Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs For Women in 2020

Unemployment is a real global challenge  in many countries; there are complaints from citizens that the governments has failed to provide  jobs to the youths hence extremely affected. In fact, it is always used as a political campaign tool for the incoming politicians. On the other hand, women are also affected with the unemployment problem together with less salary, a fact that is brought by gender inequality in many nations. Despite the menace, there are good jobs for women that pay relatively good salaries. The article will take you through the top 10 highest paying jobs for women in the world.

10. Operations Research Analyst

Highest Paying Jobs for Women
Operations Research Analyst

The career is almost shared equally with women having 53 percent slightly higher than that of men. The annual earnings are approximated to be $ 68,276.

9. Management Analyst

Highest Paying Jobs for Women
Management Analyst

Women’s earnings in this field are $ 68,588. The figure is shared among the 42 percent of women in the profession.

8. Software Developer

Highest Paying Jobs for Women
Software Developer

A research conducted in many Universities shows that women are few in this field. The percentage of women in this profession stands 20%. The annual earnings are $ 71,240. The career is dominated by men due to its technicality that is believed to be scaring women away from it.

7. Physician Assistant

Highest Paying Jobs for Women
Physician Assistant

Physician Assistant is another career that is being dominated by women in the employment sector. Women’s percentage is 65% compared to that of men that stands at 35%. The earnings is approximately $ 77,491 per year with a weekly earning $ 1,491.

6. Physician and Surgeon

Highest Paying Jobs for Women
Physician and Surgeon

Even though this profession is being practiced by many men than women, it is one of the highest paying jobs for women and  has been ranked in the sixth position by Forbes. Women percentage in this field is 36% with earnings of $ 77,844 annually.

5. Nursing

Highest Paying Jobs for Women

The profession has more women if compared to other careers. The percentage of women in this career is 89 percent. To prove the point, visit any hospital and you will find the fact. It is believed that women are more caring compared to men and that may be the reason why nursing profession is being held by many women. The annual earnings is approximately $80,028 with a weekly earnings of $ 1,539.

4. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Highest Paying Jobs for Women
Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and Information Systems is a career that has few people. Due to this reason, it pays relatively good salary compared to other professions that are flocked by many people. Women in this field are only 29 percent compared to men. The earnings stand at $ 80,548 per year. This research has been done several times by Forbes and proved.

3. Lawyer

Highest Paying Jobs for Women

Law is mostly practiced by men, to prove the point, just have look at the law firms that are within your area, you will find that majority are being managed by men. Check at the judicial system again, the majority of the lawyers and advocates are men. The percentage of men in this career is 65% percent and women stands at 35%. However, lawyers are one of the best paid in the employment sector, women earn $ 81,432 annually in this sector.

2. Pharmacist

Highest Paying Jobs for Women

The study shows that 54 percent of women are in this profession. They earn about $ 1,802 per week and approximately $ 93,704 annually. The job is mostly practiced by women than men reason that is unknown to many people. However, the truth is that, if given proper training, women can make the best Pharmacist that surpasses men’s capability.

1. Chief Executive

Highest Paying Jobs for Women
Chief Executive

In any organization, Chief Executive Officer’s post is one the highest ranks. All company’s operations are controlled by the CEOs, an indication that the salary must be higher than that of other employees within the company. Forbes research shows that 21 percent of women are employed in the capacity of CEO in most companies. It is approximated that annual earnings is worth $ 94,172.

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