10 Items to Transform Your Wardrobe and Your Style

As trendy as you are so should be your wardrobe. There are lots of fashionable outfits that you probably have not tried simply because you think they won’t suit you. You should always be fashionably flexible in filling and sometimes overhauling the wardrobe to try new and a little different but stylish fabrics that will give you a fancy new look. Take a look at these 10 Items to transform your wardrobe and improve your style.

10. Midi Skirts

Midi skirt will fit naturally well on your waist. Always try to have it right on the waistline since if it goes lower it will dwarf your legs and make you look shorter than you ought to be. So as you stuff your wardrobe with blouses think to give room for midi skirts too. What you now need is this kind of trendy skirt design. Have all your skirts at most one inch below the knee joint. Do not fit skirts that go all the way to your calves. Midi can be made more perfect by additional hemming.

Items to Transform Your Wardrobe

9. Blazers

All blazers that have double breasts are trendy and fashionable. Your look and your wardrobe are synonymous. In essence, the look of your wardrobe showcases your style and fashion. With that understanding, you wouldn’t miss hanging lots of blazers whose chest cover are perfectly enabled with their overlapping lapels. If you already have the single breast blazers then try transforming your entire look with the double breasted ones. Have time to try out leather jackets and collarless jackets too.

Items to Transform Your Wardrobe

8. Pencil Skirts

Always go for pencil designs whose materials are thick enough so that your tucked in blouse may not remain visible beneath it. The pencil skirts are good design that should form part of your wardrobe. Fitting it together with croppy tops or suits would give that perfect official look. It would be nice getting an improved and trendy look without the burden of tucking in your tops if you decide to have pencil skirts with top fitting.

Items to Transform Your Wardrobe

7. Ballet Flats

Get a narrower and slim look with a pair of ballet flats. You would love the look of elongated and narrower feet that these flats curve out for you. If you dream of a general slim and narrower look then ensure that your wardrobe is Ballet flat equipped.

Items to Transform Your Wardrobe

6. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses that augur well with many body physiques are those with sleek and picturesque outline. For your look to be really transformed, go for slinky material designs of maxi dresses. The truth behind the slinkiness is that the more fitting the dress is, the slimmer your appearance. Putting on maxi dresses with deep V-shape necklines will give you an elongated body graphic. This dress fits well with both flat, high heel and even sandal -like shoes.

Items to Transform Your Wardrobe

5. Slouchy Leather Pants

These low hip sitting pants are stylish enough to transform both your look as well as your style. Ensure that you do not stuff up loose waist pants but always have them fitting and rightly worn without high waist pull ups like is done with tight jeans and leg stockings. Have these jogger design pants and make a huge difference in your style.

Items to Transform Your Wardrobe

4. Black And Colourful Heels

How about something different like colorful pair of pumps being part of your wardrobe? Be creative, flirty and stylish in high heel that enables you to fit in the company of the tall guys. This essentiality will add enough pomp and color to your basic natural outfit and look, hence making you more attractive than ever.   Besides, you would fit them perfectly well with the maxi dresses for that perfect date.

Items to Transform Your Wardrobe

3. White Blouses

As common as they may look and sound, they just don’t fail to impress. White blouses will always be fashionable. It is advisable to have some of them as part of your wardrobe to give it that one time official look. You never know when some dinner or special color invitations may favor them. Furthermore you will always look smart and appear sharp in them.

Items to Transform Your Wardrobe

2. Jeans

It is with no doubt that jeans epitomize the versatility of current fashion designs. There are, if be, rare occasions that would shun them. Always go for pairs that perfectly fit you. Ensure that your wardrobe presents to you the very many designs and colors to choose from.

Items to Transform Your Wardrobe

1. Purses

Purses are not only just fashionable but are also functional. Most purses are designed to match with certain outfit designs that makes one have a classy, expensive, sophisticated and attractive look. In essence, try getting a good number of purses that will uniquely rhyme with most of your fashionable outfits. Apart from matching with just the dresses, purses do mix well with shades and occasional backgrounds.

Items to Transform Your Wardrobe

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