Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for College Students

As a student, you are always busy either in the library or attending lectures. At the same time you are in need of some bucks to bolster your upkeep. You can only acquire this cash if you work to augment the little from your parents. However, finding a flexible and well paying job that can auger well for your tight schedule can be quite daunting. As a result, some of the students opt to focus fully on their studies. You don’t have to worry anymore since this section will help you find the most lucrative part-time jobs that suit you as a college student.

10. Bartender

Being a bartender is one of the most flexible jobs that you can consider a college student. Provided you are over 21 and have a vested interest in this type job, you can always go for it. The good thing about being a bartender is the fact that you can work a few hours at night and conduct your daily activities as usual. You can also receive hefty tips ranging from $250 to $300 per night. Add that to your basic salary and you are good to go.

Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for College Students9. Teaching Assistant

You can also consider being a teaching assistant also referred to as grader. This job can auger well for graduate students better known as upperclassmen. So if you belong to this category then you are free to try it since you will earn up to $10.50 every hour plus a commendable experience. You can also include the job in your resume when applying for a bigger position.

Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for College Students8. Fitness Instructor

Proper workout is recommended for every student since it not only keeps you fit but also enhances your mental health. If you always workout then this job suits you best since you have set aside special time solely for the activity. During you workout, you can make it a lucrative endeavor by training others how to keep fit. Through this healthy instruction, you can make more than $15 an hour which to me is better than none.

Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for College Students7. Babysitter

Babysitting is also a job like any other; in fact it is the most interesting of all the domestic jobs you can ever encounter. The good thing about being a babysitter is that you are giving back what your parents offered you by grooming another younger person to become who you are. You can set aside a few hours to care of this charming being while the parent is away and earn up to $9-20 every hour. If you love children and know how to deal with them then go for it.

Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for College Students6. Dog Walker

I know, some of you are probably thinking, “I’m not going to take somebody’s dog for a walk just for a few bucks”. Dogs are some of the friendliest animals that exist on the planet, and they also enjoy strolling. Besides, no one will know you are taking somebody’s dog for a walk. What I’m trying to say is, this job is flexible and can pay as much as $60 an hour depending on the owners passion.

Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for College Students5. Tutor

Being a tutor is another fabulous option that can suit virtually all the college students. Tutors are on high demand whether in college or away from college. If you are a mathematics guru or proficient in science subjects the better. You can always check out campus tutoring centers or other middle level colleges to sharpen your skills. As a prolific freelancer, you can earn up to $25 every hour.

Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for College Students4. Freelance Writer or Editor

I began this piece by reiterating that as a college student you need a flexible and well paying job to fortify the spirit of self reliance. A Freelance Writer or Editor Job promises nothing but an outstanding $10-$150 per gig. There are myriad of sites that require skilled writers like you to bolster their brands. The most unique thing about this job is that you can set your own rates.

Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for College Students3. Resident Assistant

How about making some money by helping your fellow students? As a resident assistant, you will be charged with the mandate of guiding and orienting new students as they embark on the journey of adapting to college life. The job is accompanied by a number of benefits including the institution taking care of your living expenses. It may be all or part of the expenses depending on your campus.

Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for College Students2. Computer Technician

Another lucrative job that you can check out is being a computer technician. Since not all of us were born with technical skills, this job requires students who are currently undertaking information and communication technology, computer science, information technology or any other IT related course. If you are naturally good with computers, the no one can put your skills asunder. As a freelancer, you can earn up to $20 an hour which sufficient for a college student.

Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for College Students1. Virtual Assistant

If working in a business institution is in your DNA then you will definitely enjoy being a virtual assistant. The job basically entails answering emails, scheduling appointments and any other related activity. It also gives you an opportunity to update your resume in preparation for the main employment. The salary isn’t bad either and ranges from $8 to an amazing $20 in every hour. This also depends on the company; some will even pay you more.

Most Lucrative Part-Time Jobs for College Students

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