Best Countries Offering Scholarships

Have you completed your high school or college studies? Are you looking for the best country that offers scholarship? Winning a scholarship takes more than just completing your studies. Most countries have their own requirements that one should meet academic wise and at personal level. You have to score certain grades or pass a given test in order to gain their notoriety. Discipline and good behavior is also part and parcel of the specifications. If you believe you have what it takes to acquire one, then you are free to check out the following best countries offering scholarships.

10. Sweden

Sweden is one of the best countries in Europe that is renowned for many things. They take environmental issues seriously and are known to recycle virtually everything with only one percent going into the landfills. Academic wise, Swedes people study a lot and are also hardworking a factor that makes it one of the best places to consider when looking for a scholarship. Those who have applied for masters at the KTH Royal Institute often enjoy fee waivers.

Best Countries Offering Scholarships9. France

The home of the coveted Eiffel Tower is another country that offers myriad scholarships every year. It has been dubbed in the recent past as one of the best student cities in the entire world. Potential students from all walks of life are accommodated in various institutions within the country. Their fees are also catered for plus ultimate provision of enough facilities to bolster their career.

Best Countries Offering Scholarships8. Belgium

Belgium is also another country that is excellent when it comes to offering scholarships. You only need to put a little more effort in your studies to give other students from developing countries a run for their money. Those aspiring to undertake their PhD in the country can always apply to be considered in the IRO Doctoral Scholarship program at K.U Leuven. Everything will be taken care while in the university of Flanders including living allowance, health insurance, return tickets and tuition.

Best Countries Offering Scholarships7. Netherlands

In the world where windmills, cheese, tulips, canals and wooden shoes reins, education is not excluded. Foreign students in major institutions are always awarded the opportunity to visit the various parts of the country. The latter is mainly enjoyed by those undertaking a Masters degree in sundry fields. The most coveted campuses include the University of Groningen, Leiden University and the University of Maastricht.

Best Countries Offering Scholarships6. Switzerland

If you were to ask somebody what they knew about Switzerland then they would probably talk about the famous Swiss cheese. What many don’t know is the fact that the country has one of the best scholarship programs in the world. Lund University is the place to be since it considers he top students from outside Europe. It is prudent that you apply as soon as possible to fulfill your dream.

Best Countries Offering Scholarships5. Japan

Believe or not people, Japan is also one of the countries that are good in offering scholarships. This revered program is undertaken by coveted universities and organizations to empower students especially from developing countries. Through the Freeman Awards for Study in Asia, a number of students are given an opportunity to learn the Asian culture.

Best Countries Offering Scholarships4. United States

The United States cannot be excluded in this sophisticated and flabbergasting list. A number of students have been airlifted to further their studies in the US thorough various distinctive programs. Those who apply for awards such as Fulbright Scholarship often receive complete finding that encompasses books, accommodation, tuition fees and many more. Those from the well to do families are also given a chance to fund their education.

Best Countries Offering Scholarships3. Australia

If you just completed your undergraduate degree and is considering pursuing your master’s degree abroad, Australia should be among your first priorities. There a commendable number of universities that offer scholarship programs including The University of Adelaide and The University of Melbourne. Through programs such as Sydney Achievers International and University International Merit, students receive tuition fees and living expenses.

Best Countries Offering Scholarships2. Canada

Canada is another country that you should take into account as you plan to further your studies. It is provides a wonderful environment for international students. The education system is also world class thanks to its well equipped institutions. Programs such as Leader of tomorrow award have given bright students an opportunity to pursue their careers. This scholarship is courtesy of the University of British Columbia.

Best Countries Offering Scholarships1. United Kingdom

Some of the most coveted institutions on the planet occur in the United Kingdom. From the University of Cambridge to Oxford University the list is endless. Bright students have enjoyed myriad scholarships through The Clarendon Scholarship and The Gates Cambridge Scholarship programs. They provide complete tuition fees and accommodation for a wonderful learning experience.

Best Countries Offering Scholarships

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