Did You Know That These Stars Committed Suicide?

Suicide is one subject that I find quite disturbing to talk about. This appalling act cuts across like a double edged sword; even celebrities are not excluded. What pushes people toward committing suicide? That is a big question that is yet to be answered. Is it depression, mental disorder or anxiety? These are just but a few factors that are believed to induce this malady. Without further ado, here are the 10 stars who you probably didn’t know committed suicide.

10. Ray Combs (3rd April 1956-2ND June 1996)

Despite working very hard and building a career in standup comedy, Ray Combs had his own nightmares especially in his married life. He was the host of the famous game show Family Feud aired on CBS. He was also the host of another game show Family Challenge. Troubled by financial and marital problems, Ray hanged himself in a medical closet in June 1996.

These Stars Committed Suicide9. Freddie Prinze (22nd June 1954-29th January 1977)

Freddie Prinze Sr. was an American actor and standup comedian. He was the star of the famous sitcom Chico and the Man which aired in the 1970s.He enjoyed massive popularity from the public and the media. He worked in sundry comedy clubs in New York City before he became a professional standup comedian. Behind the bright smile was a man who was undoing through myriad problems; he terminated his life leaving behind an emotional note.

These Stars Committed Suicide8. Tony Scott (21st June 1944 – 19th August 2012)

Anthony David Scott was an English film director who worked on several projects before his demise. Some of them include Top Gun 1986, The Last Boy Scout 1991, True Romance 1993, Domino 2005 and Déjà vu 2006. However, he didn’t enjoy much of his success. He passed on after jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles in California, United States.

These Stars Committed Suicide7. Shakir Stewart (12th April 1974- 1st November 2008)

Shakir Stewart was a renowned record artist who resided in Oakland, California in the United States. He worked for a number of companies most notably Def Jam Music Group. He was the Executive Vice President of Def Jam. Shakir mentored some of the biggest names in the music industry, from Rick Ross to Young Jeezy to Beyonce. Unfortunately, he was found lifeless at home in his bathroom.

These Stars Committed Suicide6. Lee Thompson Young (1st February 1984-19th August 2013)

Lee Thompson was an American actor who was very famous for his role on Disney Channel series The Famous Jett Jackson. He also appeared in commercials and films. One of the movies he featured on includes Friday Night Lights. Lee had his own troubles too; he was undergoing through a stressful life after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He was found dead in his apartment in August 2013.

These Stars Committed Suicide5. Mark Rothko (25th September 1903 – 25th February 1970)

Mark Rothko was revered an American artist who was admired for his intuitive skills. He is actually one of the greatest American post war artists. Some of his work is still acknowledged to date. He was found in his house with self-inflicted wounds. He had committed suicide using a paint knife. He will be remembered for his great contribution in the world of art.

These Stars Committed Suicide4. Don Cornelius (September 27th 1936 – 1st February 2012)

The famous American television host and producer shot himself due to serious mental disorder. He battled sundry ailments for 30 years and couldn’t take it anymore. He is the man behind the dance and music franchise Soul Train. It aired from 1971 to 1993; he later sold the show to MadVision Entertainment.

These Stars Committed Suicide3. Jovan Belcher (24th July 1987 – 1st December 2012)

Jovan Belcher was an American football player who was part of the Kansas City Chiefs in the National Football League (NFL). He grew up in West Babylon in New York City. He graduated from the University of Maine. He was named All-American in his college. His death was terrifying and involved his girlfriend too. He murdered her before shooting himself.

These Stars Committed Suicide2. Chris Lighty (8th May 1968-30th August 2012)

Chris Lighty worked with and mentored many famous artists when he was still alive. From Ja Rule, Missy Elliott, to L.L Cool J and Mob Deep. His death sparked a lot of controversy. The autopsy report hard earlier stated that Chris shot himself after a fight with his wife. He was having mental problems at that time.

These Stars Committed Suicide1. Gia Allemand (20th December 1983-14th August 2013)

If you happened to watch ABC’s show, The Bachelor, then you might have encountered the charming Gia Allemand. She enjoyed massive popularity and success as an actress, model and reality star. She passed in 2013 after taking her own life. The 29 years old model had undergone a serious heartbreak, a factor that might have fueled her action.

These Stars Committed Suicide

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