Best Network Attached Storage in 2019 Reviews

Time, storage space demand, technology and workload is slowly rendering obsolete the paper, diskette and even basic computer storage systems. Computer systems do crush several times and may never provide all the needed storage capacity too. It is time to think about network attached storage devices for safe, secure and easy access to your files and documents. Here are the best network attached storage in 2019 reviews.

10. LaCie Network Attached Storage 9000225

Its file transfer speed of 100MB in one second is a feature that makes this device a darling of many institutions and entrepreneurs that are speed conscious. If you manage the work of regular data transfers and entries, then this is your partner in business. Its integrative speed and user friendliness are added advantages to its total back-up efficiency. Oh! And remember that it’s RAID I protective designed, hence your files are sound and safe.

Best Network Attached Storage

9. ZyXEL Network Attached Storage and Media Server

With this server, you have enough storage capacity that allows you to store your best music files, form an organized photo gallery all in a single and central space. ZyXEL gives you the best integrated cloud remedies for download and remote storage boosts. And to make matters even more fun, you can access your files via your smartphone too! Know what this means, your will have an amazing mobile and flexible touch access sensation to your favorite files.

Best Network Attached Storage

8. ioSafe NAS Storage Solution

This NAS storage solution is designed with a fire protective unit which ensures high fire temperature securities of well over 1550 Degree Fahrenheit. Apart from protecting your data from the blazing furnace, it swims out with your important files out of water with its water resistivity. How appalling this device is! Besides, it gives you data storage space of 8 Terabits. What more in a cloud storage device are you looking for? This is just awesome!

Best Network Attached Storage

7. TerraMaster NAS Cloud Storage

If you are hitting the stores for a network storage device that would be perfect for your business, office and home file storage, then TerraMaster is your remedy. With this device, you can have a hard disc space of twice 4TB that can keep well above 8000 full HD movies, over four million music files, and a whopping 8-million snaps. This network enabled storage device has an excellent technological design that embraces fan and cooling systems. Get one for your office!

Best Network Attached Storage

6. Synology DiskStation Diskless Private NAS DS214SE

Never worry about electricity bills, since this server only consumes 19 watts but gives you double service. It is one of the most easily installed and very reliable cloud storage devices currently found in the market. You wouldn’t wait long to begin enjoying massive storage and streaming of files to your media platforms. In just few minutes after installation, you are good to go. Furthermore, it has unique and efficient DSM.

Best Network Attached Storage

5. Buffalo LinkStation 210 NAS Media Server

This media server is one NAS device that you will come across in the market. Its ability to enable quick access to your central storage unit is amazing. Backing up your computer and laptop files with this server is easy since all you have to do is open a private cloud unit via the internet. Know Torrent? Imagine this device allows you to stream downloads, organize your uploads and manage them properly on the platform. You will love its numerous settings!

Best Network Attached Storage

4. Lenovo IX2 Diskless Network Storage 70A69003NA

This is super security guarantee cloud storage device that has a high tech data cushion system that severs to protect your files from intrusions and possible crush. The backup processes and systems are also under the same protection. Lenovo IX2 Diskless’ storage system enables you to manage all your documents and files in an impressive and easy manner. Besides, it is relatively affordable and cost conscious in functionality.

Best Network Attached Storage

3. NetGear Ready NAS 102

This cloud storage unit is among the best in the market. Its total proactive five security levels are features you would want to explore. You will definitely love its automated back-up and synchronization system design which enables you to back up the storage of your sensitive files and documents. Besides, its data transfer procedure and file streaming is simple and faster than usual due to a powerful 1.2 GHZ and an amazing RAM of 512 Gigabytes.

Best Network Attached Storage

2. Seagate Central 4TB Personal Cloud Storage STCG4000100

Ever wanted a cloud storage system that enhances streaming of your audio files, games, smart TVs, and video files to your media platforms? This is what 4TB personal cloud storage device will offer you. With its cloud system, backing up files from your laptop and computer is as easy as you have never imagined. It has a file storage space of between 2 to 5 TB, so you can settle for one that fits your need. Besides, this server allows you access to your files anywhere.

Best Network Attached Storage

1. WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage NAS

WD cloud storage device is without doubt one of the most effective cloud storage devices you can find. Its design allows fastest streaming of media and video files to any media platform. You will adore the speed with which this device transfers files from your preferred sources to its storage unit. In addition to all these breathtaking features, you will have the pleasure of mobile phone and smartphone access to your files. Amazing isn’t it?

Best Network Attached Storage

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