Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites in 2020

What makes celebrities to be celebrities is basically availability of more information about him/her in the public domain. Any little thing that a celebrity does becomes news and attracts many readers, particularly the real fans. The little things and the big things that celebrities do or happen to them will be published very fast in the celebrities’ gossip site. The enlisted are the top 10 most popular celebrity gossip websites in 2020. You are assured of something fresh daily in these sites.

10. HollywoodLife

This site can be termed as the ‘juicy’ celebrity center. It is an exclusive one-stop site for celebrity news, entertainment, pictures and videos. You expect to find a new release from top artists in this site immediately it is launched. This site is suitable for general readership from the age of 12, no explicit content, no educational, but purely entertainment. The site is estimated to attract 11,500,000 visitors/readers.

Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites9. PerezHilton

This site is another juicy but non-kid-friendly site for celebrity gossips and entertainment. The site hosts information for the Hollywood most notorious celebrities- hence most of the contents revolves around sex, drug abuse, and drinking. These are irrelevant to school boys/girls. Most posts do receive cruel comments from people opposed to the celebrity in discussion or the informer. However, the site does well and has a record of around 12,700,000 readers or visitors per month.

Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites8. Zimbio

Zimbio is also one of the most popular sites in celebrity gossips. The site has content of fresh photos, information and videos from celebs. However, it is rather a composite site since it has other entertainment facilities such as quizzes, TV shows streaming and also movies. You can never misss any slightest information concerning the trending in the life of popular celebrities. The site is estimated at 20,500,000 viewers monthly.

Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites7. Gawker

Gawker is another good site that covers all top celebrities’ gossip around the globe. All information concerning lifestyle, performances and updates from top celebs are always highlighted in this site. It is a great site with great entertainment information and the total monthly visitors are estimated to be 22,000,000 montly.

Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites6. WonderWall

This site falls between “naughty” and “nice”. The content varies and therefore unpredictable. However, in general, the site is recommendable for persons of 13 years of age and over. The most information covers celebs bad behavior and bringing to limelight for the public. Total monthly unique visitors estimated to be 22,000,000 monthly.

Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites5. USMagazine

This site focuses on Hollywood Celebrities and Sports Celebrities in US and other parts of the world. The site talks much on personal issues such as relationships, divorce, and others. Current events and news all are available in USMagazine and you cannot miss an important update from your preferred celeb. The site is doing well with a total viewership of about 22,500,000 visitors per month.

Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites4. People

This is the right site for the people who are obsessed with celebrities and entertainment. For social issues, economical issues, and more about celebs, this is the place. Get the latest photos and videos of your favorite celebs in the right time. Information on hot sports is also available in the site. This site records an estimated number of visitors around 23,000,000 per month.

Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites3. E Online

With E Online, you will get more than jus updates for the celebrities. You can get the E! Shows, TV Scoop, News, and Styles. The information is vast with a wide range of choice for what to read. The site contains both entertainment and educational materials and suitable for 13+. Monthly visitors to this site is estimated at 23,500,00.

Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites2. TMZ

In this site, it is not gossip as usual, but reality information with proofs. The information in this site is always supported with paparazzi photos, videos, and legal documents to beef up their findings. Mostly the site brings to light more on celebrities’ life on drinking, rehab, clubbing, love gone badly, lawsuits, and many more. This is the only place where salacious celebrities’ antics are exposed with 25,000, 000 visitors monthly

Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites1. Yahoo OMG

This is the most trusted site for real information related to celebrity. The content of the site is not coarse like others and is good for kids 11+. The content is derived from reliable information sources like Reuters and AP. Gossipy speculations are not part of this site but rather factual information from the real sources. The site tops in viewership and readership with estimated value double the second placed TMZ. The total number of visitors per month is 50,000,000.

Most Popular Celebrity Gossip Websites

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