10 Easy Ways of Reducing Hunger

Hunger is both a psychological and physical. It’s said that a hungry man is an angry man. Hunger will make you divert from your normal routine and affect normal body functions. Man eats when hungry, stressed, or just because it’s the set time to eat even though one isn’t really hungry. There are many ways that have been proven to reduce hunger; both natural and artificial. These ways includes DO’s and DONTS all of which if observed, hunger can be controlled. The following are the best 10 easy ways of reducing hunger for you. You can try one or combination until you get what works for you. Enjoy exploring!

10. Have Discipline in Taking Meal

The best way to curb hunger is by eating. Being disciplined with your meals means no skipping of any meal. People nowadays have tendency of skipping some meals. It is advisable to have a minimum of 3 meals in a day- breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Take all the meals at the right time, and take the right dish. Avoid fast foods, and unhealthy snacks. It is therefore advisable to eat after every 4 hours.

Easy Ways of Reducing Hunger9. Take enough Water

Many people still confuse thirst and hunger. Dehydrated body is a dead body; always ensure that you take the recommended quantity of water daily. Water is Life, as mostly known, and every living organism needs water. It has been researched that you can go for a long time without food but not so without water. You can take 30 days or more without food but not even 2 days without drinking water.

Easy Ways of Reducing Hunger8. Avoid drinking  too much alcohol

Drinking of alcohol directly affects the brain which always leads to no-control of appetite state. Alcohol also catalyzes digestion process making the food get digested faster. Hunger always begins at the end of digestion. The faster the digestion, the soon the hunger will begin. Therefore, in order to reduce hunger, avoid alcohol. Too much alcohol + Empty Stomach= DEATH.

Easy Ways of Reducing Hunger7. Stressful lifestyle

Whichever stress it is, the ultimate result is hunger. Whenever you become stressed up, you will realize that your body is experiencing a different feeling. Stress is associated with tension that leads to release of cortisol and adrenaline hormones, “stress hormone.” For you to curb hunger as a result of stress, eat some sweet or fatty. You will feel relaxed and satisfied

Easy Ways of Reducing Hunger6. Staying up late

Research shows that most metabolic activities takes place when the mind is at complete rest. When you are sleeping, food in your stomach is used up, therefore, the more you sleep, the faster you become hungry. Staying awake for long will make you curb hunger, but then remember you need to sleep and relax your body. Balance the two!

Easy Ways of Reducing Hunger5. Eating at a moderate pace

Your pace of eating will determine how long you will stay satisfied. As was mentioned in the introduction, hunger is psychological. When your stomach becomes full, it sends signal to the brain and you get convinced that you are full. If you eat faster, your stomach gets full and you stop eating thinking that you are satisfied only to start feeling hungry after 30 minutes. Take your time to enjoy the food and eat at a moderate pace to have your stomach filled as necessary. Rushy eating is itself  a source of hunger.

Easy Ways of Reducing Hunger4. Staying Busy

Research has it that when you are busy, there are two things that you can easily forget- your stomach and time. You are more likely to eat when you have nothing better to do. You’ll even find yourself eating because it’s time to eat even though you are not hungry. Keeping busy will most likely keep your mind off food and thus reduce hunger.Whenever you are too busy, you save yourself from unnecessary hunger pan.

Easy Ways of Reducing Hunger3. Eating Heavy low Calorie foods

Foods such as oatmeal, brown rice and whole grain bread digest slowly and are also very high in fiber. The slow digestion will make the nutrients be released into the bloodstream slowly providing supply of energy over a long period of time and also preventing hunger.

Easy Ways of Reducing Hunger2.Working Out

Weight training and aerobics change the body’s hormone levels in such an unique way that temporarily suppresses appetite. Aerobics is however more effective since it affects more hormones. However, there is a tendency to compensate later with food but this can be controlled easily with the other mentioned methods such as drinking water.

Easy Ways of Reducing Hunger1. Avoiding Sugar

That sounds very awkward indeed, sugar is so sweet, but why must I avoid it? Sugar raises the body’s insulin levels raising you hunger levels to very high levels. This also raises fat storage in the body. This always leaves you more tired and hungrier than before. Sugar levels should always therefore be kept on the low or completely avoided.

Easy Ways of Reducing Hunger

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