10 Most Amazing Extinct Animals

Extinction is characterized by the sudden culmination of an organism’s generation. The process occurs gradually and may take centuries to millions of years. It is usually a daunting task to determine whether a species is really extinct or not. There are cases where organisms that were presumed to have disappeared shows up out of nowhere. A good number of organisms have disappeared since time memorial while others have evolved their way into the present era. Latest researches have shown that more is yet to be discovered in regards to extinction as indicated in the top 10 Most Amazing Extinct Animals.

10. The Arctic Fox (Vulpes qiuzhudingi)

The remains were discovered in Tibet specifically in the basins of Zanda and Kunlun Pass. The region is extremely cold with its waters freezing overnight. Its fossils have the same characteristics as the modern day Arctic fox Vulpes lagopus. Some of the acquired antiquities encompassed numerous jaw bones and teeth. They date back to 5.1 million years ago and depict the carnivorous nature of the animals.

Most Amazing Extinct Animals

9. Modern Ichthyosaur

A good number of species’ remains are discovered by digging the ground. However, there are some organisms which have been discovered hanging on walls after several centuries. The Ichthyosaur remains were discovered in 2008 preserved in a rock. The 5 feet reptile is said to have been excavated in 1980. The species is believed to be 192 million years old and had taken a squid as its last meal. The latter is currently preserved in the Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery in England.

Most Amazing Extinct Animals

8. New Terror Bird

Terror birds were gallant birds which were flightless and possessed sturdy beaks for tearing prey. They occurred in the South American regions and are renowned for striking their victims to death before devouring them. The new terror bird was discovered in 2010 and is believed to have had a remarkable height of up to 4 feet and a weight of 80 kilograms. Some of the bones have contributed a lot in the scientific study of the organism. They show that these birds had unique sensory capacities such as hearing at low frequency sounds of between 380 and 4,230 Hz. This feature also enabled them to travel long distances tracking their prey.

Most Amazing Extinct Animals

7. The Porpoise

Porpoise is a type of cetacean that belongs to the family of dolphins and whales. They are usually smaller than dolphins though. Its fossils were excavated in 1990 from rocks that are said to be 5 million years old. The skimmer porpoise’s skull had a unique lower jaw that was longer than the top jaw. Its 33 inches mandibula symphysis resembled a human’s chin. The prolonged lower jaw was used in detecting foot in dimly lit areas.

Most Amazing Extinct Animals

6. Four Eyed Harvest Man

Harvest men are long- legged arachnids that resemble a spider but in reality are related to scorpions. Only two of the four eyes are functional and they normally occur in various parts of the world except in Antarctica. A 305 million years old harvest man was recently revealed in France. It includes two lateral eyes with each occurring on both sides; a totally different phenomenon when compared to the modern ones.

Most Amazing Extinct Animals

5. Crocodile-like Salamander

The latter was among the group of fossils that were uncovered in Portugal. The area is believed have housed a 220 million years old lake that disappeared due to natural factors. The lake is said to have accommodated a series organisms including the gallant salamander. They had massive heights of up to 6.6 feet and weighed 220 pounds. The current ones possess a maximum length of 1 meter.

Most Amazing Extinct Animals

4. Old World Monkey

The remains were discovered somewhere in Peru within the Amazon jungle in 2010. It is usually a daunting task to carry out exploration activities since the forest is ever filled with water. The molars depicted a recently extinct monkey, Perupithecus ucayalensis. The 36 million years old monkey has a size that resembles a squirrel’s. It was actually dubbed the new world monkey.

Most Amazing Extinct Animals

3. Man Sized Penguin

The present day penguins have maximum length of 3.6 feet with weights of up to 101 pounds. However, the recent discovery indicates that larger penguins existed in the past. Remains of the biggest penguin were excavated in Seymour Island near the Antarctic Peninsula. The 2 meters specimen weighed about 254 pounds with distinct proportion. Larger penguins are known to be good in deep sea diving when hunting.

Most Amazing Extinct Animals

2. Giant Filter Feeding Arthropod

The organism belongs to a group of arachnids known as anomalocaridids. They had exclusive appendages which were located in their heads for capturing prey. There circular mouth included plate-like teeth for crushing their meals. They also possessed long bodies with flaps to enable proper swimming. A similar one was uncovered in morocco with a stunning age of 520 million years. It measured 7 feet and is believed to be one of the biggest of its kind.

Most Amazing Extinct Animals

1. Bipedal Crocodile

Its fossils were discovered in Chatham County, North Carolina in the United States. They were unearthed from sediments that are believed to have existed for more than 230 million years. It is also known as the Carolina butcher. Based on the data acquired from its specimen, the latter measured 9 feet in length. It outlook portrayed a cross breed between a Therapod dinosaur and a crocodile.

Most Amazing Extinct Animals

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