Did You Know These 10 Simple Facts About Operating iPhone?

Operating certain apps on the latest versions of iPhone can be a daunting task especially if you are new to the gadget. There are some intricate features that will require you to dig deep into your memory to enjoy them. They may appear convoluted but believe me after these highlights you will see them as walk in the park. The current versions of iPhone are iPhone 6 and 6 plus are characterized by stunning and mind boggling features. Without further ado, here are the 10 simple facts about operating iPhone.

10. Craft Pass code with letters by excluding numbers

This is a piece of cake; you will simply go to settings and select the passcode option. You will then turn off the ‘Simple passcode ‘setting. After that, wait for a screen to appear since it will alert you to acquire a new passcode. It is accompanied by a complete QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard will always appear instead of the number pad whenever you open your phone.

Simple Facts About Operating iPhone9. Seeing Timestamps on your messages

A commendable number of people aren’t aware of this unique feature yet it does exist. It is very annoying at times not to able to see when your texts were sent. However, there is a very simple way to enable spot e whenever you receive messages on your iPhone. You will only need to touch and move message bubble to the left.

Simple Facts About Operating iPhone

8. Switching off all in-app purchases by a single button

The feature is very efficient if you have children or if you are a candy crush diehard. To enjoy this feature, you will first go settings. Check out for a sub-menu > General after which you go to restrictions. You then enable restrictions and slowly move downwards, find the In-App Purchases and disable them.

Switching off all in-app purchases by a single button7. Taking a Burst of Pictures at the same time

Taking pictures is a common phenomenon in the world. Selfies are becoming part and parcel of every human who can access an iPhone. To successfully obtain this result, simply hold down your camera’s shutter button which will in turn activate the burst mode automatically. Your phone will then record myriad of random photos which will be saved to the camera. This is the best ways to create a scintillating profile picture.

Simple Facts About Operating iPhone6. Typing an EM-DASH (-)

The em dash is the most multipurpose of all the known punctuation marks. It can replace a number of punctuation marks such as commas, colons and parentheses. To create an em dash on your phone, just hold down the dash strategically positioned on your keyboard and you will see sundry dashes. Choose any of them depending on your context.

Simple Facts About Operating iPhone

5. Taking Pictures Using Your Earbuds

Earbuds are some of the most outstanding gadgets that enhance our amusement. These super small and portable items ensure privacy and minimize interference. What people don’t know is how to take a photo with them. It is very easy; just press the middle of your earphone button when in the camera app to capture your desired image.

Simple Facts About Operating iPhone

4. Charging your phone faster via airplane mode

Imagine you are having fun at your favorite joint and by bad luck your phone runs out of power. You will definitely need a quicker means of recharging it. We all know they won’t give you much time since it is a business place. You don’t have to worry though since by just turning on your airplane mode, the phone will charge twice faster.

Simple Facts About Operating iPhone

3. Deleting Text by Shaking your iPhone

This feature shows how fast technology is advancing. It does not only enable you to undo text but enable you to redo as well. In the world where chatting has taken toll, this is just what many people need to enhance seamless communication. So next time you are in need of deleting your texts in quick way, simply shake it off.

Simple Facts About Operating iPhone

2. Turning on Caps Lock

Caps lock can be annoying as well as useful when in a distinct chatting mode. Chatting has evolved from sending letters which took centuries before you could get feedback to smart apps which take seconds to get a feedback depending on how fast you are when typing. To activate caps lock, simply double tap the shift key.

Simple Facts About Operating iPhone

1. Using your phone as a level to hang pictures

The iPhone has a unique campus app which enables you to hang pictures. You will only need to swipe left in order to operate the level. This feature provides maximum entertainment at your free time while going through some of your favorite photos. So next time you are with your friends, just activate the app and they will be astonished.

Simple Facts About Operating iPhone

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