The Best Automatic Electric Can Openers in 2021

Imagine after that long day you have just arrived in your welcoming house tired as hell, you get into the kitchen to try and make something small for your complaining tummy then you encounter a manual can opener that takes you eons before you can access your can’s contents. Myriad of sophisticated can openers have been modified and are available in sundry stores. You can avert this hassle by checking out the following Best Automatic Electric Can Openers in 2021.

10. Handy Can Opener Automatic One Touch Electric Can Opener

Handy Electric Can opener is a remarkable can opener that promises nothing but quick and smooth method of opening your can safely and effectively. It is capable of walking around the can before shutting off automatically. No more sharp edges thanks to its ability to clearly cut from the side. Furthermore, handy can opener is powered by two durable AA batteries that you can buy separately.

Best Automatic Electric Can Openers

9. West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener

West Bend 77203 Electric Can Opener is another unique can opener that comes with a 70 watt power capacity to enhance utmost performance. It is fabricated from high caliber aluminum, plastic and chrome to facilitate its durability. The heavy duty design is very efficient for assorted types of cans especially the tall ones. You can also sharpen your knife using the back of the unit. Moreover, the 5-1/6 by 5 by 9 8/9 device includes cord storage, can shutoff automatically; you can also cleanse it using a dish washer.

Best Automatic Electric Can Openers

8. Black & Decker EC475B Extra-Tall Electric Can Opener

Black and Decker EC475 is a multipurpose can opener that is suitable for both bottles and cans. It has a distinct measurement of 4-1/2 by 6 by 9-8/9 inches with an extra tall design that can house cans whose weights fall within 49 1/2. The device is easy to operate with the inclusion of easy-touch lever. You can also remove the blade when need arises plus the can opener is fitted with convenient cord storage.

Best Automatic Electric Can Openers

7. Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener

Opening a can has never been easier with Bartelli Soft Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener. It is fabricated with a sleek and design which can open any size or type of can by a simple one touch button. It solely revolves around the side of the can to eradicate any sharp and lethal edges that may inflict injuries. Moreover, this device is ideal for people with arthritis or hand pain since they won’t need any manual labor.

Best Automatic Electric Can Openers

6. Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener

Hamilton Beach 76380Z Classic Can Opener is ideal for those people who are in love with traditional designs. You can remove the cutting unit when in need of cleansing to maintain the good shape. No more hassling after a long day at the office since you will open your can in just one try. The heavy weight and durable construction makes it ideal for commercial purposes. Furthermore, you can also use the latter to open bottles.

Best Automatic Electric Can Openers

5. Implemento Smooth Edge Automatic Cordless Can Opener

Implemento Automatic Cordless Can Opener is just what you need in your kitchen with its unique ability to open every can by a single and effortless push. You don’t have to worry about the source of power since 2 AA batteries are efficient. It is a stylish and versatile opener that will open any can in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the creative side cutting system ensures a smooth edge lid without dangerous spikes.

Best Automatic Electric Can Openers 

4. Chef’s Star Smooth Edge Automatic Electric Can Opener

Chef’s Star Electric Can Opener is powered by durable AA batteries which you can acquire separately for utmost operation. It is modified with an elegant and stylish design which makes it ideal for traveling purposes. Unlike others, it offers the fastest and easiest way to opening your can and enjoying its contents. In addition, you can simply switch off the device by a simple push of the well positioned button.

Best Automatic Electric Can Openers

3. Sagler electric can opener one touch can opener

Sagler Electric Can Opener is another one touch can opener that guarantees you pure satisfaction. It is the best way of cutting around the intended can by eliminating all the sharp edges that may be quite dangerous. It is easy to use since you will only mount it on any can and let it do the job for you. In addition, it is the best and most ideal can opener for those suffering from arthritis or hand pain.

Best Automatic Electric Can Openers 

2. Metro Fulfillment House SK08 1-Touch Can Opener

Metro Fulfillment House SHK08 Can Opener is modified with a sleek design which is smooth and requires no manual operation. You will simply mount it on the target, press the button and let it do the rest. What makes it distinct is the fact that it eradicates all the sharp edges that may inflict injuries. You can seamlessly store it in a given drawer thanks to its compact and portable nature.

Best Automatic Electric Can Openers

1. Handy Can Opener : As Seen On TV

The Handy Can Opener is an ideal opener that comes the same way as you see it on the television. It is ideal for all cans irrespective of their sizes, big, small or medium. This is the most convenient can to use due to its one touch operation for effective start or stop function. It includes sharp cutting blades that cut the lid from the side of the container without any sharp edges that may be detrimental to you.

Best Automatic Electric Can Openers

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