10 Cars You Should Avoid Buying

There are qualities and lots of aspects that you must seriously consider the moment you think about buying a car. Try as much as possible to let safety, speed, engine-power, stability, weight, and durability be the aims and objectives of the design of your choice car. Do not go for mere beauty or out-ward classic look, but settle for mechanical advantages associated with a car. To enlighten you further, have a look at these 10 cars you should avoid buying.

10. Scion IQ

In as much as this car may be compact and easy to park and drive around in big cities, the safety measures in its design are blatantly poor. This car is as flimsy as polythene paper, so even if it has air bags, your safety is not guaranteed. While you are doing highways, you need a car that is steady and stable with perfect acceleration to allow easy over-takes, qualities that this car conspicuously lacks. In fact its acceleration is noisy and its internal design is mere plastic.

Cars You Should Avoid Buying

9. Vauxall (OPEL) ADAM

As cute as it seems, this machine is unbelievably slow in performance. Never expect much of power and operational torque from this car. “All that glitters is not gold” is the platitude that describes this car. It looks brilliant in its interior design only to disappoint you with its rear reflectiveness which is quite a nuisance. Besides, if you wish to travel a lot and this is the car you own, you will have problems packing your stuff due to its tiny back design that limit space.

Cars You Should Avoid Buying

8. Mitsubishi Mirage

The name tag ‘Mitsubishi’ shouldn’t dupe you into the snare of falling for this model of a car. Besides being just cheap, there are several other aspects you ought to look at. Less power associated with Mirage’s engine makes it a hell of work over-taking other cars. Its plastic design is cheap and annoying. It is not the best car for long rides and the space at the back is highly limited. You can do better than buying this car for its tag.

Cars You Should Avoid Buying

7. Smart FOR TWO

The poor stability and sturdiness in design of this car renders it a don’t-buy for persons who cruise highways and intend to do long rides. You will have a hell of stress trying to overtake due to its poor engine power. Despite the fact that it is easily parked subject to a compact design, this car is a white elephant both in performance and fuel consumption. If you are looking for a car that is worth your money, this one is miles away from that expectation.

Cars You Should Avoid Buying

6. Dacia Duster

This car does look fancy. In fact, it resembles the perfect SUV. But before you fall for those superficial qualities, here are some annoying aspects of this car at a glance. Its AC will beat you flat especially with its hind vent system that takes no consideration for climate regulation. Take a good look at it and all you will see is plastic. This gives the most vexing fragility concern of your entire ownership. Besides, its poor clutch, sensors and stability are great design-drawbacks.

Cars You Should Avoid Buying

5. Hyundai I10

Yes, it is affordable and no one can deny that. You will however meet the expensive part of it in poor performance and absence of user comfort. This car is not akin to reliability subject to its difficult and rigid steering unit. Besides, the fuel conservation feature of Hyundai AI 110 is a total hoax. Do not plan a long ride if this is what you intend to use as a means since its performance will never meet such demands. Buy it and be sure to lose big-time at disposal.

Cars You Should Avoid Buying

4. Chevrolet SPARK

The compact and economic appearance is a fooling factor in the design of this Chevrolet model. The underlying factor is that, this car is not classy and may never be as comfortable as it is made to look. It is totally devoid of comfy in both design and performance. Its engine is as noisy as an old milling machine and may be a hell to push in long rides. With all these poor qualities, you will end up making amazing loss even if you decide to dispose of it.

Cars You Should Avoid Buying

3. Dodge Grand  Caravan

A personal comparison study after you have bought this caravan shows how ignorant you were to have bought it. In fact with the similar tag value, you could get more of quality and performance in other vans. With less space to stretch your legs and to carry stuff in the back, and stressful bumpy rides, this car is not your best choice. If your desire is to have a van that cruises all terrains with same efficiency, this one should totally be out of your mind.

Cars You Should Avoid Buying

2. Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen beetle is a classy car model that many people identify with. However it is not at any point good for long distance rides. Its auto-operation has very poor transmission that only degenerates to a manual option. If you need to under-take long journeys, then this car is not suitable for your needs. Have it to alleviate nostalgia of re-living the old Volkswagen beetle heydays. If not, you could settle for better models without upsetting your budget.

Cars You Should Avoid Buying

1. Mini Countryman

Its auto-operation is just slow and annoying. There is no one who would want to buy a car with poor transmission on automatic modes. You will have sufficient space for the passengers but at the expense of the load capacity. In essence, this car may not be the best for travelling since you will have stress with the space for your packed travel paraphernalia. For the same price, there are other better car options like the HR-V or CR-V Honda models that are of greater performances.

Cars You Should Avoid Buying

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