemy

You are free to check out Udemy a distinct site with a solid goal of democratizing higher education. It gives qualified personnel an opportunity to teach various registered students from around the world. It also focuses solely on empowering a plethora of experts to share what they know with others who don’t. A commendable number of courses are offered including health and fitness, music, technology, arts and entrepreneurship.

Sites for Free Online Courses2. Coursera

Coursera is another site that enables you to access quality courses from renowned universities on the planet. There courses are free and you will be equipped with the necessary skills that you require to forty your resume. All the courses come from revered universities such as University of Michigan-Ann Arbo University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University and Princeton University.

Sites for Free Online Courses1. Alison

Alison takes the top spot as the best site that offers online courses. It is actually an abbreviation for Advance Learning Interactive System Online. It wholly deals with courses such as Interactive Education, Multimedia learning, Workplace Skills and many more, if you are in dire need of ob training your diploma in the above fields, then you should consider registering with Alison. Its main mission is to help everyone achieve their best and advance their resume.

Sites for Free Online Courses

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