10 Simple Ways to be Attractive

Being attractive is very important in boosting your personality and your look. There are various ways that people have tried out from time to time to achieve this, but occasionally the ways doesn’t live up to the people’s expectations. Nice look is a winning tool when it comes to proposing for a marriage, presenting yourself to the interviewers, and when giving an important speech to dignified listeners. Below are the top 10 simple ways to be attractive, maintain your dignity, and earn respect.

10. Body language

Your body language is very important and equated to your attractiveness. If you look busy in your body language, then chances are very high of people avoiding you. This is because they will think and feel that you are so disturbed and stressed, hence, nobody will associate with you in a friendly manner. So keep it easy and calm to make people feel ease when near you. Your face should be flexible enough to accommodate  a situation- never look sad in a party!

10 Simple Ways to be Attractive9. Maintain proper eye contact

Proper eye contact is very important in a conversation. This is because it builds trust and confidence with the person you are talking to and in turn it makes them feel happy and comfortable. Some people feel shy to maintain eye contact, but that should not be a worry, start with the close ones by maintaining proper eye contact with them, then try with strangers. Direct eye to eye contact during conversation shows sincerity and maturity in your ideas. It will take someone a great deal of time to doubt your words when you do so. In contrary, avoiding eye to eye contact may create some doubts in you and your information.

10 Simple Ways to be Attractive8. wear fitting clothes.

Gone are the days when people were putting on over-sized outfits. Your dress code is very important because people will respect you going by your grooming. Purchase clothes that fits you properly and that you are comfortable in. Too tight or over-sized clothes makes one look so odd and old. Your clothes should bring out the exact shape of your body, and that will be you.

10 Simple Ways to be Attractive7. keep hair tip-top

Many people have never realized that one’s hair is equivalent to a crown, so valuable indeed. A nice look of your hair is the first step of being attractive. Having regular hair cuts is not just for your attractive look but also healthy because it keeps it clean and tidy. For women, select the best hair style or make that suits the intended occasion, for men, there are many decent hair cut styles too. Having a modest kept hair makes you look attractive and very responsible.

10 Simple Ways to be Attractive6. maintain facial hair

Taking care of your facial hair is very important to keep your look attractive and stunning. Men should shave regularly and if you want to maintain your beard, keep it short and neat. This is not only for gentlemen only but also for the ladies, shape your eyebrows properly to gain that attractive look. Never allow it for you to be remembered by how ugly your chins looks.

10 Simple Ways to be Attractive5. Ask questions

Don’t keep on talking about you and your experience while discussing with somebody keep on asking questions in order to be viewed in a perspective of being interactive and attractive. This is because people will feel that you are interested in knowing about them and they will feel important. What you need to do is to have rough ideas of what answers you expect lets you be cheated. Also give time for the others to talk, do not personalize a conversation, you may look stupid

10 Simple Ways to be Attractive4. Laugh and make laugh

People should always know that laughter is a good medicine in life, brings in good health and tight relationship. It is said that the more you laugh, the more your days adds up. When you are around people and you laugh and also make people laugh, they will feel comfortable and associate with you highly. When you make people laugh, you make them happy and in return you are treated with the same emotions.

10 Simple Ways to be Attractive3. Be relaxed

If you always think of what people say or think about you, then you should fight and kick out this habit. To be attractive to others in a simple way, you need to be open and confident to yourself and others. Communicate to people in a relaxed way to gain their comfort. When you say anything, however simple or useless it is, confidence that you have will make it have a great impact.

10 Simple Ways to be Attractive2. Smell nice

Nobody in this lifetime with ever like odor smell or stench. And all your effects to look attractive can end up in smoke if you smell bad. So be careful about this fact and take a shower always, keep neat and apply deodorant regularly and brush your teeth to achieve fresh breath always. Some natural scented cologne is recommendable. You also need to be careful with the scent of your perfume. Avoid too mild or harsh scent, it will make others not feel comfortable with your presence.

10 Simple Ways to be Attractive1. Walk confidently

Be confident and be yourself while walking. Keep your body relaxed and your head high to make you look confident, step on the ground without any fear. Walking confidently is the most great way to be attractive and gaining of respect from people at your disposal. Do not move around in a clumsy manner- knocking everything. This also goes with driving. Be composed and mature enough while driving- overtaking and so on. You will gain respect from people in front, behind, and sideways.

10 Simple Ways to be Attractive

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